Neil Gorsuch gets emotional talking about right-to-die laws

President Trump's Supreme Court nominee mentioned his father when being questioned by Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
2:49 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for Neil Gorsuch gets emotional talking about right-to-die laws
You make the statement. That there is no justification. For having anything to do with the end of someone's life encouraging me and applaud. Well California just passed an end of life options act that takes a number to I think three doctors. I in my life have seen people die horrible deaths family of cancer. When there was no hope. And my father baiting me stop this Diane I'm dying. You know my father was a professor of surgery. Now. Trying to save him. It's older times you can't. And the suffering becomes sole pronounced. I just went through this with a close friend. That. These this is real. And am. It's very hard. So. Tell us what your position is in the situation. With California's end of life. Option act as well as what you have said on assisted suicide. Consider this is something I can speak about because of written about it I'm delighted to talk about my record. I wrote a book in my capacity is a commentator. Spike doctoral dissertation essentially before I became a church. I'd have to tell you. As a judge. Put that aside. We talked about that bell talked about what I wrote the book so I think that's fair. Wrote the book was agree with the Supreme Court. In the cruise and decision. But refusing treatment. Your father we've all been through with him my heart goes out to it to us and I have been there was much. And others. And at some point you want to be left alone. Enough with the poking and prodding. Wanna go home in time in my own bed. In the arms of my fair. And Supreme Court recognized in cruise and that's right comical to be free from assault and battery to. And assume that there was a constitutional matched. I agree. Supposing. You kin not handle the pain. And you know. That. It's irreconcilable. And senator's position I took on the book on that was anything necessary to alleviate pain. The appropriate. And acceptable. Even if it calls to death. Not intentionally but knowingly. And grew line between intent and knowingly. Oh and I've been there. I have been there. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"President Trump's Supreme Court nominee mentioned his father when being questioned by Sen. Dianne Feinstein.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46300141","title":"Neil Gorsuch gets emotional talking about right-to-die laws","url":"/Politics/video/neil-gorsuch-emotional-talking-die-laws-46300141"}