Obama, Biden DNC Speeches - Google Hangout Analysis

Tiffany Dena Loftin, Catherine Connors, Rev. Jennifer Linman and Cristina Costantini discuss the DNC.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Obama, Biden DNC Speeches - Google Hangout Analysis
We're gonna we're gonna -- wraparound there was some Google -- that we've -- conducted up from our studios in new York and Washington. A couple of people living -- -- to stick with us all might gather some friends and neighbors and acquaintances to. Tell us a little about how this company these this speech -- this these proceedings at the received. We're gonna start with the younger crowds equity deal Lofton who also joined us last week Washington DC is at -- how was this received a tell us briefly about. What kind of -- we -- group and what with what they witnessed this. From Oklahoma. And Michigan. An exciting contestants -- -- in my hang out. Are actively -- -- -- students across their campus. States. -- -- -- obstacle 30000 students in California 40000. That actively talking to students about the issues that they care about -- 02 last week about which is to which increases pell grant making it mandatory. The federal GMAC things like when -- -- -- issues. Help is accepting students at my house talking about when they graduate college credit focusing on what they wanted to gradually they felt like tonight and this whole entire week. Hearing that issues -- happening here in the concerns that different identities and diapers he. -- in the conversation about all being together in the next four years again and never enjoyed it has an option. When I didn't like to be docked at a student wants to be -- campaign organizer which is often. -- talked a lot about different. -- that aren't last week in the audience that we kind of set for for students at the end of the day you know Barack Obama a lot of grassroots. Fundraising Mitt Romney spent a lot of fund raising -- and students captivity -- existing concerns about. Which is accorded such an off intact. All right Thelma thank you so much to its -- for. Organizing that we get a -- apparently perspective now from Catherine Connors. Up from babble dot com -- out how what it what it moms and dads out there hear -- speech tonight. Why does it really interesting discussion about really the tone of the speech and the message of the speech mean write off of that you know we -- we honed in on president Obama's message around this really being a choice proposition that they're being different -- to different visions. You know and as much as we had you know a couple of -- left leaning -- -- liberal parents and one very conservative. -- leaning dad you know we're you know we're all -- in and somewhat and an agreement that it's you know. That is if it's interesting it is obviously politically expedient to frame things as a choice proposition that we have yet to choose between these two very different -- have. You know we all wondered talked quite a bit about. Is there any common ground but as we move forward into the process the campaign and really start considering what the different. Party's ticket price -- in the table how to we figure out what the possibilities are for collaboration going -- Really talked a lot about how love is the obstacles. Over the last for years see them again had almost literally cutting. You know we wondered if we consider these two different passes the past -- different -- we can get its common ground eventually obviously to make that choice you know we want things -- But we also want to know how. So -- that the key question of course eulogies are fine that you Kennedy switchers because of us. You know I don't. Let's -- that we certainly -- -- the conversation. You know -- marveling at how you know how much common ground -- actually happening between -- you know far left and self described. -- evangelical liberal. And I libertarian you know -- you know. They both agree that they had the same concerns it was a question of how you get -- addressing those concerns. And they both spoke about you know what they wouldn't want to hear you know from a great candidate Obama otherwise. You know and and and talked with you know. What would need to be seen what would need to be on the table for them it's news to potentially switch their support I don't think any minds were changed tonight. You know but we we certainly -- we certainly have a lot of common ground in the questions we're asking -- equipment and solutions that we were hoping to hear considered. Thank you very much for that and we're gonna now turn to the reverend Janet Jennifer -- is -- to give us her faith based. We'll hang out Jennifer can you give us fits -- today. -- your hanging out today. Certainly weren't pretty diverse we're off fairly and that we were at -- and -- -- you. And -- an evangelical Christian -- Roman Catholic. And Hindu and myself I'm an episcopal priest. And -- -- was really interesting to hear. Sort of a lot of commonalities and tradition people we're very concerned about care for the poor. The other of the common thread and all of our traditions for kind of caring for your neighbor. Other things that came up where'd the tone of the entire election not necessarily a speech Thursday. Its concerns about. People lying not through telling concerns about -- and demonizing opponents. There was a sense among us. -- world would be a better place if we were able to. Three each other as children of god or you know depending on the language -- from the defense. I also personally found it really interesting often they -- things in the United States are kind of broken down and -- mostly Christian and maybe you have the Jewish perspective but. This -- you know because we were -- more divers got to hear from -- you get to hear Muslim speaking for themselves. All right thank you so much reverend Jennifer livid -- finally returned to proceed across the -- of Univision. Supports -- Latino perspective did Eddie Eddie. -- cases result of the speech at over the themes that you took away your group. You know I have I don't know if there -- learning -- means that. You know immigration has always is a very emotionally -- for the Latino community. And it continues to be one especially in -- selection. Nine out of ten let you know support the DREAM Act and we had a very. As well he had a very diverse group. People who joined us that conservatives. Liberals. Conservatives turn -- around a -- And media expert. And he's been in media for awhile and for then immigration is really the thing to -- When you -- you know they always say that you know the economy. Jobs are important to them but when it comes to emotion. Immigration seems to be what we always talk about. And so. Once again you know the -- and kinda -- that -- is great that he mentioned dreamers that. Really you know he set the record for deportations. Deferred action -- -- and is helping some people but at the temporary measure. They're also looking for more of an answer on that. But you know. On immigration. The Democrats definitely have a much more sympathetic. Platform then Republicans so immigration big theme for the night but things.

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{"id":17179076,"title":"Obama, Biden DNC Speeches - Google Hangout Analysis","duration":"3:00","description":"Tiffany Dena Loftin, Catherine Connors, Rev. Jennifer Linman and Cristina Costantini discuss the DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-biden-dnc-speeches-google-hangout-analysis-17179076","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}