Obamas Visit Disney World

The president's visit focuses on boosting tourism and creating jobs.
3:19 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Obamas Visit Disney World
Hello everybody. On Thursday I went down to Florida to visit Disney World. And to Sasha and Malia is great disappointment I was not there to hang out -- -- arrived space mountain. -- -- I was there to talk about steps were taken to boost tourism and create jobs. Tourism is the number one service we export. Every year tens of millions of tourists come from all over the world to visit America. They say and our hotels. Eat at restaurants. And see all the sites America has to -- That's good for local businesses. That's good for local economies. And -- more folks who visit America the more Americans we get back to work. It's that simple. We can't wait to seize this opportunity. I've said before I will continue to work with congress -- and leaders in the private sector to find ways to move this country for. But where they can't act or won't act I -- because we want the world to know that America's open for business. And that's why announced steps we're taking to promote America and make it easier for tourists to come and -- Frequent travelers who pass an extensive background check will be able to scam their passports and fingerprints and skip the long lines at immigration at more airports. We're gonna expand the number of countries where visitors can get pre cleared by Homeland Security so they don't need a -- -- We're gonna speed up visa processing for countries with growing middle -- -- the can afford to visit American countries like China and Brazil. We want more visitors coming here. We want them spending money here it's good for our economy and will help provide -- boost more businesses need to grow and to hire. And we can't wait to make it happen. Too often over the last few months we've seen congress drag its feet and refuse to take steps we know will help strengthen our economy. That's why this is the latest in series of actions I've taken on -- Help our economy keep growing creating jobs and restoring security for middle class. In September we decide to stop waiting for congress to fix No Child Left Behind and give states the flexibility they need to help our kids meet higher standards. We -- -- -- small businesses that contracts with the federal government can get paid faster so they can start hiring more people. We made it easier for veterans to get jobs and -- We took steps to help families whose home values have fallen to refinance the mortgages since they've looked -- thousands of dollars a year. We sped up the long process for companies that want to rebuild our roads and bridges putting construction workers back on the job. And I appointed Richard Cordray to be America's consumer watchdog and protect working Americans from worst abuses of the financial industry. These are all good starts. Now -- need to do more. On Tuesday evening -- deliver my State of the Union Address -- -- way out my blueprint for actions we need to take together. -- just me or congress but every American to rebuild an economy work hard work and responsibility or -- An economy that's built -- last. I hope you'll -- it. In the meantime I'm gonna keep doing everything I can't make this country not only the best place to visit business. But the best place to live and work and build life. Thanks for watching have a great weekend and -- on Tuesday.

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{"id":15410744,"title":"Obamas Visit Disney World","duration":"3:19","description":"The president's visit focuses on boosting tourism and creating jobs.","url":"/Politics/video/obamas-visit-disney-world-15410744","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}