Newt Gingrich Verite: An Odd Facebook Post

A staffer for the former House speaker live-streams zoo event.
6:22 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newt Gingrich Verite: An Odd Facebook Post
-- Me yeah. -- And big -- -- -- leading the pack. And vehicular can't -- -- Okay. It. Okay. -- Let you have to -- -- cameraman. We. -- -- -- -- -- I've been taking. About ten minutes. Season. That instantly. -- Well on this this is the brand new experiment and I had no idea. -- doing that we're doing it from San Diego. May be appropriate for Republicans. -- Right behind me this is. -- Asian elephant in my old. This is a perfect new exhibit at the downtowns and -- That's it chooses to run zoological society one downtown Bryan. Wild animal park. And I do look into that would be here this -- sort of part of my. To come and help elephants for. Well other kind of we wanted to -- this as a way of communicating -- and FaceBook brand new approach and -- talked briefly about the president's. Budget which I think is -- disaster. Currently. -- Record. Rising gasoline prices. So the president proposes -- things which will further -- energy further raise the price of gasoline and further increase of one. So profoundly wrong but I believe we should go another direction. Go to -- or my -- You'll see. And terror program for job creation. Best estimate -- the great six point six million jobs in the first two years. In addition. Care program for energy production. Designed to make America independent. At least in the American president ever again it's about -- -- and so we could bring down prices yes my goal. To get 4% unemployment -- about four point 2%. Speaker. And hit two dollars yes we can do that -- -- -- American production. And that's on captain -- oil and gas. Yes. And so I would urge you to look at two Lopez. Broke above that -- -- -- Big government spending. Hired deficit. Putting more burden on children but more money than they do that. And doing absolutely killed. And that raises the price. I'm program which. Cut spending. Reforms the government moves towards a balanced budget. Creates millions of new jobs. And creates the kind of energy production which both brings down the price of gasoline backwards to -- you know and provide when he feels cut anytime we're developing new sources of energy and federal land or offshore. We pay royalties governments you can increase the number of American. Reduce the price. Electricity increases. -- And out of the congress would immediately. Repudiate. Barack Obama is there's. Nicely wrong direction and look instead of much different budget -- one. Art Laffer. Was president and he. It's would be remarkably effective than me. And movies back in. And this is a grand experiment friends FaceBook. And others say close up all of that wonderful. Valentine's Day and it is great to be here and have a chance to be to San Diego. -- -- have my Valentine's present. Later on -- -- by the presence of me being here. Wait and thank you all very very much need your help all the difference go to new -- I would love to have -- Support reports see you as campaign it's important.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"A staffer for the former House speaker live-streams zoo event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15612472","title":"Newt Gingrich Verite: An Odd Facebook Post ","url":"/Politics/video/newt-gingrich-verite-odd-facebook-post-15612472"}