Obama Praises Congressional Leaders For Shutdown Agreement

The president hopes to get past this legislative impasse and focus on creating a sensible budget.
3:45 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for Obama Praises Congressional Leaders For Shutdown Agreement
Living error but it. Tonight. Republicans and Democrats in congress have come together around an agreement that will reopen our government and remove the threat of default from our company. The senate has now. Voted to approve this agreement and Democrats. And Republicans in the house to have an important vote to take. But I want to thank the leaders of both parties for getting us to this point. Once those agreements. Arrives on my desk I'll sign -- immediately. School begin reopening our government immediately. We can begin to -- this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses. And from the American people. I'll have more to say about this tomorrow and I've got some thoughts about how we can move forward in the remainder of the years. Stay focused on the job at hand. Because there's lot of work ahead of us. Including -- to earn back the trust of the American people that's lost over the last few weeks. And we can begin to do that by addressing the real issues that they care. I've said it before I'll say it again I'm willing to work -- anybody I am eager to work without it. Democrat or Republican House or senate members. On any idea that -- grow our economy and create new jobs. -- middle class and get our fiscal house in order for long term. And -- belief that Democrats have a monopoly on good ideas. And despite the differences. Over the issue of shutting down our government I'm convinced that Democrats and Republicans can work together to make progress. For America. In fact. There are things that we know will help strengthen our economy that we could get done before this year is out. We still need to pass a lot of fix our broken immigration system we still need to pass a farm bill. And we have to shut down behind us and budget committees forming we now have an opportunity to focus on. Sensible budget that is responsible. That is fair. And that helps hardworking people all across this country and we could get all these things done. Even this year if everybody comes together in the -- Are we gonna move this country forward. And put the last three weeks behind us that's what I believe the American people are looking for not a focus on politics. Not a focus on elections. But the focus on the concrete steps. That can improve their lives that's going to be my focus I'm looking forward. The congress during the same but once again I want to thank. The leadership for coming together and getting this done. Hopefully next time. It won't be in the eleventh hour. One of things that I said throughout this process as we've got to get out of the habit. A governing by crisis. And my hope and expectation is everybody's learned that. There's no reason why we can't work on the issues at hand. Why we can't. Disagree between the parties -- still being agreeable. And make sure that we're not inflicting harm on the American people when we do have disagreements so. Hopefully that's -- -- the will be internalize -- not just by. By me but also by Democrats and Republicans not only the leaders but also -- -- Thanks very much --

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{"id":20593383,"title":"Obama Praises Congressional Leaders For Shutdown Agreement","duration":"3:45","description":"The president hopes to get past this legislative impasse and focus on creating a sensible budget.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-praises-congressional-leaders-shutdown-agreement-20593383","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}