Officials Update Public on Capitol Hill Gunshots

Police say a female suspect is dead following her alleged attempt to ram a White House barrier.
3:00 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Officials Update Public on Capitol Hill Gunshots
This is a special group. Look -- I'm -- that's our New York with this ABC news digital special report a scare at the nation's capital with reports of shots fired this afternoon. Outside the capitol in Washington DC you're looking at a live picture here after a lockdown had been lifted. This is what we know so far an unidentified woman who is now -- -- mobilized. Drove a car with the child inside. Into a White House barricade at fifteenth and Pennsylvania Avenue that barricade was not breached. But that did start a police pursuit that led to the nation's capital. And it was there where there were reports of shots fired by senators and congress people on the broke location there. That they had heard several sounds of shots being fired it's not clear who fired shots. The woman capitol police the FBI capitol police. Alcohol tobacco and firearms agents are on the scene there as that locked down though has been lifted. -- -- -- -- ABC's -- Sony who is at the capitol now with the latest on this and Jeff what do we know the let the locked out has been lifted. He -- in a lockdown has been lifted in fact I just came from outside. A -- capital back inside our position here in the senate. And I just had an interview with sergeant Terry Gainer he -- the senate sergeant at arms a former police chief himself. He gave me a bit of a rundown of what happened he said that. There were no capitol police officer shot for a time there was some confusion and it seemed that there were reports that that there. Had been a capitol police officer -- -- shot he says that is not true. But the incident as he said started down near the White House came up Pennsylvania Avenue which is toward the capital moving east. And it ended outside the Hart senate office building that is about two blocks. East of this of the capitol building itself still barricaded off we could not get close to that point at this point but. There was some type of exchange of fire this female suspects Sargent Gainer tells me was shot and killed. There was a child in the car on harmed the child was was taken away by police. A young child were told and that is all at this point they know no quo no evidence of motive no evidence of and anything else in -- vehicle but police are searching this car right now. And they're trying to -- determine exactly. What happened and why it happened -- Jeff -- who walk this back a little but because a shelter in place was called for -- obviously to get away from windows to get away from doorways. To get to an interior section of the buildings on the capital there and shortly after we got those initial reports that is when that lockdown was lifted so. Is it safe to presume that at this point that police are not looking for any additional suspects. Dan it is safe to assume that in fact searching -- told me that explicitly that police are not looking for additional suspects. They believe that this was -- I'm a contain incident as one. What to one officer. Said and I can tell you they would not have allowed us outside of the capital because for a time that was on lockdown. And I was. Up here where you see me now this is our senate boosted ABC news kind of a small room right above the the senate chamber. And it was I was walking through the halls one floor below in this happened and it was clear that there was some type of emergency going on police officers have their long guns out and I went to the window the east front window of the capital to seal was happening. And the officer said get away from the window get away from the window. So we went and found a couple senators who actually had just come running into the capitol building and they heard shots fired. And came into the capitol for a sheltered him. It's Jeff and I also -- that we had been seen some reports but that. Congressmen and women and senators were told to remove the pins that identify them as members of congress from -- -- else. I did not hear those report -- I think as a moment of of caution that may have been it in fact I remember that from some years ago in the capital was frequently on lockdown. In the time after 9/11 and things that was one piece of instruction that -- capitol police always gave to members of congress. If it is some type of a terrorism incident or if it is some type of hostage and sent. They do not want these senators and members of congress to stand out. So if that happened in this case it really is standard operating procedure to remove those pins so you look like everyone else but there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than this. One woman it appears to went from the it. The -- White House. It's about a mile away again all the way up to -- Capitol Hill. So at this point a police believe it's contained to that now we don't know why. We don't have any sense of motive police right now at this hour briefing reporters so we hopefully -- will learn more sent him. And for a short time a portion of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House was cordoned off -- shut down by police there but this particular barricades. That this woman drove up against this is at fifteenth and Pennsylvania Avenue -- this is actually by the treasury building is that what I understand. It is by the treasury building fifteenth in Pennsylvania Avenue. Is one of the areas where -- years ago actually before the Oklahoma City bombing back in 1995 Pennsylvania Avenue was open. And that as -- street because right in front of the White House but since then it's been closed for years. It's been closed and it is -- an area right by the treasury building that leads onto a road in front of -- White House but there is a barricade there. And we -- barricade we're not talking these so wooden barricades that you may see. -- you know at a road closure sign these are steel metal barricades that come out of the ground and open up like this so difficult to crash into but that's where. We're told the started. And that it came all the way. East across really downtown Washington and and ended on the east side of the of the capitol building and. And -- you -- -- that you mis spoke to some of those senators when they hit first heard these shots. That they were describe it as a pop pop sound from outside and I want to play. -- some of the interview that we -- that we got just a couple of moments ago. You've probably heard shots so a lot of police cars then we heard shots. And then the police told us to go back we are simply look at. I sent -- -- Hobson and let's go and actually news conference where the capitol police are briefing the press that. To eighteen. Afternoons. Vehicles near vicinity a White House -- apparently attempted to ask America eight. People. Stopped by the Secret Service. Uniformed division. Shots of potentially fire they pursued the vehicle. To view cocaine. Struck one of our -- -- here at second and Maryland. Second tough person and here and in ultimately ended up second -- Maryland -- northeast. Barricades. Just on the scene is secure postings -- secure. We initially a lot of them civilians in the god guns and released no information. Displayed its terrorism or does anything other than an isolated incident. Which isn't going to be. Can we are working out and it -- east Portman is handling the shooting scene. Investigation. Hall and obviously consistency pictures -- just kept coming. We are are still investigating that. Possibly we believe there was a child. -- -- I don't have condition. It would let you know. I don't lose -- are you concerned apparently going to be -- to secure he threw some good news. White House -- -- abuses. Even though this appears to be an isolated incident which is one vehicle involved who's been -- we're nation we all the agencies. I just mentioned including FBI's. So those scenes -- under control -- yeah yeah. I think. MTV commissioned a -- injured. On the way as I mentioned. Whenever officers were -- -- and his government. Houston concentrating. And officers and chief. As far as you know Olson as its yeah. Yeah. -- people who are important to give you very good. Please particularly newly guys fired at White House and here we are still investigating and obviously the animals. So yeah. And -- yeah. So it'll do we wanted to. Most of us live shots fired of the capital along. -- we do to make decisions aren't downsides and -- application saying what it would due -- bad -- happen Aaron I'll give you an update. If that's okay. I have I have an Eyewitness News anybody and police cruisers and apparently. Will be back. Quarter after. -- yeah this is the latest that we did find out from that news conference that police do believe that this is an isolated incidents. And essentially this this is what happened a woman. Rammed into a barricade outside of the White House at that point that started -- police pursuit that led down Pennsylvania Avenue. Towards the capitol and at that point that is where shots were exchanged. With police officers and as -- heard there from the sergeant briefing the police there briefing the press. That the driver the suspect was shot and killed. And that there was a child inside the vehicle. That is now in police custody. They did not say exactly what the condition of the child is. But as you can see from these live shots there is still very active scene although the lock down. Has been lifted. Up from inside the capitol. In ABC's Jeff Sony. As one of the first on the scenes that reporting what senators had first heard as shots being fired. Jeff and as we just heard there at that police are treating -- with this to be an isolated incidents. Do we know anything about the identity of the of the woman of the suspect or the car. We don't -- and there are so many questions we don't know the answer to and that is the key I think that police are looking at right now its investigation who -- the woman. I did she have a motive but now when we say isolated incident it's clear that what that means actually. Is that. Was not a coordinated. A situation where there's more than one shooter or anything like that and and we do not even know at this point this sergeant Terry Gainer the sergeant at arms of the senate. Former police chief himself told me a few moments ago. That it is unclear if the woman was firing at the -- suspect was firing back at the officers. Or if those gunshots the senators heard was actually shots being fired from capitol police it seems like. The latter may be true here but we're still getting answers of those but -- you saw that video few moments ago that ABC's are -- signs a shot on the first floor. Of the capital we went out in search of senators and and found them quickly. Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania we saw there earlier in senator Sherrod Brown a reported this pop pop pop several shots fired. 35 may be more. And they said they were told by capitol police -- to get behind a vehicle this is all outside of the outside -- -- capital really on the north side. Of the capital sort of on the plaza area -- -- very busy street is constitution avenue leads to Pennsylvania Avenue which is where this a woman was apparently coming from but. I'm at this hour to and -- that is all we have on at this point we still do not have a motive or anti -- and name of this stuff -- suspect. And we had also have been hearing and have video of police actually taking the child right there you see. Right out of the car. That the F female suspect was driving. That vehicle that was first. Ran into a barricade. At fifteenth and Pennsylvania just outside of the White House in the treasury building. And that is what sort of the police pursuits towards the capital. Jeff it was a relatively short period of time though that -- capital was on lockdown but during that time though everyone was told stay away from the windows in ties with secure location. It was a relatively short period of time but I would say at least at least twenty minutes may be. Maybe a little bit more than that down we were told to to get -- Just stay in the building. We're actually going to go outside to trying get as close to be seen as we could but -- -- stay inside. And then at a different point get away from the window get away from the window it was just exactly it wasn't clear it was happening but. Just to set the scene of of what today in Washington looks like -- and we've been talking throughout the -- of course -- this government shutdown. And that means that a lot of workers in the senate and throughout the -- congressional offices we're not here -- in fact been furloughed. I asked to capitol police officer if any capitol police officers had been for a -- they said -- they are at full strength. There are all essential employees and boy Dan that was clear walking outside of the -- capital after that lockdown was was lifted the all clear was given. We -- seeing swarms of police officers all with their long guns. But it's all clear at this point and the investigation continues the erodes of course still closed down but trying to get back to a business. Here inside the capitol Jeff do we know -- the president at the White House at the time of -- seat he was stand the president was inside the White House at the time of this and we were told that he was. Was given a briefing by his Secret Service detail will. He was not in any harm at any time and that. Spotted fifteenth in Pennsylvania Avenue. Is some you know long two blocks away from actually Wear the White House would be so that this person was really -- not anywhere near going into. The White House or war or approaching that's a perimeter. Or four going through the -- perimeter there are many sort of barricades and now lines of defense in this would have been at the outer one. So he was at the White House. All safe and Secret Service officers -- updated him on the situation and his staff is receiving briefings but business is going on at the White House today as well. And we are taking a look at some of the scenes you can see -- on the nation's capital today after parts of Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House were shut down. And then of course the immediate area outside the capital shut down as well you can still see. -- good -- police officers on the scene there is barricades are rapidly the yellow police. -- is up there as well -- -- go back to some of those live shots we are just now hearing also from hospital nearby hospital but to patients. Have been admitted from the capital want to capitol police officer a male capitol police officer and one female officer -- although we did just hear from that press briefing that. That no officers were injured from the actual shooting itself and we haven't seen pictures. Of that vehicle hit a marked Secret Service vehicle. That was involved in that chase that started at the White House -- that vehicle smashed into that barricade and then. Pursued on towards the capital. Jeff do we know if the if that vehicle that we're -- -- there. That Secret Service vehicle hit. I don't know that and it appears that and that's what's the images and pictures look like an excuse me as I was turning around here just emailing with -- sources that's. How orally communicating with people but it it is unclear I've not been told that but. You probably correct in assuming that. And of course that locked -- has been lifted and -- and congress are being told not to resume their days. Work. But just for that short period of time when media capital was put on lockdown after those initial reports of shots being fired I just after 2 o'clock this afternoon. And that all stemming. After a vehicle had crashed into a barricade outside the White House it. And I do want to go now we did speak to a witness. That was on the scene there. From those earlier shots. Susan Clark -- -- -- the area -- new blood in this direction please call. He's seen that didn't have the previous scenes you're no I just saw the sort of dark colored. Two and then -- -- Yes. And you think yeah. The relationship between an event that -- anything I don't know an excuse I'm fleeing the scene -- -- what time. But you know -- was and I wasn't ticking clock it was probably sometime between two and 230 yeah. Yeah I think he's an eye toward -- five. Figured out how young passengers and an excuse that well that was first alert mean that there was. Constant thoughts and I -- -- the police were probably there for some reason. We'll really -- anything that the car has captured here. I don't know I haven't seen it I haven't seen that black. Six and after British quite rapid it was it was like. Boom boom boom boom something that he does anybody side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fifty. And he worked work. Used for -- here -- currently. And that is -- eyewitnesses that have hurt and had seen. The event that -- afternoon a government -- they're on furlough apparently having lunch in the area when this entire exchange played out and this is what we know. About the series of events it was that just actual clock when a car and ran into a barricade outside the White House. And at that point that started a police pursuit towards the capitol up Pennsylvania Avenue eastbound. And we're getting reports that the vehicle then circled around several of the monuments around the capital and at some point was stopped and there was an exchange of gunfire. With capitol police and with this female suspects that was the driver of the vehicle. The suspect now immobilized and police did recover a young child from inside that vehicle. We don't have an identity. Of the -- you can see that child that it was being carried out from that suspect's vehicle. I into a police cruiser. And for that entire time. The capital was on lockdown senators and congressmen and women. Being told to go inside -- stay away from windows. It to seek a safe area. And it was shortly after that exchange of gunfire. When police had considered this an isolated incidents. That lockdown was lifted. I wanna go to Jeff -- who is at the capitol and Jeff are we hearing any more about and their particular areas. In Washington now of of any concern I know that there are two crime scenes. That police -- -- processing. That's right in there are. Well first -- answer question and we are not hearing of any other concerns throughout Washington or any other place again police believe that. This was the act of of one suspect one female suspect that were being told by. Law enforcement officers was shot and killed. But that the two scenes at their processing are where this chase ended at second and constitution avenue north east. About two blocks east of the capitol building. Not far from the Supreme Court really about a block from the Supreme Court -- this is all for anyone familiar with the Washington area this is on from the plaza area. Around the capitol building so that is one crime scene and then at the I'm sort of at the bottom of Capitol Hill -- If you will just. Below the capitol building there is another crime scene there or or least police activity I -- when I was outside. A little bit ago again so those two sites are are being looked at but -- really what police are looking out there looking in the vehicle they are trying to determine any type of things they can find in the vehicle. Any type of of evidence or notes or anything to child unhurt unharmed in the car is a young child as we saw that videos. From so not going to get any information presumably. From that child so police are just you know investigating this with what they have at this time again. And -- as you reported earlier on -- that the president was at the White House the time and he has been briefed on this. Is so they'll lock down at the White House that has been lifted it has been the lockdown -- -- federal buildings across Washington we're told have been lifted up the White House. At the US capitol on both the house side and the senate -- in fact the House of Representatives. Is back in in session and all the that the senate office buildings that three senate office buildings that really had a ringside seat to this so they have all been reopened. So there is an extra police presence here without. And question. We're told from our ABC colleagues outside ABC's -- -- is just you know me a moment ago saying that. That time the police tape is still up outside but definitely things getting back to normal here. And really all it it is now it's about an investigation into trying to figure out a motive in -- perhaps it was just. You know who. I won't speculate we don't know exactly what it was we have no way of of linking it to any of the ongoing acrimony here in but here in Washington but it is important to sort of set the scene. There is a government shutdown which -- has created a bit of a strange scene after anyway it's been a little bit quiet. The -- I can tell you this is certainly a puncture that quiet this afternoon at 2 o'clock. I'm a lot of activity appear unlike anything we've seen appear really for about a decade or so after a lot of those -- -- after 9/11. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I can what I can see him I'm monitor here in the senate -- not back in session yeah its frankly they don't have a lot to do this afternoon because they're still. Try to negotiate a way out of this such shutdowns but the senate floor has not yet to resume but I'm told it well shortly this afternoon again. All right ABC's -- -- money at the nation's capital Jeff thank you for that we certainly appreciate your reporting and your insights. On this again. That was a lockdown earlier this afternoon a scare on Capitol Hill. After a woman had ran into a barricade outside the White House which started a police pursuit. And at that point shots were fired and the female driver of this vehicle the suspect was shot and killed. Police also then recovered a small child from inside that vehicle that child. We do not have the condition but as we've been seeing from that video though appears to be unharmed. We've not heard anything specifically from that press conference that we heard from the capitol police on -- you can see that child being brought into police cruiser. The capital was on lockdown parts of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House also put on lockdown and the White House itself also under lockdown as the president was. At residence this afternoon. We of course we'll continue to monitor the situation and if any additional news conferences are held by capitol police as the FBI and ATF are. Now converging on those two scenes. As they're gathering information as that becomes available of course we will break -- and -- -- live stream reports where that. For now. I'm Dan that's our New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20463003,"title":"Officials Update Public on Capitol Hill Gunshots","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say a female suspect is dead following her alleged attempt to ram a White House barrier.","url":"/Politics/video/officials-update-public-capitol-hill-gunshots-20463003","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}