There will be ‘no national shutdown,’ Biden says

After a bipartisan meeting with governors, President-elect Joe Biden discussed controlling the pandemic, his Treasury secretary pick and not wanting a national shutdown.
8:23 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for There will be ‘no national shutdown,’ Biden says
President elect Biden and I just met with a bipartisan group of democratic and Republican governors. We talked about what we need to do to make free testing available for everyone. To make a free vaccine available for every one. And to get this pandemic under control. Governors are elected by their states to take action in moments of crisis. They're the ones who go to the places and talk to the people who are hardest hit. And during this pandemic they have been called on to make very difficult decisions about the health and safety of the people they represent. About opening schools and about opening our economy responsibly. I have served in both state and local government scientist and the critical roll out evidence play. And they will have partners in the White House starting on January 2 planning. Because as governor her efforts said in our meeting when the states are successful the country is successful. It's our message to Arab governors and to all of our nation state and local leaders is simple. President elect Biden and I we'll make sure you have the resources and support you need. To save lives and help get our economy back on track. And we will also make sure. That our federal state local and tribal authorities are working closely together so we can tackle these challenges as effectively as possible. Because when it comes to this pandemic and it economic recovery. We are not Democrats or Republicans. We are Americans. And we will be there for one another. That's the kind of leadership the American people need and deserve and it's the kind of leadership. President elect Biden and I will provide. And it is now my great honor to introduce. President elect. Joseph bite. Hello folks are. Good afternoon thanks for your patience. And vice president recognizes. Put it out. Have just concluded today. Video conference with the executive leadership national governors' conference. Included Governor Cuomo. New York governor question. Governor. Hogan governor Whitman or governor ivory government. Whole us governor breaker. Governor learn Christian governor Herbert and governor current. And it was really a worthwhile undertaking. You know they've had to make some really tough calls to reduce interest in the crisis. You're incredibly grateful for everything they've done keep doing to try to keep their community safe unfortunately. Because of the lack of a sermon. As they say. Which is that's a fancy word these days but until that hadn't GSA says that. We in fact our team this transition team our team. It's the senator not. Have in fact aren't likely winners and so she does that we don't have access to all the information. That we need to get from all voters ages it's. We're not able to do with everything from testing guidance and all important issue of vaccine distribution. And even more importantly vaccination plan to actually get vaccinations. We have been able to get into operation warp speed. But we will take what we've learned today and build it into our pleaded. The country is still in a crisis. And there's a dark when you're still ahead yesterday America reached another tragic milestone. 250000. Deaths. Quarter million people died due to cove and T. And they're antique chairs and dining room tables. Just. Prefer old just days and weeks ago. With loved ones family friends. Who laughed and talked to get. To those families and friends are left behind. Joseph Louis and our our love and our prayers. We know like they need you do a tough it is to find purpose in the memory of love when you've just lost. And take time. To find you'll find. And wolf and you'll find your purpose as we're gonna find our purpose for our nation as a nation. Are from bush. And I promise you the war together. Newser there's it was a great meeting he had. All the governor's no matter their political part whether they're from. Wherever part of the country they represent. No matter their political philosophy. Shared a strong. And abiding citizen common purpose. There was a real desire for real partnership the two states and the federal government. Each of the governor's emphasized that we might be Democrats Republicans who were all Americans first. They congratulated us heartily for doing these are weeded. What really please me with them most was that governors made clear that beating Covert nineteenth to require all of us working together. As one country. Kabul I agree. We are we were deeply impressed with how much consensus there was how to move forward among the governors while we need to do now. Is how we need to do it how we gonna do it in what coordinated way can it be don't. We discussed the number of critical ways we can work together and unify around a national approach to controlling Covert ninety. First. Delivering economic relief to the city station tribal communities. The lost revenue from Covert. In the cost of co recovery is devastating to state local budgets. As governors as all of indicated. We've got to come together the federal government passed the deliver this release sooner rather than later it was flexibility for the states to meet their needs. This includes helping businesses schools working families. From unemployment benefits early education continued access to affordable health care all that's needed during his pentagon. And he mentioned the economic impact and talked a bit about the relief package he wanted. I was wondering if we talk about things that you'll be able to do justice president or what will serve government decision in terms the economy. Says when I could ask what kind of framework you're thinking about as he decided Treasury Secretary going forward. Whether you would consider it ye youths that during the debates that you wanted to punish China over the witnessed it and acting. Whether that could include economic sanctions or terrorist threats China and finally. Do you think strong dollar helps or hurts the US's were strapped with this story. Well look. A tragic and wounded time you'll soon hear more choice for treasury. I made that decision we made that decision. And to hear that. Isn't just before just after Thanksgiving morning. And you'll find it is someone who I think is. We'll be accepted by all elements of the Democratic Party progresses to the moderate. Coalitions. Given the death till now more than 250000. Americans who have now lost their lives you have said that. You would support nationwide shutdown if scientists recommended it no you've spoken scientists now. Everybody asked that question every single time stated. It was a hypothetical question. The answer was I would follow the signs. I am not gonna shut down the Columbia Pictures. You're shut down the virus. That's a receptive to that sail again. No national shut down. No national shut down. Because every region every area every community. Is can be different. And so there's no circumstance which I can see we require total national shutdown. I think that would be counterproductive.

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"After a bipartisan meeting with governors, President-elect Joe Biden discussed controlling the pandemic, his Treasury secretary pick and not wanting a national shutdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74305468","title":"There will be ‘no national shutdown,’ Biden says ","url":"/Politics/video/national-shutdown-biden-74305468"}