Obama SuperPAC Strategist on Being Outspent by Romney

Bill Burton of Priorities USA Action talks about the money trail at the DNC.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Obama SuperPAC Strategist on Being Outspent by Romney
Joined -- -- somebody who. But about politics from the front side. Meaning that you are not part of you were once part of the campaign now you're the others on -- -- now on this night vision. Ago you've seen it from. Both sides now -- right you're that's your things on that right out the rank them right now Bill Burton for those and you don't know witnesses -- is somewhat ubiquitous now on that on the circuit on the -- they're talking about. It's -- three witches. Priorities USA action action. Done all right well which means that it is this that they super -- that is supportive of a President Obama aren't let's break down built the camp. How badly is President Obama going to get out between. Today and November thanks very Batman and how can possibly happen -- in pump it. President of the United States of America. -- -- but here's the problem is galleys guys and oil industry and on Wall Street. Whoever real vested interest and a legitimate -- -- the president's that he. I -- an analysis that Sheldon Adelson would actually make a hundred million dollars back. Just in tax reforms the -- trying to class up for these guys you know on the Republican side that money's not that -- -- on the democratic side. People are giving the same kinds of reasons they care about equality. They care about the environment they care about judges you know most of our contributions come from the the entertainment unit -- -- summer movie tickets because -- -- -- reelected president they just care about the issues that are important Democrats. Second question that's related to that he gets out that is if it is scheduled for the lose the election because of -- -- is he -- have the resources he -- anyway. I think Democrats be very nervous because of Karl Rove -- the -- -- have all this money and hundreds of millions of dollars comes sweeping in over. Over President Obama and over Democrats then yes in a close election that could be the difference -- We're concerned about -- that's our fight so hard we're glad we saw big uptick in donations last month. We got our friend mayor Emanuel helping out now and you know things are moving in the right direction but there's an urgency to make sure that we do the -- -- didn't. Management resources we need to make ambassadors many around the events near you collecting checks as you go along that it is that you go attracted solicitations how does that work when you're at these big superstar like over that this -- Why I don't know what the big superstar Bill Burton is doing what I'm and -- There's we're just we're talking to donors the biggest collection of Democrats. That happens every warriors are trying to tell people what we've been doing what our plans -- going forward and you know it's been pretty well. I -- -- and a half million dollar check yesterday. The Pentagon right. And -- -- your pot doesn't Wear that that sometimes happens right you're walking with a pot that night. I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- about it part of a talking just back at. Pittsburgh moment. It makes it hard decision -- -- campaign. But that recently. What -- you got that right now. At the end of the day bill. Are -- should be able to spend money you can be spent in North Carolina from personal -- yelling at me and took the not excited about this are fired up the but now this second involved I think. Or. I think it's not states are probably Florida Ohio Virginia. Residents not -- -- and then after that you've got Iowa. You've got Colorado. And it got this mishmash. No -- And New Hampshire. States like that. North Carolina it's the polls show it very competitive. And -- you vary very content we don't -- between lines very well. Very competitive. -- -- -- but a dual cameras. That are out of someone -- does it again exactly. No -- coming up right now it is very tough -- but the polls show that the president's support has been pretty durable. And it's a political situation and so I think that in this place that could definitely come from. The and president -- compliments in Wisconsin. Was not want to watch you know there's no doubt that after spending money there -- we are. We -- There's no doubt that Paul Ryan's next definitely. Had an impact on on what voters in Wisconsin -- -- But all right lot more popular than Mitt Romney is -- -- And Mitt Romney's policies are very unpopular. Thing to tremendous degrees. We think that you know it's gotten more competitive -- that idea from the -- -- -- finally. Mean we haven't heard that much -- off back on the stage but you. You still feel like that is the most fertile ground -- terms of making the case against Mitt Romney now if you look at what our plans -- this entire cycle. We -- that we did the the ads about Mitt Romney's private sector experience as the ground work to lead up to the Ryan plan. Because we talked about his about the Ryan plan and focus strips they're like wow that is praising bush said. Mitt Romney supports that there would believe us that and believe that a candidate for national office to possibly supported through -- to -- the ground work that. Here's this guy who made his money Byron middle class -- canceling their health benefits and want to hurt feelings even when the companies and think for a so -- in the fall we could start to make the argument that. Yet this is the kind of guy who. Cut taxes on the wealthy. And raid Medicare to do it read education -- -- and so that's kind of where we are certain -- to be talking about a more forward looking in. Arguments which is what would -- president -- mean for the American. All right Bill Burton priorities USA action well yeah. Collecting checks getting -- that is you know day in the life of Bill Burton and appreciate you being here examined by different might.

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{"id":17166555,"title":"Obama SuperPAC Strategist on Being Outspent by Romney","duration":"3:00","description":"Bill Burton of Priorities USA Action talks about the money trail at the DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-superpac-strategist-outspent-romney-17166555","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}