Obama: Afghanistan Massacre Underscores Need to Withdraw

President says 'tragic' incident signals importance of transitioning as planned.
1:15 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama: Afghanistan Massacre Underscores Need to Withdraw
-- a situation where although we're still doing the investigation appears that you had. A lone gunman who. Active. Audience all in just. Tragic tragic -- I've talked president cars are and express my deep condolences. Obviously in no way is this representative of the enormous sacrifices apartment when you know former NATO in Afghanistan. It does signal though the importance of us. Transition. In -- -- what my plans for the Afghans are taken more Italy for their own security we could -- -- our troops home what would you say to a Florida family it has. Soldiers there and they hear that word retaliation. Well and look at that this has been incredibly dangerous from the start and it's not -- -- it an easier over the next few months but. What those families need to understand is is that in the same way that I brought our troops home from Iraq -- determined to bring our troops home from Afghanistan we've got to do -- a responsible way. Reducing our footprint. Progressively. Giving Afghans more more responsible. While we keep -- -- going after -- -- making sure that no attacks against. Our homeland can be launched from from that region that's going to be my continued focus the next couple years.

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{"id":15905683,"title":"Obama: Afghanistan Massacre Underscores Need to Withdraw","duration":"1:15","description":"President says 'tragic' incident signals importance of transitioning as planned.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-calls-afghanistan-shootings-tragic-15905683","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}