Obama Signs Executive Order Amid GOP Lawsuit

President takes action on federal contractors despite Republican lawsuit accusing Obama of sidestepping Congress.
12:59 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Obama Signs Executive Order Amid GOP Lawsuit
Think about how much further along we'd be. If congress would do -- job. Now instead. The big event. Last night. Everywhere want to vote on -- minimum wage. What a vote on immigration reform. Strengthening the borders. -- there wasn't a vote. On. A family leave. What what what they have a vote -- They got together in the house represents the Republicans. And voted to sue me. For taking the actions that I. But that. We are don't wanted to help families. President Obama undeterred by the Republican house's decision to sue him for allegedly abusing his executive authority. Right there -- -- -- executive order making it more difficult for companies that violate labor laws. To win federal contracts. What I'm Dan Butler in New York gridlock across Washington -- there is movement on one front Republican run house voted late yesterday. To go forward with the lawsuit against President Obama just in time for campaign season. Democrats -- -- -- -- Republicans they say it's a serious action designed to prevent a presidential power grab. So with the latest but Washington DC and ABC's Karen Travers standing by Karen. Good afternoon Dan just a couple of minutes ago house Republican leaders announced they will not be voting on a border security funding bill because they say they just didn't have the votes to get it passed now this is something that President Obama was going to -- if it passed but. I think you're gonna see a lot of criticism that this week the house could not vote to deal with the crisis of the US southern border. But yesterday they found the time to vote to see the president. Mr. Putin's it was Republicans on -- -- Democrats on the other. On this -- the eighth or -- 45 the days are 201. The resolution is adopted yesterday house Republicans approved a plan to assume President Obama. For how he's carried out his signature legislation the Affordable Care Act. Yes the same law that Republicans opposed and have voted more than fifty Tynes to change or repeal. Republican said President Obama has violated the constitution. By enforcing some elements of the health care law but not others such as. Delaying the requirement that many employers must provide coverage for their workers are you willing to -- any president shoes. What laws to execute them what loss to change. Are you willing to let -- in one terror part. What our founders are built. Democrats are unanimous in their opposition and five Republicans -- the very members of the president's party blasted the vote as a waste of money to political stunt. It is a distraction from the important. Issues but they also floated the idea that this lawsuit is just the first ads in the larger republic in game plan. This is -- -- on the road to impeachment top Republicans say that's not on the table. When President Obama brought out the lawsuit in a speech in Kansas City yesterday the support of democratic crowd reacted strongly. Instead -- -- me for doing my job let's let's I want congress to do its job. The lawsuit will now go to a US district court who will decide if congress can even sued the president Dan. Aren't ABC's -- charts the latest on that Karen thank you. So with more from the hill levering and ABC's senior Washington correspondent -- Johnny -- from the White House our Mary Bruce. Jeff -- start with you -- there -- a lot at stake in these final hours before congress breaks for recess what's the latest on Capitol Hill this afternoon. -- -- and the latest happening right now speaker John Boehner moments ago has decided that. That he simply does not have the votes for this immigration. Border. Supplemental bill this emergency spending on this a humanitarian crisis of the border so what that means in plain English is this that lawmakers are going to. Go back to their districts for the next five weeks with out taking a single vote on this immigration bill they plan to do within the hour. To give 659. Million dollars toward. All those needs at the border but they have just decided moments ago that devotes quite simply aren't there. Republicans are not going to support this so they are going to go home without doing anything to address this crisis at the border and and it is much different than not -- What's being surveyed was saying only a couple hours ago he said doing something is better than doing nothing we're going to vote on this. But so what's transpired is that that house Republicans. Led a bit by senator. That -- crew as he was urging them not to vote for this they have. Have certainly buck their leadership so no immigration vote on the house side this afternoon. A message that all of those members of congress will be taken back to their respective districts over the next five weeks. -- what about the lawsuit for a moment though what has been the White House's response. Well as you saw the president went out and did exactly what the Republicans have been opposing he signed yet another executive action this time. Related to labor laws and as you heard the president says he have to take these actions because Republicans aren't working with him now the White House. Continues to say that this is just a political stunt but that it's also a dangerous one because as they say it's a waste of taxpayer money now the -- reaction to this all along -- sort of come in stages there's been outrage frustration yesterday he took more of a mocking tone. We heard -- and during a speech in Kansas City to state Republicans. Guys just stop patent com Juan. Act with me I think that have been a bit of that clip. All right. We will have that in just a bit yeah that was that that the key phrase yesterday to stop -- the other -- to turn of phrase was it ain't right which I think was the strength of the message the president wanted to drive yesterday but the -- a lot of what little more about -- lawsuit there's been a lot of talk from conservatives outside of Washington and in fact losses aside about impeachment why the house speaker than take the route that he did. -- and there is a lot of talk about the word impeachment the I word is they're calling on Capitol Hill there. Most of that -- is really coming from Democrats they're trying to raise political money off this they are saying that look Republicans are trying to. Move forward on impeachment proceedings. Not exactly true every Republican in any position of leadership -- saying look we are not. In. Going forward -- on impeachment were instead going to file a lawsuit in basically as saying that the executive branch has been overstepping its authority for the legislative branch but this whole idea. Of a lawsuit has sparked all this immigration discussion and it -- in fact is linked with this immigration. I'm matter that were actually talking about -- speaker Boehner in a statement just a bit ago said. -- -- -- The president should act on his own on immigration well that's exactly what. Sort of agitated house Republicans in the first place -- the White House has acted too much on its own so we are seeing a lot of hypocrisy appear in the final hours big surprise a lot of cynicism. And the fact of the matter is this is absolute Washington dysfunction. The Republican controlled house the democratic controlled senate. Democrat in the White House obviously nothing is getting done. Before they all break for five weeks in August and Mary you had teed it up -- -- to play the somebody with the president had yesterday. Some of the things we're drove -- congress American -- but we can do so much more. If congress had just come along and help out a little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- all the time. -- It's not a -- goes so what doesn't know that. So merry on the heels of that now -- -- Democrats using this to their advantage discussion of a lawsuit. Y. As you heard Jeff allude to there impeachment and it really. You know this -- never ceases to -- me would never think the Democrats -- want to promote the idea that the president might be open to impeach him but that's exactly what they're doing and this all comes down not surprisingly. -- money Democrats are using this to help fund raise and it's working my inbox in the last two days has been flooded with emails. Essentially trying to scare a lot of supporters into this idea that the Republicans could try and push the president out now. Of course Republicans -- so that that's not something they're looking to do but Democrats nonetheless seizing on that opportunity as strange as it -- -- We're -- some of the ads right now from the Democrats as far as confronting those of I believe the question in this I can't hear the audio but I believe the question in this in this ad says how much are you willing to spend to sue the president if I were called -- correctly. Someone. Makes you hold it elementary in fact that is what was being sediment at. Jeff I want to ask -- -- about some other issues that you just mentioned immigration air and fact you spoke with speaker Boehner about it I wanna play that clip. Mr. -- just three months ago during a recess. You said during a speech in Ohio. Here's the attitude don't make me do this this is too hard on immigration he said we get elected to make hard choices. Isn't this an example of how the house and the senate for that matter are not making hard choices on immigration. Water and -- -- doing something is better than we're doing -- On the crisis on the borders gonna continue. Until the president acts for these -- not -- act economies -- congress aspect. And so while I believe it's important for -- to model probably will. So things change to prayer line. They certainly have been and that was. Really only about two hours ago so at that point speaker Boehner. Thought that actually less than two hours ago at that point speaker -- but thought that the house was going to go forward and vote on this 659. Million dollar emergency spending request for the border what that would do is pay for all -- housing needs to new judges really you know off all the humanitarian issues that are stacking up because of this wave of migrants coming from Central America. Now the house cannot agree on doing that so they are going to leave town. So what this really sets up is this interesting dynamic for what happens after August and in September. -- this problem is not going away of course the immigration department of the Department of Homeland Security. Says it will run out of money in mid August so we -- really going to see a lot of issues here. Because of all this a dysfunction and this disagreement that they simply cannot. Agree on a way forward here in immigration remains without question -- third rail of politics such a controversial issue. Republicans are afraid of what but some of their constituents -- would say if they vote on this bill. And Democrats are letting Republicans essentially hang themselves on this because they're the majority. And they are not trying to help out on this budget bill either so it's a really interesting afternoon here at the capitol -- but certainly not much getting done we're spending our time talking about what's not getting done. There is a lot of activity and yet we're also gonna have to ask exactly what the result of all -- activity is going to be here don't ask you about this. As we've been discussing there seems to be a bit of a deadlock there is there any chance that the president would actually ask lawmakers to change their plans in a delay their vacation or shorten their vacation stay in town get any of these outstanding issues taking care of. I don't think that's likely to and I suspected in a season long lines at the airport and down at Union Station this afternoon lawmakers are heading out of town now. The White House could of course you know try and pressure them to stay current you request -- -- Santander works and of these things out. That is not happening now -- a lot of this focuses on how ineffective congress says there's certainly enough blame to go around here as there usually is. The president's been getting quite a bit of criticism for his travel schedule in recent days he's been out yesterday's imagined he -- in Kansas City. -- delivering remarks on the economy meeting with some average Americans getting out of the middle of the country. But what he's not doing and what a lot of people are criticizing him for not doing is working the phones -- trying to to push through and make some progress on some of these big issues surround ever -- heading home for the holiday. Well how does that song go those lazy hazy crazy days of summer right eighty emphasis on the word crazy on this one. ABC's neighbors at the White House -- -- -- guys thank you so much there was appreciate it. Of course you can keep up with the latest developments on this story in real time by downloading ABC news apps start to sort exclusive updates on the -- for now. I'm Dan -- New York.

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