Obama Needs to Be More Assertive, LA Mayor Says

The Second Presidential Debate: Anthony Villaraigosa says election is close, but President Obama is not an underdog going into the debate.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Needs to Be More Assertive, LA Mayor Says
Let's get straight to the spin room now -- even though the debate hasn't started there are already spinning the mayor of Los Angeles there is smiling and -- of the year goes. He's a Democrat let me ask you mr. mayor when you look at the polls. And we -- look at the president's performance. Thirteen days ago can you really say that you are not nervous. Golfers like -- tell you this I've been safer for a year now that this was that. I'm going to be a very close election that the country's evenly divided that I expected it -- go all the way to the end. And I haven't changed my mind about that it's -- it is clear that we did have a win behind our back. Before that that that first debate that things have changed a bit but I think things can can and will change again I think ultimately the president we'll get reelected. But it's going to be a very close election is gonna go right down on the wire. So -- -- the -- are following up on this question is the president now the underdog in this race. I don't think he's the underdog but I think I heard what -- your commentators I think was Jacob said. Yeah he's gonna have to be more assertive. In defending his record and and really. Forcing mr. Romney did you give us the details to give us the beef if you will. You know we saw that first -- debate did he abandoned his big bold idea about a five trillion dollar tax cut. He he misrepresented the president's plan to expand and strengthen Medicare. He forgot to say that. He's proposed and supports turning Medicare and about to care and the president to have to be assertive and and enforcing this around -- to explain his position. He you know he changes his. A position from day to day almost -- -- -- across the board on immigration on women's. Issues. -- his tax plan on these jobs manages. You know what the questions going to be which Romney shows up benefits that could be severe conservative. Then that's one thing that's we said he was during the primary if it's the new moderate -- -- them President Clinton said. Then we're gonna have to expose that. How does seem more moderate than. When he supports. Many of the issues that he's claims he supports during the primary and all throughout the campaign. Mr. mayor senator Marco Rubio of Florida this morning said that if elected. Mitt Romney would be credible engaged partner on some kind of immigration reform. We haven't heard too too much. On immigration reform in the last debate. We might hear about it tonight do you think that he could be a credible partner and what do you want to hear from the candidates tonight on that issue. No I don't think you can be a credible partner of peace if he. Still believes that in the south deportation of eleven million people I don't think he can be a credible partner. If he thinks the DREAM Act is a handout. On the MB -- credible partner. If he continues to. Say that. The Arizona and Alabama laws are models for the nation so. It if he's -- -- change his stripes and I don't expect that he's gonna get elected but -- be dead. And he's gonna change his stripes and reach across the out and provide a pathway. That would be -- big surprise to me frankly. Mr. mayor thank you very much -- that we really appreciated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17493876,"title":"Obama Needs to Be More Assertive, LA Mayor Says","duration":"3:00","description":"The Second Presidential Debate: Anthony Villaraigosa says election is close, but President Obama is not an underdog going into the debate.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-assertive-presidential-debate-la-mayor-17493876","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}