Obama's Weekly Address: Economic Growth

President Obama on the economy moving forward and job growth.
3:00 | 10/06/12

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Transcript for Obama's Weekly Address: Economic Growth
Hi everybody. For years after the worst economic crisis -- our lifetimes we're seeing signs that as a nation we're moving forward again. After losing about 800000 jobs a month when I took office. Our businesses have now added five point two million new jobs over the past two -- On Friday we learned that the unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since I took office. More Americans are in in the work force more Americans are getting jobs. But to many of our friends and neighbors are still looking for workers struggling to pay the bills. Many of them since long before this crisis it. We all it took them to keep moving -- We've come too far turn back now. We've made too much progress to return to policies -- got us into this mess in the first place for example. Two years ago we put in place tougher common sense rules of the road for Wall Street to make sure that the kind of crisis we've been fighting back from never happens again. These rules mean that big banks are no longer going to be able to make risky bets with -- apostles. And -- the big bank does make a bad decision they pay for taxpayers. We also put in place the strongest consumer protections in our history to crack down on the worst practices credit card companies and mortgage lenders. But for some reason some Republicans in congress are still waging an all out battle to delay the fund and dismantled its common sense new rules. -- Do they think that I'm going to rules to protect families from the worst practices -- credit card companies and mortgage lenders will make the middle class stronger. They think getting rid of the rules to prevent another crisis on Wall Street will make main street any safer. Republicans in congress need to stop trying to refight the battles of the past few years and finally start doing something actually help the middle class get ahead. And here are three things they can do right now. First congress needs to step up and guarantee that 98% of Americans and 97% of small business hours will see their taxes go up next year. This is something that everyone says they agree. It should -- got done months ago the Republicans in congress are standing in the way. -- holding tax cuts for 90% of Americans hostage until we passed tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Ask them how that helps the middle class. Second congress needs to step up and provide every responsible homeowner. A chance to save about 3000 dollars a year on their mortgage -- refinancing at lower rates. I gave them a plan to do that back in February. -- the plant that has the support of independent nonpartisan economists and leaders across the housing industry. But Republicans won't -- let that plane come to a vote. Ask them how that helps homeowners. Third congress needs to step up past my plan to create it -- job corps to help our returning heroes -- workers cops. Firefighters in park Rangers communities across the country. A few weeks ago Republicans in the senate voted that plant down. Ask them why someone who fights for this country abroad should have to fight for -- when they come home. In other words ask them to get back to work. And get these things but if we're gonna keep this economy moving forward it there's no time for political games -- -- -- political season. Everyone needs do their part. If you agree with what you're represented no word used to tell them that if they want your vote and they need to stand -- you not in the way of our recover. Banks and have a great week --

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{"id":17414190,"title":"Obama's Weekly Address: Economic Growth","duration":"3:00","description":"President Obama on the economy moving forward and job growth.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-president-economy-jobs-growth-weekly-address-us-17414190","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}