Obama's NCAA Bracket Puts Michigan State at No. 1

The president chooses Florida, Arizona, Louisville and Michigan State for his Final Four picks.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for Obama's NCAA Bracket Puts Michigan State at No. 1
Where Williams is one of my favorite people. He's actually helping us out in these last couple weeks in promoting. Health care about government getting young people signed up. For health care. Those swing states might not -- massaging -- president still using basketball to. Pursue more lofty goals everyone -- that company organizes an ABC news digital political March Madness special report. President Obama has turned a -- colleges in chief again this year making as an electric picks with lesbians. Andy -- Joining us now to break on the president's picks ABC news political director noted Ivy League basketball apologist and Kansas jayhawk fan by marriage. Full disclosure there. It is required from Washington DC -- Clyde thank you so much let's break it down the president wasting little time strips of trouble where he assesses vice president Biden's. Home state team. That's right University of Delaware is match up against Michigan State in the first round of the -- it. Now attorney noted that university dollars also Chris Christie is all liars -- -- be picking against Chris Christie as much as against against Joseph Biden. But he does not think that Delaware is going anywhere he has -- losing to Michigan State -- Michigan State in fact running the table. Winning the national championships and not a lot of love for those -- -- hands of the University of Delaware did exactly yes exact and here were his words specifically. You do that is Delaware now Vice President Biden tweet you don't have to -- -- got the -- -- money Ross their head coach. Obviously encouraging but he didn't -- -- is that. Pretty much why didn't have -- I think gardens mission it's as pretty tough all of Biden fill out his own bracket if he wants to pick Delaware -- Michigan State dollars or. -- hidden brackets there -- so where is the Biden brackets White House trying to hide something I gotta tell you almost had insane you -- almost insolvent some words there and say you know if you -- the running as Hillary Clinton I'll let -- know what -- that it wasn't big Delaware. He also though -- Syracuse which is actually we're Biden was is an undergrad he has them losing. In -- in the -- authority to winning just one game before falling -- I don't think judge Joseph Biden has as much basketball influences others over the White House yet the president picketed batting champion and cardinals and coach Rick Pitino only -- this year to reach the finals. But -- they play here's the president. Parts of Virginia specific -- -- tournament champ against Big -- chairmanship like. Michigan State University Tom Izzo is a great. Great tournament coach. Applicant -- and are now healthy I think we're -- we're chancellor. The president knows his stuff right there another four -- president about -- -- his way out of proven -- form a blue state back. -- is though there. I mean the president holding back. He's not -- he doesn't always basketball it's on in the White House has made clear and I talk to any -- about about this experience -- he's done every year along with the president. And he has said he's always impressed and he's no longer even surprised when the president flashes this basketball knowledge he met with time is -- when he was in East Lansing. Earlier during basketball season he's also a guide has a lot of respect. For coaches with strong systems and in Europe that Roy Williams clip from the top he's -- Carolina a few times to go quite far in the -- -- He's the candidate Bill Self edit edit -- Kansas as well and a fan at Michigan state of Tom Izzo and that system. I'm struck though by -- you know looking he has to number -- -- in his final four neither of them is a really particularly bold pick it Louisville in Michigan State. A lot of folks I've -- out there Vegas odds having them among the top teams in the nation. The consensus being that the selection committee argued in short shrift it seems like the president following conventional is that when it comes that. Well sometimes it's good to go -- the masses right I -- after have to grabbing Arizona the president brought its final report -- -- explanation for doing so. -- play like a team great defense great offense. They just have a winning attitude -- remind me a little bit of the -- that. Mike and Mike oh lead. -- to two national championships they play hard Donovan knows what he's doing I think gold -- and -- point. So here is how it all shakes out president's final four Florida Arizona Michigan State and Louisville's Rick. What's your bracket look like next to the president's. Well I I -- -- I. I like the idea of a couple of number ones in their but I have different number ones in my final -- -- Florida in there as well I went with Virginia though over Michigan State. In part because they've gone on in the remarkable run in the ACC. I didn't winning a -- -- -- tough games too but I'm also zagging because you -- actually want to win a pool and everyone else is sticking Michigan State but that's all I I have to I have to try that I have Louisville in my final fours while subject -- -- the same as the president. I that I went with Creighton over Arizona -- -- that west bracket again a team that that got a little buzz during the regular season I believe there -- three seed. This year an assortment you -- spice things up you know I'm gonna win Buffett's billion dollars -- canvassing bracket is everywhere else that's my -- with president Obama's bracket is that. He is exceedingly unlikely to come to fruition because it's a conventional you gotta have a couple of picks that no one else has I don't see a lot of that in the president's right Rick Klein -- out of it adds there's the president's. Choice to win -- -- and obviously that with a message for the man in charge of that team. Let's listen. What's your message for Tom -- I don't need to give. -- -- message I was out. At the campus. What we're silently the farm bill you can read and he told you this thing stopped my restaurant and and he said that he was feeling pretty good and you know I think things are jelling for them. That -- planet outstanding basketball and he knows out of old folks in those articles so. My period. Michigan State. Bring it home for me it's been awhile subsided since I want my pool. Pretty strong pretty confident spartans or how long as it -- the president has this thing. Have to go back the president Obama's first year in office when he picked the UNC Tar Heels. To go all the way TT to have an even have -- have a team make the finals that he thought was gonna win the national championship he's hoping that. To get off -- -- this year without more inspired -- -- he did not see some of the runs Butler making the final four twice during the Obama years. And that's -- -- it's interesting to me is that as much as present Obama's story is an underdog story he kind of likes the favors he has. Only two two teams equipped with double digit seeds winning in the first round and both of them getting bounced in the next round of one of those schools should be noted -- Harvard. The 125 match up that would have been a really good pick last year if he had had -- but he at Harvard losing in the first round last year a lot of folks up Harvard this year and again. None of those 121011. Seeds surviving past round number two the route 32 so I -- strikes me that if the sweet sixteen is as. As predictable as the president thinks that it will be -- I think Sports Illustrated is gonna have a point covered next week. And are caught the shots on that -- -- -- the director Rick Klein Rick I gotta say your wealth of knowledge always astounds me. -- -- In well what would do -- full disclosure pressing my brother dole is way more about basketball -- me he has Michigan State so what do Lionel plant in runs in the -- that illicitly right there hoops analyst Rick Klein thanks so much from Washington DC project I've. And of course you can keep track the president's pick real time by downloading. Out starting that -- -- -- -- updates as March Madness gets under way. For now I'm Dan -- New York with his ABC news special report.

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{"id":22973070,"title":"Obama's NCAA Bracket Puts Michigan State at No. 1","duration":"3:00","description":"The president chooses Florida, Arizona, Louisville and Michigan State for his Final Four picks.","url":"/Politics/video/obamas-ncaa-bracket-puts-michigan-state-number-22973070","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}