Newt Gingrich Sets Aside Rivalry With Mitt Romney For Convention

RNC 2012: Jon Karl on how in-party fighting from the primaries has been quelled.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Sets Aside Rivalry With Mitt Romney For Convention
-- beat Florida this convention right now with our own Jonathan Karl Jon what are you hearing what big -- there. Among the masses that -- if they got here early today. -- -- the moment on Newt Gingrich -- got -- you saw that standing ovation for him I've been. That we covered that Gingrich campaign we saw there were two different times -- -- emerged as the front runner of course onetime famously. Telling Jake Tapper that. I'm gonna be that nominee there's no doubt about that and it. He started -- dated date so fast he told us over and over again there -- could be brokered convention there was -- to be a convention fight for the nomination. He's the guy that ran -- operation he was gonna fight and -- on the convention floor. -- fast forward we're here in August ended up on the stage getting a standing ovation in very much. The course -- Ronald Reagan but also Mitt Romney asked for tonight Rick you know this is the big. -- for Romney to finally make the case -- be if you talk to the campaign deeply they'll be forty million people watching tonight. This is their best opportunity to make the case for Mitt Romney they believe they've already made the case against Barack Obama now that he -- make the case. For Mitt Romney and I -- title -- He -- -- and obviously. Dean was the one started to -- -- my -- was on Paul Ryan's budget plan calling it right wing social engineering unit saying -- used as did. And of course. Here -- the secret -- that was affiliated with went after the the Bain Capital story. From that. -- that Benson and speak at its. It's an amazing feat and we remember I was with Gingrich in Florida. Says things started to go south from -- it was that day after the famous moon speech -- promised have a moon colony. And he gave a speech mount Dora Florida. Florida it was called the occupying mount Dora speech but those that were watching where -- -- to invoked. Swiss bank accounts in votes Cayman Islands phones and just -- After Mitt Romney and almost exactly the same language that you hear Democrats now going after but. I've asked Gingrich about this many times how we can come back on board in the way he explains it was. That Romney threw the kitchen sink him he threw the kitchen sink at Romney Romney's kitchen sink was bigger than this. And if you come together after because the you know overall the thing that really matters. In the mind of in the minds of conservatives. It is for all their problems they may have -- -- Mitt Romney during the primaries. They want to defeat Barack Obama he's now the guy in their only chance of doing it and certainly for Newt Gingrich -- he truly at this point. Seems to be on board -- all those things we heard during the primaries. And what's happened with the Gingrich Ryan relationship that was -- that time there -- politely -- back a little bit and -- you know with friends like these -- -- made any progress. Being -- totally -- -- the Ryan budget a couple of months ago. Yeah that was little more than a couple of months ago was awhile back was it was earlier on in the primaries -- that phrase right wing social engineering. It's a hard -- to take out of context. You know it was clearly a shot at the Ryan budget and and you know you talked to Newt Gingrich now though he said he's. Brian's biggest booster. I don't think that Ryan spends a lot of time reaching out to Gingrich for advice -- talk to you much but. If you if you talk to Gingrich now about Paul Ryan he is 100%. On board in fact we'll tell you what a brilliant pick plus. Well it and -- as a little something about. Demagoguing obviously the work that new Gingrich did not Medicare when he was eager. Out is used against him. Against his party that lost a lot of things that next year was right after the Republican revelations all right -- ABC don't have our army and all -- or keep it real Ross among the delegates to bring back a funny hats next time giants still disappointed but I got to adequately -- -- that million shares all right.

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{"id":17120731,"title":"Newt Gingrich Sets Aside Rivalry With Mitt Romney For Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Jon Karl on how in-party fighting from the primaries has been quelled.","url":"/Politics/video/newt-gingrich-sets-rivalry-mitt-romney-convention-17120731","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}