Obama Campaign Satisfied With Media Response to Paul Ryan's Speech

Yahoo! News' White House correspondent Olivier Knox on Dems' reaction to RNC.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Obama Campaign Satisfied With Media Response to Paul Ryan's Speech
Not only talking to Libyan knocks your -- amusement. He is the White House correspondent -- new ends sent his job of course is -- the -- sitting in the White House right now right. And that is president -- and they're trying to just to bracket this event. It's that people here come and tell -- all the bad things that Republicans are saying and doing. -- -- success. Look back and say when it was really Smart use their resources and time. In some cases and it's really easy it's -- it's an email that disputes some of the claims being made in the states that's no cost us about these people here that people -- -- that it's impressed -- -- they have their own media war room down here you know you see into the news stories you see their point of view. Fairly well represented you know that the danger is always that the conviction drown out the other side just because -- here focused on this message. -- it's it's been fine I think. You -- They were certainly happy with the results of the coverage of of Paul Ryan's. Speech. And but he it will. We'll know a little bit more. A couple days after the commission after the first polls come back Q we'll know more about how effective the convention wasn't from there we could only -- a little bit about how effectively the Obama approach towards. It's only a little bit about how they have viewed this commission to get a sense they are watching it and and and engineering aspects of their convention in direct response. Well. I mean a lot of the stuff that's happened here they anticipated so. Because direct response that -- got a last minute for a -- You know they knew that they've been through dehumanizing. Effective as there was this evening. They knew that you defend his record between capital and all these things you know you know we're gonna come up next week it's pretty clear. They are watching every day and they're watching very closely to see what messages he -- -- -- traction. And -- of this. Fairly bluntly that that they're they're gonna count -- -- some of those messages in Charlotte next week. So this is the beam is tight. Election overtime -- yet either but here. But. It. Bentsen and finding. It it's just not so high -- after. For the really striking -- -- aspect of that is the president's schedule. You know he's kicking off some campaign trouble -- and Saturdays going to Iowa is gonna go to Ohio you can do long blitz through the convention and then after the conviction he has that. Beloved campaign. -- -- the bus tour through Florida. It's very seriously that is extremely high tech campaign is is still using. The trappings campaigns from 10203040. Years ago and the -- -- was down to the idea that the most important. Endorsement in this campaign comes from your neighbor he come from your relatives he comes from that guy down the bar. I'd comes from first person testimonials from people you know when you see every day and that's where the president was it's incredibly incredibly sophisticated machine. He's stopping in bakeries and bars and cafes and diners and they are very very open about saying that it's especially in places like Iowa. Voters are very receptive to that kind of retail politics. Tell us how soon -- This campaign. The week from tonight in the open air. -- -- The Obama effect so for the moment -- from the -- out of sight today. Very conspicuously out of him taking the rapid. Reaction this if they sent them to -- -- briefing -- Together that would -- The the president himself is going to Texas and an official trip but the campaigning starts Saturday. And from Saturday. Through 21 week from tonight the president's going to be on the road between pushing his message he's going to be cherry pick up pick up right where these guys left -- -- after their message. But says it. Bob that's. As difficult speech to do it next week -- look like different and it did -- dance. Again he's he's. It. Hundreds of dollars -- fighting and an attack on -- Gaps that bomb needs to. He's to have a plausible explanation for the economy in the -- -- after years that's the number. Yes if you. When I would say about that though the Maine is being spent and all the effort they've they've put into the camping safaris don't forget early vote. They -- to convince people who were doing our early voting absentee voting that that kind of stuff so it's not purely about. From here on social it's -- what they want to lock -- of these voters. Convince them try to get them to. Away from from Mitt Romney. So. It's it's not just about what's happening from here on out it's actually the case you heard speaker after speaker here attack the president on the economy it's obviously his biggest vulnerability. He's found sort of a narrative he -- tell you know Mitt -- the rich guy I'm the champion of the middle class almost rich. But did this. It's gonna turn on that. You can voters who watched President Obama next week from Lansing you know what I doubt I'll give his candidate for years -- -- this -- around what did you hear the White House after Paul Ryan excellent. How this -- their campaign. You know they thought that it actually just just reaffirmed and M re emphasize their campaigns you know get well. This guy who wants to give tax cuts to the investor class guy. Who wants to roll back some incredible spending they basically said -- this is great because double down on our strategy they were they were. I mean I don't apparently said they -- I should say they said they were perfectly happy perfectly pleased we'll see how that turns out as -- -- -- Wisconsin. In other places. Any sense that they're ready to jump into Wisconsin are worried about Wisconsin and when they played it down so far from there watching it debated day. I know what the classic Republican real problems is you can say they believe actually think why the city and say that they believe it and they they're -- got a pretty -- -- -- Wisconsin. Not gonna go out there just yet we're not but I -- -- cumulative -- gave -- back day even more accessible than we are. I can't be possibly I don't promise. I promise possibly. Getting very close right now -- -- it again when this. Eight. That confirmed yet and I -- obviously you've probably talked about already. We're supposed to be yet reports but let's sit as. Your favorite Clint Eastwood movie. You -- I gotta go after him. Nevertheless I -- is not a classic. Not a classic -- it's gonna make my gaze to a but it's it's since -- -- I am but you know what -- is it my demo. Despite being hit at its very active and very different Democrat in the -- -- this is -- the American intelligence to figure who. -- -- like this -- -- what this this is her sentencing. We don't know Obama -- -- -- -- -- Let's agree to -- question I think. They don't think they say they don't think that. This could be locked when one way -- another that is still -- He persuaded that -- with some of its capitalist rise they say they think that -- this is fertile ground for them. -- they're pointing to demographics in some of the battleground states and the working class voters there. And they think they say that this is an effective strategy I would say that what we always knew that Mitt Romney was to run of the main experience it was telling how much of that happened tonight. And how much they emphasized it. She had been telling that story long before tonight. I think it's striking that basically be about -- it's going to be recycling taxes -- you can -- right Republican primary. And made it seem all that sure footed back -- they basically try to cast it as an attack -- all free enterprise. But I think they think it's an interesting I was -- -- -- the families testimonials. These Spitzer. Incredibly affecting stories. And I was sort of surprised that -- the ruling him out now it was it was -- this morning that this season viewership for last night half of what it was four years ago on the same night you have to wonder how that's gonna play -- -- -- have regrets that they didn't start when it. -- -- from Yahoo! News appreciate it we're.

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{"id":17121949,"title":"Obama Campaign Satisfied With Media Response to Paul Ryan's Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo! News' White House correspondent Olivier Knox on Dems' reaction to RNC.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-campaign-satisfied-media-response-paul-ryans-speech-17121949","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}