Obama Takes Veiled Swipe at GOP Candidates

Taking to the bully pulpit on Super Tuesday, Obama defends Iran policy.
2:14 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Obama Takes Veiled Swipe at GOP Candidates
We are gonna continue to apply the pressure even as we. Provide a door for the Iranian regime to walk through where they could rejoin the community of nations. By giving assurances from the international community but they're meeting their obligations and they are not pursuing a nuclear weapon. That's my track record. Now what's said on the campaign trail. You know those folks don't have a lot of responsibilities. But I commander and chief. And when -- when I -- the casual moments. With which some of these folks talk about war. I'm reminded of the cost. Involved in war. I'm reminded that the decision. That I have to make in terms of sending our young men and women into battle. And the impact that has on their lives -- impact it has on our national security. The impact it has on our economy. This is not a game and there's nothing casual about it. And you know what I see some of these folks who. Have a lot of bluster. And a lot of big talk but when you actually asked them specifically what they would do. It turns out they repeat the things that we've been doing over the last three years.

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{"id":15858970,"title":"Obama Takes Veiled Swipe at GOP Candidates","duration":"2:14","description":"Taking to the bully pulpit on Super Tuesday, Obama defends Iran policy.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-takes-veiled-swipe-gop-candidates-15858970","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}