Obama takes direct aim at Trump's 'lying'

The former president criticized his successor at a campaign rally in Milwaukee.
2:21 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for Obama takes direct aim at Trump's 'lying'
Don't put the tax cut but for the next election. Congressman into the ocean. He could make up. I'm gonna protect your pretty good thing connected. While his Justice Department. War right now. Trying to strike down those protections that is not spin. At that trying to put up positive. Lumping. That's why. We want saying it hit it it was the first time but let me. They've done this often. Making up top they've been trying to scare the head. Let's get scare scare the heck out of people. Before every election in the last elect. It was Hillary being male this is terrible Hillary the email we were here and emailed everywhere. With the national security crisis. And Kara buddy mills. If they picked me up an arm and Vietnam at the Chinese. To the president's lack bone. Won't work. They're there. They're couldn't. They're trying to convince or might be afraid of a bunch up impoverished. Malnourished refugees a thousand miles away. No. And elections over. I don't know I'd want what what what have we are being invaded where where to go and you know what you would be funny except. And to open it works and we got to stop calling from its thought you can't fault them don't you know. Mingle with guts and don't offer the. Or that kind of fear mongering.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The former president criticized his successor at a campaign rally in Milwaukee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58778878","title":"Obama takes direct aim at Trump's 'lying' ","url":"/Politics/video/obama-takes-direct-aim-trumps-lying-campaign-trail-58778878"}