New Hampshire Primary: Now I Get It

Why does this tiny New England state have so much political power? We explain.
1:21 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for New Hampshire Primary: Now I Get It
New Hampshire has held its coveted first in the nation primary since. -- in recent years the second test for candidates after the Iowa Caucuses. Free or die is New Hampshire's -- and residents are famous for voting with fierce independence. When it comes to Democrats or Republican. Referring pragmatic candidates. Primary rules allow voters unaffiliated with the political party to vote intensify the State's vaunted independence street. Independent -- small with just one point three million people Hampshire -- the second largest state in the union. Small in size but big in political sway. Doing well in New Hampshire is considered a political imperative but winning isn't everything. The primary doesn't always predict winners numerous candidates have won in New Hampshire -- to lose your party's nomination. Pat Buchanan in 96 John McCain. And Hillary Clinton -- It's all about expectations. Bill Clinton lost the 1992 democratic primary to Massachusetts senator Paul -- but declare himself. The comeback kid after a better than expected second place finish.

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{"id":15208524,"title":"New Hampshire Primary: Now I Get It","duration":"1:21","description":"Why does this tiny New England state have so much political power? We explain.","url":"/Politics/video/new-hampshire-primary-2012-now-i-get-it-15208524","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}