Newt, Callista Gingrich Liken Mob to Mardi Gras

The political couple reacts to media mobs in N.H., Newt Gingrich attacks Romney.
4:58 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Newt, Callista Gingrich Liken Mob to Mardi Gras
Usually like yeah. Who was my body. Without you know without the find the alcohol and excitement -- It was certainly as crowded as morning. And -- we're just proud. It's like we -- this movie and even. So when Israeli control and certainly. An interesting thing like and promises many people on this promise of our. You can imagine what. And anything beyond. -- really care. We will see and I want to vote isn't popular reaction people who come up it was everywhere in the very very -- and -- we have this very nice. Desertion and dedicated -- us. Everybody else. Good evening out -- also. Since taking her. Yeah yeah. They actually edited and video enthusiasts in some -- help people figure this is actually legalize drug group. And ones that becomes clear -- zero. Train room applies to be -- Don't worry about -- -- Hands him legalize drugs -- each of those. All of these trenches in his appeal to many as one naturally switches the Federal Reserve. -- -- -- -- We're doing everything we can't draw -- -- Was governor Romney on record. We're not getting personal stuff back. On his comment yesterday but I like Karen Hughes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's not fair and taken out of context he clearly was talking. The right to choose between service providers. He wasn't -- when action hiring people. It's time now being forced by -- tactics and doing much clearer conference campaign I think most people realize revenues -- locked in. And because you can't unilaterally disarm we can't walk off. Washington. So Romney's at the terms for this thing people don't know having watched -- three weeks trying to get news. He set the terms of -- us now we're live and it was -- the.

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{"id":15331426,"title":"Newt, Callista Gingrich Liken Mob to Mardi Gras","duration":"4:58","description":"The political couple reacts to media mobs in N.H., Newt Gingrich attacks Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/newt-callista-gingrich-liken-mob-mardi-gras-15331426","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}