NY senator wants suicide-bomb-detecting technology at transit hubs

Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer is asking the TSA to "speed up the testing and perfecting of this technology."
3:17 | 12/18/17

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Transcript for NY senator wants suicide-bomb-detecting technology at transit hubs
We all know. Especially in light of the events of the last week. That crisis and terrorists are looking for ways to hurt us. And thank god our military has done a very good job in Iraq and Syria. Ice it's doesn't have territory. But they're trying to find new ways to hurt us. And one of the ways that they have said that they will try to do things his use suicide bombers in our subways. We all know that somebody tried to do that with a pipe bomb. And probably an explosive vest. About a week ago thank god it is. Equipment. Backfired. And hurt him and nobody else and a few days later crisis said they're going to continue. To look at subways as the target. With suicide bombers. The good news is there is technology being developed that can actually be checked. Explosives. And suicide vests. In subways. The TSA it's been looking at this technology amazingly since 2004. But this week. They began a test in Los Angeles to see how would work. I am urging tonight the TSA to speed up. The testing. And perfecting of this technology. When it comes to suicide bombings in our subways. In new York and throughout America has to be all hands on deck. And TSA I think has shown to lacks an attitude. The technology must be perfected it must be tested. I'm also urging it be tested here in New York most crowded busiest subway system in the country. And the one that's most likely. To be a target. Once the testing is done. They can. Spread throughout the country. And it's not intrusive. It's a tripod. One. This is one variation there are several some of them detect the chemicals in the air that might be emanated from the suicide vest. Some of them detect the type of metal. That goes in to a suicide vest and how it's. Laid out. Either way is fine with us if it can detect suicide bombers before they do their legal fees. Thank god we haven't had a suicide bomber in the New York City subways whose names and heard a lot of people. But it's only a matter of time before rice's tries again. And so we have to do everything everything everything we can. To prevent these suicide bombers from entering our subways or anywhere else and the fact that there is a technology. And the fact that they have been beginning to test it out. Is great but what's really troubling is it's taking them so long. They've been looking at this technology for over ten years and according to the scientists were ready. With a little more testing and a little more perfecting to actually have it implemented. In our subways. Throughout new York and throughout the country.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer is asking the TSA to \"speed up the testing and perfecting of this technology.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51860222","title":"NY senator wants suicide-bomb-detecting technology at transit hubs","url":"/Politics/video/ny-senator-suicide-bomb-detecting-technology-transit-hubs-51860222"}