Newt Gingrich Breaks With Party on Immigration

Candidate says "the party for the family" should respect immigrant families.
3:00 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Breaks With Party on Immigration
Ronald Reagan menu you voted for legislation that had a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants as you well remember -- one and maybe 1210000101000012. Million are illegal immigrants in the United States. Right now some called an amnesty then they still call it amnesty now what would you do if you were president of the United States with these millions of illegal immigrants many of whom have been in this country for a long time -- certain -- say I think that we ought to have an H one visa. The goes -- every graduate degree in math science engineering and engineering. So that it. You know. About five blocks down the street you'll see a statue of Einstein. Einstein came here as an immigrant. So let's be clear how much the United States has has drawn upon the world to be richer better and more inclusive. I did vote for the -- only act Ronald Reagan and in his. Diary says he signed it. -- -- -- as 300000 people get amnesty there were three million. But he signed it because you're gonna get two things in return. -- -- -- control the border. And we're gonna get a guest worker program with -- employer enforcement. We got -- So I think you've got to deal with this is a comprehensive approach to starts with control of borders the governor said. I believe ultimately you have to find some system what once you've put every piece in place which includes a guest worker program. You need something like a World War II selective service board the frankly reviews the people here. If you're here if you come here recently you have no tries this country you wanna -- period. You've been here 25 years -- had three kids into grand kids you've been paying taxes and obeying the law. You belong to a local church I don't think we're gonna separate you from your family -- bringing you forcefully and kick you out. The -- foundation is a very good red card program the says you get to be legal. But you don't get a path to citizenship. And so as a way -- all the money -- have and -- for the country. Where there's no more and legality. You have an automatically given amnesty to anyone. Amnesty is a magnet. What when we have had in the past programs -- the said that -- people who come here legally are gonna get to stay legally for the rest of their life. That's -- only encourage more people to come here illegally. The right course for immigration system is to say we welcome people who want to come here legally. We're gonna have a system that makes that easier and more transparent. But to make sure we're able to bring him the best and brightest and by the way I agree with the speaker in terms of I staple a Green card to the diploma and anybody who's got a a degree of math science -- -- master's degree Ph.D. we want those brains and our country. But in order to bring people in legally we've got to stop illegal immigration. That means turning off the magnets of amnesty. In state tuition for illegal aliens. I think that employers that knowingly hire people that have come here legally we welcome legal immigration this is a party. This is a party that loves legal immigration. But we have to stop illegal immigration for all the reasons the question -- raised. Which is it is bringing in people who who in some cases can be terrorists in other cases they become burden on our society. And we have to finally had immigration laws to protect our border secure the border turn off the magnets and make sure that we -- at people would come to this country legally just a builder -- To be precise and I'll give -- -- Gingrich is cancerous respond. Are you saying that what he's proposing giving amnesty and a factor allowing some of these illegal immigrants to stay is a magnet. That would entice others to come to this country illegally. -- there's no question. But the -- That we're gonna say to the people who have come here illegally that now you're all gonna get to stay or some large number are gonna get to stay and become permanent residents of the -- states. That will only encourage more people to do the same thing. People -- -- respond to incentives and if you could become a a permanent residents of the United States by coming here. Illegally he'll do so what I want to do is bring people into this country -- legally. Particularly those that education and skill that allows us to compete globally. I do not believe. The two people United States. Gonna take people who've been here a quarter century. Who have children and grandchildren. Who are members of the community who may have done something 25 years ago. Separates them from their families. And expel. I do believe if you've been here recently and you have no ties to the US we should -- -- I do believe we should control the border I do believe -- very severe penalties for employers -- urge all of you look at -- -- foundation plan. I don't -- the part of the party is says is the party of the family. There's gonna adopt an immigration policy which destroys families -- have been here a quarter century and I'm prepared to take the heat for saying. Let's be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship. But by finding a way to create legality so that they are not separated from their governor.

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{"id":15012347,"title":"Newt Gingrich Breaks With Party on Immigration","duration":"3:00","description":"Candidate says \"the party for the family\" should respect immigrant families.","url":"/Politics/video/newt-gingrich-breaks-party-immigration-15012347","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}