Newt Gingrich Praises America's Diversity

Former House speaker points out the core strengths of the Republican Party.
5:12 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Praises America's Diversity
Okay. -- -- -- Okay. Let -- first of -- say. Thank you through every line. In South Carolina who decided to be with us and changing hearts and. -- and -- are particularly. Happy. To have. My daughters and a son in laws -- to achieve debate coaches Maggie and Roberts were -- right here. And now we're delighted to have my sisters are here. Robbie and -- that this terrific. I also -- -- recognize several people who -- here is extraordinarily important in South Carolina making this happen. Judge Billy and have road work -- just really took over integrates my former colleague former congressman John appear. It's just such a terrific class -- it is such a great job statewide. Putting things together. And. House majority leader Kenny Bingham came on board and really help -- of the statewide network. Speaker Bobby Harrell was tremendously travel the last several days together. Andrea Bauer made a big difference. -- long was tremendous in helping us all across the state. Peter McCoy was remarkable. And finally I just wanna say we have a -- team on our staff. Who worked endless hours. -- -- -- Great job. There are. So many things Nicholas -- has so many memories from so many parts of the state. Everybody. Including people. By accident misinformation -- for the other candidates. But everybody was nicest everywhere and I just want to say that I think South Carolina showed southern hospitality. Beautifully. It's. -- who. Want to mention -- particular general Livingston who is a congressional medal of honor winner. But -- Game and a great honor on the Yorktown introducing yesterday and have a man of that courage that patriotism and that dedication to freedom. Come out and supporters really meant a great deal and everybody who went to the Yorktown. It was a remarkable evening and is grateful to everybody -- moment of patriotism. There is a. The biggest thing I take from the campaign in South Carolina. Is that it is very. Humbling. And very sobering. To have. So many people. Who's so deeply. Want their country to get back on the right track. Okay. So many people -- -- so concerned about jobs. About medical costs. About the everyday parts of life and who feel that. The elites in Washington and New York have no understanding. No care no concern no reliability. And in fact do not represent them at all. Okay. Okay. In the two debates that we had here. In Myrtle Beach and then in Charleston. Where people reacted so strongly to the news media. I think it was something very fundamental that I wish the powers that be in the news media -- -- years. The American people. Feel that they have -- leads who have been trying for a half century to force us to quit being American. I. And the reaction people completely misunderstand what's going on it's not that I am a good debater. It is that I articulate the deepest felt values of the American people. And you know. This is a remarkable system and makes us different from virtually every other country in the world. Is that. We are free and because we're afraid. We can produce leadership from an amazing range of places. Sometimes that leadership is good ones at an actor who made movies -- chimpanzees. It turned out to be one of our greatest presidents and ended up with the disappearance the Soviet empire. -- We want -- a peanut farmer nuclear physicist he didn't turn out to be quite as good. But -- but the genius of America. Is that you can come from any background. Watch tonight -- the fine speeches. The other three candidates on our side. And I was struck. With how much they reflected. Openness of the American system. You know Rick Santorum. Showed enormous courage in Iowa. When he had no money nobody covered it. -- campaign. End. I rest my case and he has made an impact right. Many of the guy who articulates the values of social conservatism. Who articulates the importance of manufacturing. And may have been has write about the dangers of Iran -- anybody in this country in the last. And then as a further example of how wide open our system it is. You have doctor Ron Paul. -- on the issue of money in the Federal Reserve. Has been right for 25 year. And while I disagree with him on many other things. There's no doubt that a lot of his critique of inflation. A Fiat money. And of the Federal Reserve is in fact absolutely right direction and something active support struck. And finally. Governor Romney with -- I disagree on many issues. Is nonetheless. A good example of America he's hardworking. He has been very successful. -- -- organized large systems he did a terrific job at the Winter Olympics. And the fact is you look at the four of us. We are proof the you can come from a wide range of backgrounds. And in America. You have a chance to trying to make your case no matter what the elites think in new York and Washington. That this is that the most important election of our lifetime. If Barack Obama can get reelected. After this disaster. Just think how radical he would be in a second term. So I have a proposal. Live with your help. We are now moving on to Florida and beyond. Okay. And I want you to know. That if then by the way anyone here. Who knows anyone in Florida please contact them -- sometime tomorrow okay. My good friend Lewis doesn't -- as many people in Florida and I'm confident he'll have an impact. But. If I do becoming -- nominee and I think with your help I will become your nominee. Together. If that happens. And it's all of all of us to work to make it happen if that happens. Then I would. Then I will challenge president of 273. Hour debates. Okay. To be fair. To be fair I like I don't want to be disappointed. But I already have conceded. That he can use a teleprompter here. After all. If you had to defend obamacare wouldn't you want to be able to use -- tell her. Okay yeah. Okay. And a number of key issues that we have to talk about with the president. I'm gonna get there -- second. I believe this campaign. Comes down to. Economics including jobs economic growth balancing the budget the value of money. Comes at a national security what threatens us -- to do about it. But the centerpiece of this campaign I believe is American exceptional ism vs the radicalism. -- moments. Okay. Now there's a lot to just doing that because the fact is what we are going to argue. Is that. American exceptional -- the American declaration of -- the American constitution. The American Federalist papers the founding fathers of America are the source from which we draw our understanding of America. He draws his from Solomon's -- Radical left wingers and people who don't like. The classical America. And one of the issues one of -- is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a great First Lady with your help. One of one of the key issues. And I'm prepared to take this straight at the president and frankly straight at the elite media. One of the key issues is the growing anti religious bigotry of -- -- It. And if you've got a chance he got sued news dot -- my campaign site. There's -- 54 page Paper there on the balance of power. Putting the judiciary back in its proper role and eliminating dictatorial religious bigots such as judge. Barrett -- in Mary in oh and -- San Antonio who issued a ruling that if the students -- does it does not rank. At their graduation if they use the word benediction. The word invocation the word god asked the audience to stand or -- for -- silence he would put the superintendent in jail. Now. We don't have speech dictatorship in America by anti religious bigots. Area. The second big -- frankly as one that every south carolinian stance. It's jobs economic growth balancing the budget. Having stable money. And -- let's be very clear again this makes him of the elite media nervous. President Obama has been historically. -- most effective food stamp president in American history. -- how -- Ronald Reagan to create jobs and sixteen million jobs were created by the American people in the 1980s. I work with Bill Clinton a Democrat to create jobs and eleven million jobs are created by the American people during the four years that I -- speak. I would like to be the best paycheck president in American history. Okay. I want to go and kill every neighborhood. Every ethnic background in every part of the country and say to people very simply. If you want your children have a life of dependency. And food stamps you have a candidate is Barack Obama if you want your children have a life -- in dependency and paychecks the other candidates Newt Gingrich. And I'll bet -- we have boats everywhere. Okay. Part of jobs in the economy frankly is to shrink the power of Washington I just talk tonight was governor Rick Perry news. Deeply committed. I was very generous for his endorsement this week. His passion is implementing the tenth amendment -- -- gonna work with him to return power -- the states. The local governments to get it out of Washington DC. One reason I ask you to be with me and not test for me. If we shrink the Washington bureaucracy. We have to grow citizenship backlog. Of global back. I am also committed to getting back to a balanced budget and -- I am the only speaker of the house in your lifetime to help create four consecutive balanced budgets I think I can tell you as president. I will work very hard -- back to balance budget as rapidly as possible and then to run a surplus. The pay down the debt so -- Chinese leverage exist in the United States by having heart. Part of our. Long term national security. Has to be having an American energy policy. I want America to become solar energy independence. That no American president ever again balance to a Saudi king. And -- Let me give you an example of a common sense conservatism that solves problems. You have well over 29 billion dollars of natural gas offshore. If and as president -- will authorize on the very first day the development of it. That natural gas offshore will create jobs that in Louisiana averaged 80000 dollars apiece. In addition. It generates royalties part of the royalties should be used to modernize the port of Charleston. Which affects one out of every five jobs and -- But it's not it's not enough just to find the money. The corps of engineers current bureaucracy is so long and so stupid. That they currently take me years to study the not to do the project to study the project. We fought the entire second world war in three years and eight months. -- you can beat Nazi Germany fascist Italy Israel Japan three years and eight months it is almost unimaginable. That it now takes eight years to study the project. I want to fundamentally overhaul the entire federal government at every level to produce a modern leave. Effective federal government. They also say that the that the crowd the president's decision. To veto the Keystone Pipeline. The you know you have to wonder how out of touch with -- reality. This administration's. It's. It's one thing to say that they can't play chess at the White House. It's another thing to say they can't play checkers at the White House. But if they can't play -- tactile. President says no we don't want you to build a pipeline. From central Canada straight down with no mountains intervening. To the largest petrochemicals -- in the world Houston so that we would make money on the pipeline. We'd make money on managing the pipeline. We make money on refining the oil and we make money if we're in the -- of Houston Galveston shipping -- -- we don't want to do that is Barack Obama is taking care of his extremist left wing friends its efforts Cisco. They think that'll really stop the oil from getting out know what prime minister harper who by the way is a conservative and pro American. What he has said isn't gonna cut a deal with the Chinese. And help build a pipeline strayed across the Rockies to Vancouver. We will get none of the jobs none of the energy none of the opportunity. Now an American and American president. Who can create a Chinese Canadian partnership. It's truly a danger to this country. -- but it gets worse. Last Sunday the saudis announced they were signing a deal with the Chinese to build nuclear energy facilities in Saudi Arabia so the saudis -- -- saying. We so distrust the Obama administration we'd rather rely on the Chinese. The Iranians. For two weeks taunt us with exercises aimed at closing the straits of -- was. And the Obama administration answers to cancel military exercises -- Israel because we don't want to provoke. The arabians. President Obama has a president so we. That he makes Jimmy Carter looks strong. Let me just say. That I believe the debate we're gonna have with President Obama over the next eight or nine months the outlining of the two Americans. The America of the declaration of penance the American of silence. The America paychecks. America food stamps the American of independence the American of dependant the American of strength -- foreign policy. The America of weakness in foreign policy. Those two choices. I believe we'll give the American people a chance. To decide permanently. Whether we want to remain the historic America that is provided opportunity for more people of more backgrounds -- in the country's history or whether. In fact. We prefer to become a brand new secular European style bureaucratic so. Okay. -- -- -- I'm running because it was and I looked at the future from -- and Robert and we decided no. We're not -- -- go the route of Obama and this kind of radical idea. -- in order. To carry out this great debate. To rally the American people to reasserting their belief in America. To winning the election decisively this fall to profoundly change in Washington starting on day one when. When by the way we abolish all the White House -- A could do that. To do that we need to build. On this victory. By going -- I need your help in reaching -- people in Florida. I need your help in finding anybody who believes in what we're doing and tell him to go to news dot -- -- -- -- To sign up to donate to get involved. We don't have the kind of money at least one of the candidates. But we do have ideas and we do you have people and we approved here in South Carolina. The people of people power with the right ideas beats big money and we figure -- a proven again hard. Thank.

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{"id":15413327,"title":"Newt Gingrich Praises America's Diversity ","duration":"5:12","description":"Former House speaker points out the core strengths of the Republican Party.","url":"/Politics/video/newt-gingrich-praises-americas-diversity-south-carolina-primary-results-2012-politics-15413327","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}