Gingrich Sets Campaign Road Map

Former House speaker says Nevada loss won't deter him from continuing race.
22:25 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Gingrich Sets Campaign Road Map
And we thought super believe that. Instead of the standard rally we actually chat with the buffalo. And let me start -- -- there's one story that came out today on someone's that I just want to put to rest hopefully for the next few months. I am a candidate for president states I will be a candidate for president states we will go to Tampa. We have over -- 160000. Donors. 97%. Of whom have given less than 250 dollars. We have an obligation to them to stand up for their values their concerns. And the reason they've gotten involved. We will leave on Monday to go to Denver and then two Minneapolis. And then move on to I think four cities in Ohio. And we will continue to campaign all the way to Tampa. -- I think actually this week several things have clarified themselves that are very helpful. -- like governor Romney I care very deeply about helping the poorest Americans believe that the declaration of menaces. Commitment. That our creator endowed us with the right to pursue happiness extends to the poorest of Americans and I think one of the great challenges to conservatism. Is to turn the safety net into a trampoline to give people an opportunity to achieve real status earning a living buying a house having a decent future. So I'm not comfortable as governor Romney said he was who simply allowing people to languish in the safety net. And I think that that's a very fundamental difference between the two of us. I also believe that his proposal. For indexing minimum wage. Is -- is a bad idea which will increase unemployment. And every evidence we have -- it would increase unemployment. And if you're -- state like and that I -- to a Nevada which has. Some 32%. Teenage unemployment if you're in a country which has 43%. Black teenage unemployment. Maybe it shouldn't be in fact suggesting. And capricious increase on an automatic basis of a minimum wage which kills jobs and stops access for young people. So there there are some very big differences. Of involving in this campaign as we move forward. I also believe that the vast majority Republicans across the country. Going to want an alternative. To a Massachusetts moderate. Who has in his career. -- pro abortion pro gun control pro tax increase and new ranks third from the bottom. In creating jobs in the four years he was governor. So I suspect this debate will continue for a long time. Our commitment is to seek to find a series of victories which by the end of the Texas primary. We'll leave us about it parity with governor Romney -- from that point forward to see if we can actually win the nomination. Tonight he would do reasonably well this is one of his best states is a very heavily Mormon state the state which he carried in the ninety and 2008. I think that we have early returns. We don't know yet how it's gonna end up. The last time around Ron Paul was in second place any time we're in a caucus state doctor Paul has a substantial advantage. I think I will do better than John McCain did three years ago we will get some delegates here obviously we'd like to get more. But we're very happy to be competing here and and move on to compete first in main. Minnesota Colorado. Vote early voting has already begun in Ohio and in Arizona. And will be competing later this month and -- -- and in Michigan and we'll go on to Super Tuesday and then beyond that so I just want to sort of set that so all he could relax because of what happens is every primary day but caucus day. The Romney headquarters in Boston stands out the rumor that they believe Iowa withdrawal which is of course their greatest fantasy. I'm not going to withdraw. I'm actually pretty happy -- where we are. And I think the contrast between governor Romney in me as any -- wider and wider and clearer and clearer over the next few weeks. And so I look forward very much to -- opportunities to debate him opportunities to draw -- contrast. And opportunities to compete for votes -- could take your questions. -- -- What did you -- me. Thank you feel better I was worried that you would not have noticed. -- where. Well I we we got together for very practical reason. I was surprised. By the degree to -- much. The establishment has closed ranks. And made quite clear that they're desperate. Over the prospect of again -- presidency. I was surprised by George Soros. Cheerfully explaining in -- That he was happy -- either Obama. Or Romney because it didn't make much difference in policy who's -- a change of personality. And I was surprised at the New York Times article. On the Romney campaign's decision that they had to destroy Newt Gingrich. And so we stopped is that all right if this that this is the objective reality campaign. In terrorist that was who will be youngsters. Can scale of Wall Street money starting at Goldman Sachs will be amazing and the campaign will be based on things that aren't true. Then how do you define the campaign for the average American. So they get to choose -- they want to George Soros approved candidates in the general election. -- within like a conservative. Verses one George Soros group -- And we frankly spent the last four days laying out a campaign for the next few months in which although we will be outspent. We think we can communicate through the clutter. And we think will be able to draw decisively for the American people. How big differences you know Reagan had this challenging John Connolly. Goldwater at this challenge of Nelson Rockefeller. We've we've had passed Republican campaigns in which the establishment had massive financial advantages. Reagan lost five straight primaries before the end when he in 1976. And I'm pretty comfortable that when you come down to it -- -- state to state to state. They've -- pro abortion pro gun control pro tax increase George Soros approved candidate of the establishment problems that could do very well. And I'm happy to have that debate with governor Romney and -- debate him. One on one. Anywhere. Any time that he's willing to stand -- and explain his record without the kind of gimmicks he used in Florida. Yeah. The bonds are -- -- -- Super -- yeah. And really offices. There are. -- it. It's cute with that that -- that he -- First of -- I think what he's quoted as saying is that if and if I dropped out he would be willing to support governor Romney and -- myself the choices Obama and Romney. Then there's no choice. I think that's that's house on Madison -- as -- children's primary driving force. Is -- survival -- in states and Israel in the face of an Iranian nuclear weapon. And compared to Barack Obama virtually anybody. Is a better candidate. So it doesn't -- yes -- -- -- You can be looking past February it's really aiming at Super Tuesday. How much -- your focus in the next couple weeks is going to be on Super Tuesday state throughout this is spending a lot of time in Ohio. This week. -- can you lay out what the next month will mean in terms of -- Super Tuesday strategy. Well -- one of the things that some of you as you keep score. Don't quite follow me on is actually think we're a national system in terms of information flow. So I think if you know if I'm on Hannity or five happen via the Associated Press to take an example Arafat -- one of the networks. Or even in the New York Times that in fact it reaches the whole country. So ironic campaign which twice now is made -- the front runner. And I suspect we'll again -- the Texas programmers so. That really is a national campaign I think next week this coming week we're in Colorado Minnesota and Ohio. -- -- -- in Washington. I think the following Monday we start three days in California. And and you know so we're going to be all over the place again and again and again but we intend to compete in every single state in the country. And I think you can count on us being competitive in every single state in the country -- -- -- fellow Catholics meaning. Archbishop Dolan. The entire hierarchy. Every bishop every priest. Those -- her fellow Catholics. I just love it like -- to -- archbishop -- out whether he thinks that the term fellow Catholic applies to. Official bill. -- -- The stadium. The Obama administration has declared war on religious freedom in this country and people need to understand that. This is a decision so totally outrageous. And an illustration of such radical secular ideology. That I believe the entire hierarchy will oppose it every inch the way. And has nothing to do with the specific details it has to do with whether or not the government and states. Can tell a religious institution. You must give up your religious beliefs. Now that's what obamacare astronomy. The right of a Washington politician. Ani Washington bureaucrat to tell you the you -- no longer worship god the way you want unless you're willing to pay a penalty. For doing so. And I think as the average American comes to understand that they will be repulsed. At the arrogance and the anti religious bigotry of the Obama administration. Yes back. Just because you consider also that perhaps voters just aren't buying what you're -- you've been on the ballot now in five states you won one but -- lost four. And you also talk about debates but you've had eighteen of them in general you've been considered to have done well then and still not showing up in the polls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lot of places I'm not gonna defend the outcome -- -- state where I was outspent five to one. And I suggest you -- sophisticated and if you understand. That the idea of taking eight yeah. A state where the other -- -- five times as much money and many of his -- were false as described by both the Wall Street Journal national. National review. That maybe that's not a very accurate measure when it was an entirely positive campaign. Up through mid December I was ahead by twelve points ago. Who would have come back -- and I I was actually heading out about a week ago. So I think in a few more weeks of the -- Gallup again that just ignoring the reality of the campaign I mean he has gone negative and it's working and you know and I. So it's campaign to use your words he has gone negative. And it is working in what I uncertainty was over time I don't believe the American people will -- a campaign which actually suppresses turnout. I think it's amazing if you don't look at Florida every county -- in Florida had an increase turnout every county Romney carried Florida -- decreased turn. And I should sober every Republican in the country if you're really Romney wins -- suppressing turnout. How has he done this -- -- even do that in the fall if the only way -- -- as us potentially five to one. -- it can apply to campaign against Obama who's been outspent him. I just -- -- -- that there underlying factors in this race and I'm quite happy to continue campaigning and I kinda mildly amazed at the news -- desperation. Refining some excuse to say when you please quit this even. -- Well first of all. Not sure the -- Mitt Romney's in my head. And I think -- testing analysis and your part and I'm sure that with a psychiatric degree they'll -- to have tremendous opportunity to have new clients. I think there's a clear contrast. I think that the clear contrast is really important. And I think that over time we're gonna drive home a clear contrast in a way which will be enormously -- his disadvantage. I think the American people want somebody who -- genuinely conservative. Who was prepared to change Washington. -- just take. Take his one comment this week. About not caring about the war -- we -- it was a mistake just -- -- comment about -- to fire people it was a -- the center. I would suggest you that a conservative. Who cares about the poor conservative who cares about every American of every background. A conservative who says why don't -- rethink the entire safety nets who becomes a trampoline which is not need this Jack Kemp. It's a whole range of people who are working on these ideas for 25 years. And as Charles Krauthammer said Romney's comments this week resign he doesn't quite understand conservative philosophy. I think that's important for the country for Republicans. For conservatives to think about. Nominating one more moderate like 1996 -- -- lost badly. Like 2008 when we lost badly. I don't think that's a very good future for the Republican Party and because it's vital -- Barack Obama. I don't think it's a very good future for the country yes it. Yes. I was just I was surprised go back and look at the second debate. I've never had a person stand next to me in the civil engagement. And -- is substantially dishonest as he was going -- sense. -- Larry zapatero in the middle of the debate tweeting the Romney was being factually false. I didn't have any good mechanisms -- will by the -- today. I didn't have any good mechanisms to turn to somebody who was being blatantly dishonest to the entire country as a candidate for president. If you can't tell the truth. As a candidate for President Bush and by the way charge that has been made by McCain. By Fred Thompson -- -- Huckabee. If you can't tell the truth -- -- Kerry for president how can the country possibly expect him to lead as president. And I frankly was stunned and -- I make no bones about this. In the second Florida debate I had nothing to say is I had never before seen a person who I thought of as a serious candidate for president. -- that fundamentally dishonest and it was blatant and was deliberate and he knew he was doing it. I hope I don't want to tell you now. Please -- you have to gives a few trade secrets. -- -- Now -- I think this this this is a state he won last time. I think we will do better than John McCain did last time. And John McCain went on to a reasonably good success is now. I haven't seen I haven't seen the reports I have no idea what they're referred to him. I'll be happy to let them. -- -- -- -- -- -- You engage yourself and make it. And are you willing to commit to give up any negativity for the remainder. Can't unilaterally disarming a world where somebody is -- to be is aggressive but. Because as you know as a realistic person he might as well withdraw from the campaign. And that's it that's a fact. Witness. Purely I tried that and I took an interview with me in Iowa saw. I stayed relentlessly positive and Iowa and lost 22 points. When we were in a totally positive campaign I was beating Romney by a huge part. It was. Terrible yes I think it's terrible that the American system is reduced to negative and some of them falls I wish it wasn't happening. And I think we would be better serving our children and grandchildren if -- wasn't happening. But it's the fact. It is a fact. And unfortunately it's a fact and if you're not willing to stand and then fight then you have to get out of the race and I think that's a very sad comment yesterday. Sources have suggested that you've decided you want to go more positive in the town but that doesn't really seem to match your news conference is that true and what you want to see about the town. By the Holmgren -- -- a whole series of positive speeches and again I'm perfectly happy to talk about the idea of turning me the safety net into a trampoline and perfectly happy to talk about ideas we have four. Creating a much better future in terms of tax cuts and and less regulation. I -- -- in terror speech last night at a local church. Which was a positive statement about American exceptional -- and the nature of America. And I'm very happy to do that I also predict you. That is relatively harder to get your profession to cover totally positive speeches so I can -- hours and hours of totally positive speeches. That doesn't mean -- necessarily show up -- -- Future but negative about Mitt Romney. Let me why -- there is a positive future for America if we elect a conservative. And I'm happy to talk about why that's true and I'm happy to talk about why. I think is very very hard for somebody who invented Romney care to be part of that future -- Dark devastated the. I knew I couldn't understand -- articles and they came out because nobody I knew thought he was gonna endorsement. So I we -- was kinda weird. And those -- who wrote those articles over the back resources -- way they misinformed you. But it's a free country that -- that there are few people better -- manipulating the president Donald from and he proved it once again. Reality is that you have to -- -- -- -- its -- man. Here pack. Your campaign. Yet nation that got -- -- that you are. The parade machine behind -- campaign. Talk about not respond quickly enough. You think that if you want -- and it would have been different and are looking at -- didn't. Well. I wouldn't have been different. I act like -- first -- -- housing consultant and training and advances a unit -- mean until I saw the near times article. About the discussion they had last Sunday morning. It headed -- occurred to me. That you would have the level of ruthlessness and the level of dishonesty we saw last week. And and I've I've been around long time and into a fair number of campaigns and a fair number of fights. And the language in that article is startling and I think frankly the break with the American tradition yes -- Well I think -- microproze to campaign manager we have a lot of very Smart people but it's fair to say that when it comes to what the candidate does and with the candid senses. That I bear full responsibility. I don't get talking points. I don't get coaching in the sense -- apparently governor Romney did until they fired the guy who was coaching him which I think is whether -- pretty bizarre mean here you have a guy comes -- does a pretty good job. They are the only two debates Romney's done well he was coached by this cut in any firing. -- just kinda weird. You're the last question asked questions. -- -- And I understand where that report came from -- -- doesn't fit -- internal numbers in the doesn't fit. You know and -- some clever person on -- and jury rigged their interpretation of the last thirty days. But that's the ones that's the one state we frankly messed up and I -- pretty honest about. You know we didn't we did the wrong thing had the wrong person didn't work. The will be and 49 states in the territories and will be very very competitive knowledge. -- I hope -- having great Super -- take a few hours off from politics. Try to enjoy life thank you very much. -- -- also object okay. Paul -- my -- from Sheboygan who for Christmas gave my daughter of one share -- stock. And I him and each own one share. We had a serious conference call. And we concluded. That we should be for the team that beat the -- -- is painful but I am for the giants period. Area.

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