Newt Gingrich on Romney's Negative Campaign

Former House speaker discusses why he thinks Romney's strategy hurts the GOP.
2:26 | 02/05/12

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich on Romney's Negative Campaign
What happens is every primary day -- caucus day. The Romney headquarters in Boston sends out the rumor that they believe Iowa withdrawal which is of course -- greatest fantasy. I'm not going to withdraw. I'm actually pretty happy with where we are. And I think the contrast between governor Romney in me -- -- get wider and wider and clearer and clearer over the next few weeks. And so I look forward very much to opportunities to debate him opportunities to draw the contrast. And opportunities to compete for votes you could take your questions yes back. Just because -- considered also -- perhaps voters just aren't buying what you're selling you've been on the ballot now in five states you want one but you've lost four. And you also talk about debates but you've had eighteen of them in general you've been considered to have done well then and still not showing up in the polls. Position people aren't buying -- I don't lot of places I'm not gonna defend the outcome in -- state where I was outspent five to one. And I suggest you -- sophisticated and if you understand. That the idea of taking a a state where the other guys that five times as much money and many of his -- were false as described by both. The Wall Street Journal -- national -- -- national review. That maybe that's not a very accurate measure when it was an entirely positive campaign. Up through mid December I was ahead by twelve points ago. Who would have come back again I was actually -- a -- about a week ago. So I think in a few more weeks of the -- Gallup again that just ignoring the reality of the campaign I mean he has gone negative and it's working and you know her. So it's campaign to use your words he has gone negative. And it is working in what I am asserting -- is over time I don't believe the American people will approve of the campaign which actually suppresses turnout. I think it's amazing if you don't look at Florida every county -- in Florida had an increase turnout every county Romney carried Florida -- a -- -- -- And I should sober every Republican in the country if -- really Romney wins -- suppressing turnout. How is -- -- -- how can do that in the fall if the only way he wins as us potentially five to one. -- that can apply to campaign against Obama who's -- outspent him. I just suggested that there underlying factors in this race and I'm quite happy to continue campaigning and I kinda mildly amazed -- the news -- desperation. For finding some excuse to say when you please quit the season.

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{"id":15515969,"title":"Newt Gingrich on Romney's Negative Campaign","duration":"2:26","description":"Former House speaker discusses why he thinks Romney's strategy hurts the GOP. ","url":"/Politics/video/newt-gingrich-romneys-negative-campaign-hurts-gop-nevada-results-2012-politics-15515969","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}