Obama Likes His Beer on Ice With US Hockey Bet

The president and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper bet on who will take gold at Sochi.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for Obama Likes His Beer on Ice With US Hockey Bet
You've got to delicious appetizers for hockey fan today of the US women. Face off with -- -- rival Canadian. President Obama -- -- into the -- tweeting that he and Canadian prime minister. Stephen Harper of wagered a case of the year on each of the two US -- games Sharon the US beat Canada of course to win the gold in 1988 but it's been a bond 1998 but it's been a long long stretch since then he got favorite today. Crash should be good for nickname gitmo -- tried to rivalry yeah I would stay in electric taxi. Don't you they they compared well in the Olympic against Canada but they have won the last board actions that they played. Leading city Olympics and they're coming and he of course they laugh at and a preliminary -- here so but other Internet are coming in with Pat Summerall let them began looking -- edit. Allies that should be exciting yeah. Give us an idea -- some names to watch for the US -- to win gold today who needs to play well. He could be seen any yet that he battered gold going to be important -- twin -- you're really eat it either going to be contributions from every line for romantic. You know archer are praying praying with but. I'm not gonna be it didn't need -- bearing -- -- I -- -- People -- very strong throughout both Peter John Ingle. Yes they're gonna need everybody to -- Well let's stick with ballot candidates let's say -- with Anheuser of course she's a veteran players 35 -- years old -- her fourth consecutive ice hockey gold. Could this be her last Iraq. I think she certainly act and that creating and she definitely -- like a species and distributing sheet that. -- to be beat emotional -- For the other without a -- he -- Julie Julie you pretty Americans. He played that -- And of course tomorrow share we've got the rematch hockey fans across North America have been dreaming of for the past four years US say plane to Canada and the men's semifinal. -- of course be the US and overtime in the 2010 gold medal game. Who's favored tomorrow. Interest in adding -- -- are trying to turn that would mean into the gains can't get away. The -- at any date it will likely be considered perhaps the -- team that the US is really had contracted play here being. Both of these -- could struggle and Iraq are straight. Are you credit excusing your cursor in North America -- -- you let it incredibly fat -- They actually scored more goals he went out here and yeah I don't begin I think it's going to be EU get Canada but. I don't think it would be checked to say there is -- they -- here. Any mention of course the Canadian team has been struggling even with all that firepower they need that late goal to be. -- on the quarterfinal what's wrong with their offense here. -- the Kankakee. And it's aimed speed could be you -- as they haven't been looking at well as the US and -- Yet and yet in their best case scenario is that that -- that. They seem to -- -- -- -- yeah I think it definitely adding eight different elegant experience in the -- And then put that up against the high flying American squad there -- leading the tournament goal scoring who needs to come up big. For the men tomorrow. Here are the good gold going to be really important and you can think it should be dealings have been doing -- he -- shaky early yesterday against. I can't expect he -- get that again they're good and he taught early and we although they haven't shootout they're gonna need they're getting EG GOG. And I got you can have Beagle ever heard British -- -- very good we'll all be watching from here and I know you will as well -- her look from the Wall Street Journal thanks so much.

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{"id":22601877,"title":"Obama Likes His Beer on Ice With US Hockey Bet","duration":"3:00","description":"The president and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper bet on who will take gold at Sochi.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-issues-beer-bet-for-olympics-hockey-22601877","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}