NC Governor Files Lawsuit Against DOJ Over Challenge to 'Anti-LGBT' Bathroom Law

Critics have called the controversial law "anti-LGBT."
2:05 | 05/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NC Governor Files Lawsuit Against DOJ Over Challenge to 'Anti-LGBT' Bathroom Law
Now just five days ago the US Department of Justice sent letters to my office. The department of public safety route which reports in this governor. End to the university system. Suggesting that having government employees use the bathroom and locker room. Where shower facility that corresponds to the biological sex. Is in conflict. With federal policy. The Department of Justice asked all parties. To set aside their constitutional duty. Refuse to follow. Ward and force or state law. This was a substantial request would be very serious implications. In the US government gave us an. During business days to respond. To this letter. We asked on Friday the Department of Justice for additional time and in fact we asked for an additional two weeks. But they refused unless I made a statement where I would publicly agree with their interpretation of federal at all. And if I did it they would give you one additional week to respond. I could not agree to that because I do not agree with their interpretation. Of federal law. That is why this morning. Asked a federal court. To clarify. What the law actually it is. Because this is not just a North Carolina issue this is now a national issue and issue which imposes new law. And every private sector employer. Throughout the United States of America with over fifteen employees. We believe it core work rather than a federal agency should tell our state. Our nation employers across the country. What then require us. I want to ensure the people of our state in our country. That North Carolina has long held traditions. Of ensuring equality.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Critics have called the controversial law \"anti-LGBT.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38990033","title":"NC Governor Files Lawsuit Against DOJ Over Challenge to 'Anti-LGBT' Bathroom Law","url":"/Politics/video/nc-governor-files-lawsuit-doj-challenge-anti-lgbt-38990033"}