Obama: Government's Vehicles Use Alternative Fuels

President says weaning U.S. off old energy may take more than one term.
0:47 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Obama: Government's Vehicles Use Alternative Fuels
And I am proud to say. That the federal government leading by that. One thing the federal government has -- -- -- cars and trucks. We got a lot of cars got a lot of trucks. And so it was not directed every department every agency of the federal -- To make sure that by 4015100%. Of the vehicles we've not run on alternative fuels. One -- percent. The world we -- one of the biggest customers. In the world for cars and trucks and we want to set that -- high we wanna set a standard that says. My point 15100%. Of of -- alternative fuels. So -- led to progress Mount Holly but. But at the end of the -- it doesn't matter how much natural gas -- flex fuel -- electric vehicles you have. If there's no place to charge him up or -- about. So that's why I'm announcing today. A program but we'll put our communities on the cutting edge of what clean energy -- To cities and towns all across the country what here's what we're gonna say -- If you make a commitment to buy more advanced vehicles for your commute. Whether they run on electricity or biofuels or natural gas. Will help you cut through the red tape and build fueling stations nearby. And we'll offer tax breaks -- family the but. These cars. Company -- by alternative fuel trucks like the ones that are made right here my -- What we need is a serious sustained. All of the above strategy. For American made energy American made efficiency American innovation. American fuel efficient trucks American fuel efficient cars. We may not get -- one terror. Okay. It's -- -- it's gonna affect us a while. To wean ourselves off. Of the old. And grabbed the --

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{"id":15869849,"title":"Obama: Government's Vehicles Use Alternative Fuels","duration":"0:47","description":"President says weaning U.S. off old energy may take more than one term.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-governments-vehicles-alternative-fuels-15869849","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}