Obama: 'In America We Don't Give Up, We Get Up'

The president talks about boosting production and bring jobs back to the U.S.
4:09 | 02/18/12

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Transcript for Obama: 'In America We Don't Give Up, We Get Up'
Hello everybody I'm speaking here this week from the Boeing plant in Everett Washington. Boeing has been in this community for half a century but it's what they're doing here today hopefully excite. Because -- this -- they're building the plane of future. Dreamliner. -- impressive site and to be honest part of why I came was to suit up close. I also came because this is a great example of how we can bring jobs and manufacturing. Back to America. It's -- the last few decades have -- -- -- manufacturing in this country. New technology has made businesses more efficient and productive and that's good but it's also made a lot of jobs obsolete. The result has been painful a lot of families a lot of communities. Factories where people thought they retire -- left town. Jobs that provide -- decent living have been shipped overseas. And heart truth is that a lot of those jobs aren't coming back. But that doesn't mean we have to settle for -- -- for future. I don't accept that I. In America there's always something we can do to create new jobs and new manufacturing. And new security for middle class. In America we don't give up we get a right now that's exactly what we're. Over the past 43 months businesses have created three point seven million new jobs. And manufacturers -- hiring for the first time since the nineteen night. It's now getting more expensive do business in places like China. Meanwhile America is more productive -- that. Companies like Boeing are realizing that even -- we can't make things cheaper than China we can make things better. That's how we're gonna compete globally. For Boeing business right now is booming. Last your orders for commercial aircraft rose by more than 50%. To me that rising demand they put thousands of votes -- -- all over the country. We want to see more this. We need to make it as easy as we can for companies to create more jobs in America. Not overseas. And that starts what our tax. No company should get a tax break for outsourcing jobs. Instead tax -- should go to manufacturer's. Set up shop your home. Bigger tax breaks should go to high tech manufacturers create the jobs of the future. And if you -- a company in a struggling communities you should get help financing that new plant that new equipment or for training new workers. It's time to stop -- businesses that ship jobs overseas and start rewarding businesses that create jobs here -- America. Congress should send me that kind of tax report right away. Another thing we're doing is to make it easier for companies like -- to sell their products all over the world because more exports mean more jobs. Through years ago I set a goal of doubling US exports over five years and we're on track to meet that goal ahead of schedule. We have a big opportunity right now to build not only an economy that will help but succeed today. But an economy that will help our kids and their kids succeed tomorrow. We know what we need to do. We need to strengthen American manufacturing. When he did best in American made energy -- new skills for American workers. Above all we need to renew the value always made this country great artwork. FairPlay. Shared responsible. We can do this. This ask the folks here. Right here a few years ago the first dreamliner took off on -- made for. Thousands of employees came to watch. -- was in the executive office in this effort made here O'Hare. Assurance all that first plane take flight result so much hard work. She got -- In her words. She said. We said we would do it and we did. That's the story of America. We said we do it and we did that's the can do spirit that makes us -- we -- We've -- shelves in time before but we always -- from strong. And that's what we're gonna do again today. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15744096,"title":"Obama: 'In America We Don't Give Up, We Get Up'","duration":"4:09","description":"The president talks about boosting production and bring jobs back to the U.S. ","url":"/Politics/video/obama-america-dont-give-15744096","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}