Technology to Modernize Medicare

Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain discuss reducing fraud in healthcare.
3:55 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Technology to Modernize Medicare
First of all that you upbeat about years of age or older ample what you -- -- -- on Medicare you're not going to be affected. So don't allow them -- the -- that typical scare tactics. You know throwing grandma often debris it's in a wheelchair. That just -- tactics that's all it is. And the -- -- -- younger workers. If they take that option of the Medicare. Account. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're saying is on that account is not who. And while I like about it is if you for example that in the -- -- it's they had initially would be about 111000 dollars. And you have to buy Medicare certify that plane. But if you about one that costs 101000 dollars. That 1000 dollars left -- looking go into you'll. Medical savings account. And it can continue to be so when you treat it like he's you'll money. How you wean people off of expecting. That someone else is going to pay for it indefinitely. And that it's gonna be somebody else's money that -- is built in. -- -- By Mike slightly disagree existing. Because of the way you frame the question. I wrote a book and 2002 calls minimizes any money and I outlined what we could do. And the answer consistently in Washington -- well since we can't do any of the things that are Smart which of the following three really painful stupid things we -- OK and I'm really serious about -- -- need to understand how deeply I feel this is a former speaker of the house and how frustrated I've been by the last decade. -- -- -- three quick examples. I just put on the table few minutes ago between 700 billion and a 1000000000200 billion dollars. Just by not paying crux. Now why is that so hard for the congress to decide the before you impose any penalties on honest people you quit paying -- IBM the CEO. And to -- this -- The CEO of IBM went to the White House and said to Barack Obama you can pay for virtually all of Obama care by simply taking existing IBM technology. And applying it to stop paying -- American Express -- point 0301%. Of its gross revenue to crux. Medicaid in New York State pays more than 10% -- you as a citizen are 330. Times as likely to pay crooks through the federal government as your -- your American Express card. Now why is it so hard to say you know how fast you could turn that around about sixty days. Mean if you simply passed a bill in congress is -- sixty days from now -- -- contract he had to American Express visa and MasterCard IBM to create a consortium that handle all payments would eliminate CMS handling all these -- -- -- senator for Medicaid Services which is a bureaucratic monstrosity. Hewitt in sixty days -- trillion dollars to. Hill. I'm happy to test the Ryan plan. But I would test Ryan plan next year I'd say anybody who is currently on Medicare who voluntarily. Refers on their own. To go to a premium support system. Could do it next year the Ryan plan doesn't kicked it in three years I'm happy to try it out next year voluntarily. Because I think -- have a choice and I agree entirely with the garments that were both here. Pandering to a fellow George and Tom price has a great bill that simply says rather go to means testing. Is simply says if -- successful and you have some money and you'd like to contract out. Let's give you more freedom that the current Medicare rule is so restrictive it is more restrictive than the British national health service know why shouldn't. And I'd rather have him pay more than have him lecture us and raising taxes.

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{"id":14890132,"title":"Technology to Modernize Medicare","duration":"3:55","description":"Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain discuss reducing fraud in healthcare. ","url":"/Politics/video/newt-gingrich-herman-cain-debate-2011-technology-modernize-medicare-politics-14890132","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}