Too Negative: Voters Blast Obama, Romney Ads

Voters sound off on negative political advertising.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Too Negative: Voters Blast Obama, Romney Ads
-- everybody -- Devin Dwyer with ABC news you know there's been a lot of high minded talk lately on the campaign trail from President Obama -- Mitt Romney. About the tone of the political ads that they're running in their campaigns. So who's the biggest offender when it comes to flooding the airwaves at those negative ads. While one recent study 90% of Obama and Romney ads included attacks on the other. We asked swing state voters how they feel about this it's your voice your vote. Live in -- Florida. But -- -- government live like three months they are. Attacked its patent that and what happened. We lose what's important desert you know get -- sometimes fabricate and with time things may I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Though wants and it -- negative -- -- switched channels like let's. You know everything I hate negative ads but they were they wouldn't do it didn't work -- you win. I think attack ads as much as they work I think they don't help the situation not a supporter of -- bags. Now I'm not the president and negative -- I think he has and I would like to see him toned down her rhetoric and also of the opposition mr. -- turn down the rhetoric also speak to these. Hopefully Florida seems to be getting lower and lower and the thought of promise and maybe we'll. Like Pennsylvania. And they'll just have to pull out because he's -- and then we'll get everything. Thanks so much for watching let me know how you feel about those negative -- sending a message on Twitter. -- Devin Dwyer and you can follow all of our reporting on

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{"id":17053134,"title":"Too Negative: Voters Blast Obama, Romney Ads","duration":"3:00","description":"Voters sound off on negative political advertising. ","url":"/Politics/video/negative-voters-blast-political-ads-17053134","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}