Newtown Parent Breaks Down at Gun Hearing

Father of slain little boy lobbies for assault weapons ban.
6:34 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Newtown Parent Breaks Down at Gun Hearing
When my -- it. And Josie -- issues dad. -- she was brutally murder. Sandy -- school. Said the report -- Twenty minutes after it struck more. This picture from -- was taken. Yes it was six month -- And it was our first Christmas to. -- picture over there are some pictures of us daddy's day. Six months before his death. That picture of terrorism -- -- -- -- I think it was on the Port Jefferson very. And Jesse was -- -- White House. We will deal with deadly weapons. Are wouldn't be here today. -- -- -- -- -- -- They have to. Of his boys. I'm not here for the sympathy him -- pat on the back this many people. Stated in the terrorism. Compared to speak up my sought. There's many changes that have to happen. Make -- change effective. Mental health issues -- Better background -- -- -- -- these weapons bands -- I passed in magazines. They all have to come together and they all have to work effectively. Because him. Common sense -- I watched the video this morning. That's a dangerous weapon that anybody can. The guys that are argue that. -- -- -- -- -- Just she was six and a half years old. Birthday wish June 30. Six who was born I was so happy to stay in my life. Saddest day of my -- was December 14. It was the worst in my life. I waited in that fire house so. 1 o'clock in the morning. While thirty to white new -- it was confirmed dead. Senator who -- always there. Governor Malloy. The other congressman from Connecticut it's. Along with depletion of first responders. Everybody -- done that'll last a -- No person except to -- what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning. It's important theme that finished up -- stuff that yes misty -- though he got a favorite. Sandwich. Sources say entries. -- -- our role. He ordered me. It was would always do that. I'd get a book be tested it would be called the -- -- -- -- chocolate. She. -- We proceeded to the school. 904 when -- -- especially off. The school Clark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Simplify the book at the Scott. -- -- -- -- -- That was last fish by pitching. And she ducked around -- corner. Started -- but he was getting out of the trucking. Bugged me and -- me. That I can still feel. -- a better and better. He's done everything he OK dance. -- be okay it. And it was -- okay. I have to go home that night. -- -- -- -- myself but she. Something that should never happen development -- People argue about the Second Amendment. Well the Second Amendment that the world should well regulated militia. Bear -- -- very pretty much date. Hasn't been well regulated. I didn't think it's not -- cut below regulated. Bill senator -- in its proposed. Regrets over it's not about taking the weapon from him. -- shovel. Which put him -- on main factory in saint curbing of -- what else. It's not hurt the sportsmen. Not hurting the gun owners now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's. Bullish porch or spend -- on election. I grew up a firearm. -- which if true my father when I was eight years old. Competitively. My young teen years I would treat -- state champion. Achieve this level Martin should put -- rightful have a broad knowledge of weapons. Including military weapons and I don't anticipate intruding they're running anymore. To change my life and the young boy. I devoted my life to --

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{"id":18610285,"title":"Newtown Parent Breaks Down at Gun Hearing","duration":"6:34","description":"Father of slain little boy lobbies for assault weapons ban.","url":"/Politics/video/newtown-parent-breaks-gun-hearing-18610285","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}