Newt Gingrich Meets with Donald Trump

GOP front-runner met with "The Donald" in hopes of winning his endorsement.
1:52 | 12/05/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newt Gingrich Meets with Donald Trump
Public and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says meeting with Donald Trump today while -- among the Republicans hoping for his support. -- may become a candidate himself eyewitness it's a border Marcy Gonzales -- live at the trump tower hit town where farmers. Larry trump did not offer an endorsement during today's meeting but he had plenty of positive things to say about Gingrich who is now ahead in the polls. Question to his new found position as the Republican front runner. Gingrich faces the flashbulbs as he -- into trump tower for a meeting with Donald Trump. Taking questions from Eyewitness News political reporter Dave Evans. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you going to be getting -- Thank I have no idea being hidden behind Obama won't comes from. As he awaits -- rumored endorsement from former roadrunner Herman Cain who announced yesterday he was suspending his campaign and -- rumors of infidelity. Gingrich is in New York seeking support from trump. Making Gingrich the fifth Republican candidate to have a face to face with the Donald there was a great honor to have -- -- up here it's amazing. How well he's doing and how it's really resonated with so many people. And for the crowd of tourists caught up in the commotion -- Gingrich's visit. Those we spoke with say today's up close encounter carries no weight as they decide who will get their vote. Not yet I'm not quite. Matt that's our lives. It may just be a night -- -- knife handed everything about how exciting. -- -- -- -- -- And -- seems -- dismiss the report that he could run for president. He says he'll announce which candidate he is endorsing. After a debate that he's moderating in Iowa at the end of the month relied in midtown -- Gonzales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"GOP front-runner met with \"The Donald\" in hopes of winning his endorsement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15089151","title":"Newt Gingrich Meets with Donald Trump","url":"/Politics/video/newt-gingrich-meets-donald-trump-hopes-winning-endorsement-15089151"}