Neera Tanden Says Obama Can Bypass Gridlock

Center for American Progress president says deals on payroll tax possible.
3:00 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Neera Tanden Says Obama Can Bypass Gridlock
Right -- joining us now look here in the studio we have near attendant -- good -- of the show and soon to be the new president's. -- the Center for American Progress. -- wanted to start off with. Where the president -- the president's doing right now this new policy that he has going for Eddie says we can't wait. He's putting executive orders out there -- -- bypass the congress. Get his get stuff done. Without their help you think this is a strategy that's going to be able to pay off. -- -- is a year again the Center for American Progress and ask her part with 38 he is for the president just days after the mid terms. And -- me last ahead in the house and it had any contained this series and -- -- -- some of which are pretty similar to what the president has been doing. And -- it that all of that is really to communicate to the American people that just because there's been lacking Washington doesn't mean that the president. He's gonna stop acting on behalf of the American people obviously can take. Greater action and some bigger problems with the congressman. With the congress as dysfunctional as it is that doesn't mean that government should stop working. Here it is -- into the dysfunction in congress I mean we're right now we. Democrats and pushing various pieces of the president's jobs bill but -- been doing it with the exact same funding mechanism for all that which is this millionaire's tax which. As as you might -- -- simply is not going to pass this congress. So at what point -- we get to trying to do something that actually can pass or we have to wait -- told 2013. Well look I I do believe that the end -- event this. Section of Harrison next couple of months when we face and ending -- -- -- insurance benefits which could be horrific. For her at business news Americans are still searching -- you think -- that there's a possible deal between. Live in an -- insurance and -- tax holiday. Extension that is in is that a lot of conservatives -- and I I hope that. It we can -- San negotiations. From this congress -- issues. He heads. And real challenge is that we haven't been crowned winner animators and demand problem right now and -- Republicans -- Knapp reports any idea to actually get the timing working right now. And I think that's -- -- pressure on them and have split up into the table seeing that real solutions. It's. I want to get your take on this David Axelrod over the weekends. It was on the one of the one of the Sunday shows and says are Republicans willing to tear down the economy in order to tear down the president basically. Suggesting that Republicans want to see the economy -- for the election. It is easy happening. Well. I think you know you know he's seen a variety of actions first volley of presidential candidates. Attacking Ben Bernanke for trying to stimulate the academy. I mean personally attacking its safety. -- a complete lack of action in the congress are Republicans are not only stopping the president's agenda but they're not really putting forward a -- -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- If you were to step back and look at what's happening -- me. Challenge and in no ideas from conservatives -- now to address sentence and I think it's not not too cynical to say that you know looking at. And what's happening rang out -- the cheaper they get to stop the president and they get just that any moment and from building in the economy and that's kind of a two -- for them. -- were also at a time thirty seconds or so I want you look into the crystal ball and you've got sources. Some of this better than us what's gonna happen with the super committee -- -- actually gonna produce something this can have a bipartisan majority and it's gonna pass congress party unity here. Had believed that they will pass something that they bipartisan majority -- that -- and expected to be in large -- are again expected to me. After filling the responsibility of the committee. And then have you know I have they'll be some revenue part of that and and some mix of spending and again and expect a large grand bargain. All right you heard it here first we're gonna come back and hold you to that. So thanks for -- -- -- is okay satellite. And good luck at the Helm of the Center for American Progress congratulations. Act thank you get.

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{"id":14852751,"title":"Neera Tanden Says Obama Can Bypass Gridlock","duration":"3:00","description":"Center for American Progress president says deals on payroll tax possible.","url":"/Politics/video/neera-tanden-obama-bypass-gridlock-14852751","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}