Third Presidential Debate: Fact vs. Fiction

Final Debate Fact Check
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for Third Presidential Debate: Fact vs. Fiction
My plan to get the industry on its feet. What it was in real trouble. Was not the start writing checks it was President Bush the wrote the first checks I disagree with that I said they need these companies need to go through a managed bankruptcy. And in that process they can get government help and government guarantees but they need to go through bankruptcy to get rid of excess cost and the debt burden that they'd they'd built up. Fortunately however the -- not what -- set -- Russia. I indicated is a geopolitical. Follow. Not -- -- one excuse me it's a geopolitical fault and I said in the same in the same paragraph -- -- and Iran is the greatest national security threat we face. Russia does continued to battle us in the UN time and time again I have. Clear eyes on this I'm not gonna Wear rose colored glasses when it comes to Russia or mr. -- and I'm -- -- -- to say to him I'll give you more flexibility after election. After election he'll get more backbone I'm so proud of the state that I had the chance to be governor. We have every two years tests that look at how well our kids are doing. Fourth graders and eighth graders are tested in English and math while I was governor I was proud that -- fourth graders came -- number one of all fifty states and English and that also math. And her eighth graders number one English and also a map. First time one stated the number one in all four measures. How do we do that. Well Republicans and Democrats came together on a bipartisan basis to put in place. Education principles that focused on having great teachers. In the classroom tenure -- that was that was all that was what allowed us to become the number one state. In the nation but that was took this as hornets -- Roberts and -- -- apps that let -- coverage of her first Emmy -- affairs office first and we kept our schools number one the nation -- still number one today are and the principles that we put in place we also gave kids not just a graduation exam. That -- determine whether they were up to the skills needed to -- to be able to compete but also if they graduated the top quarter of their class. They got a four year tuition free ride at any Massachusetts public institution apartment when. When the students took to the streets in Tehran and the people there protest the green revolution occurred for the president to be silent I thought was an enormous mistake. The governor's credit you support us going into Libya and the coalition that we organize. But when it came time to making sure the Gaddafi did not stay in power that he was captured. Governor your suggestion was that this was mission -- That this was mission model. Imagine if we had pulled out at that point. And then the president began what I'm called an apology tour going to the various nations in the Middle East and and criticizing America. I think village at that and saw weakness just secure -- Ago you said you'd think we should have more troops in Iraq right now. And that that that challenge we have and are you haven't been a position to actually execute foreign policy. But every time -- offered an opinion. -- -- --

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{"id":17541744,"title":"Third Presidential Debate: Fact vs. Fiction","duration":"3:00","description":"Final Debate Fact Check","url":"/Politics/video/obama-romney-debate-fact-fiction-factoid-politics-us-17541744","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}