Obama to Troops Back from Iraq: Welcome Home

President thanks troops in Fort Bragg for Iraq service.
3:00 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Obama to Troops Back from Iraq: Welcome Home
Nearly nine years. Our nation has been at war. In Iraq. And you. The incredible men and women of Fort Bragg have been there every step of the way serving -- honor. Sacrificing greatly. From the first waves of invasion to some last troops. -- -- -- So as your commander in chief. On behalf. We're grateful make. I'm proud to finally -- these two words. And I know your families -- Welcome home. A. Welcome home. It is great to be here at Fort Bragg home -- airborne and special operations forces. A lot of thank general Anderson all your outstanding leaders welcomed us here today. Including general -- Rodriguez. General John -- -- home. I want to give a shout out to your outstanding senior enlisted leaders including command sergeant. Major Roger Howard. -- -- -- -- -- -- big round of applause to the ground forces bank. Got a lot of folks in the house that we've got. Eighteenth airborne -- the sky dragons. We've got the -- -- all American. Second airborne division. We've got Americans. Quiet professionals -- special operations forces. -- -- -- -- We've got airports. I do believe we've got -- navy and Marine Corps -- took. And -- not here with us today. We -- our thoughts and prayers. General helmet. Sergeant major rights and all the folks from eighteenth airborne. -- who are bringing our troops back from Iraq. -- -- -- Amid a second airborne and Brad -- and succeeding in Afghanistan. And general mobile and those serving around the world. Let me just say. -- most humbling moments I've had as president. Was when I presented our. Nation's highest military decoration. The medal -- Parents of one of those patriots from Fort Bragg who gave his life in Afghanistan. Staff sergeant Robert Miller. A one out salute. -- Rodriguez. -- -- mall all of Linda Anderson Melissa. -- Michelle motel -- all the inspiring military families here today. We honor your service as well. Finally I want to acknowledge your neighbors and friends who help keep your. -- outstanding. Operation go on. All who helped to keep you army strong. And that includes. Representatives Mike MacIntyre and Dave price and -- -- and governor Bev Perdue. -- -- -- So proud to have done so much for multifamily remembered round -- -- Today I've come to speak to you about. Of the war in Iraq. The last few months. The final work of leaving Iraq has been done. Dozens of bases. -- American names that housed thousands of American troops. Have been closed down or turned over to the Iraqis. Thousands of tons of -- court. -- packed up and shipped out. Tomorrow. The colors. United States forces Iraq. The colors you fought under. Will be formally case. In a ceremony in Baghdad. Then they'll Begin their journey. Across an ocean. Back home. Over the last three years nearly a 150000. US troops. -- left Iraq. Over the next few days. A small group American soldiers will Begin. The final march. Out of that country. Somewhat of them are on their way back to Fort Bragg. The general public's. They know that the last tactical -- march out of rock. Will be assembled. And they're going to be a part. Of history. As your commander in chief. I can tell you that. It will indeed be a part of this.

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{"id":15154657,"title":"Obama to Troops Back from Iraq: Welcome Home","duration":"3:00","description":"President thanks troops in Fort Bragg for Iraq service.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-troops-back-iraq-home-15154657","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}