NJ GOP Leader Dies at Statehouse

Assemblyman Alex DeCroce, 75, collapsed during final day of legislative session.
2:19 | 01/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NJ GOP Leader Dies at Statehouse
Breaking news now from trying to -- long time leaders -- Governor Christie broke down in tears early this morning. As he and state leaders mourned a friend in a -- -- assembly Republican leader Alex -- crouch of more scouting. He died late last night of the state house Eyewitness News reporter Anthony Johnson slide down his home district. What city New Jersey with the latest forcing Anthony. Well good morning to you -- certainly a whole lot of sadness out here this morning. A tragedy occurred in the state house last night following the lame duck session of the assembly. The assembly -- had gone into the bathroom on the lower level first floor. -- used by many people over the years he had gone inside around 1130. Last night went inside and he apparently collapsed the cause of death at this point in time is still. Unknown but many politicians including governor Chris Christie and other legislators this morning. -- done. So far there's been a lot of walking in the -- but no real action and we're kind of disappointed. -- stick approach -- a New Jersey politicians who turned disappointment and action a man whose final moments came in the state house. On the last day of the legislative session. The -- reportedly collapsed around eleven -- assemblyman herb -- -- a position worked on them but was on able to save them. The approach of Parsippany Troy hills served in the assembly since 1989. He took over as GOP leader there and 2003. Governor Chris Christie was shaken by the approaches sudden death. The two men had been friends and allies for twenty years the governor called approach is passing an enormous loss for the state. The governor has postponed today's state of the state address. And the legislature is scaling back its plans for today's scheduled reorganization. And generally when the legislature meets on this day they normally have a big ceremony that takes place doubted Trenton all of that as being scaled back people had been invited to come down to -- everybody's being told the.

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{"id":15328238,"title":"NJ GOP Leader Dies at Statehouse","duration":"2:19","description":"Assemblyman Alex DeCroce, 75, collapsed during final day of legislative session.","url":"/Politics/video/nj-gop-leader-alex-decroce-dies-at-statehouse-15328238","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}