Statistics of Social Political Scene

Katie Couric breaks down the demographics of who's talking politics online, and what they're saying.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Statistics of Social Political Scene
We -- definitely following the social sentiments and I'm really trying to get a sense of what's going on on the Internet as this night for progresses the debates where huge on the Internet we are absolutely certain tonight will be as well. The person one of the people who is covering is -- before us is Katie Couric. She found this from. -- Social media is clean a bigger role than ever before and nobody here wants to hear this but 80% of the people. In this country get their political news online sorry everybody but. If -- -- any doubts about the importance of social media I you have to do is take a look at Twitter by the way. Now in 20083. Million people wore on Twitter. But this year now seventeen million Americans are in fact on Twitter now who are they. Here's who they are it's 70% of them are under the age of 4460%. Of them are women 30%. Of them are African Americans are demographics that favor President Obama and out you -- -- know about how many tweets -- been during this election cycle 358. Million tweets. Altogether if you can believe that. But that doesn't mean they've all been positive right 98 million tweets for President Obama 45% positive 55%. Negative as we know with your mansion in a tweet it doesn't necessarily mean it's complementary. But then when it comes to governor Romney he's -- and 85 million tweets. 61%. Negative 39% positive and Georgina and we are interested to and the number of people who are saying this country was on the wrong track. Declining in fact so we actually asked people about that why do you have a change of heart about this -- -- -- ending -- not starting them in the economy has been improving. Not getting worse someone else wrote that we are no longer on the wrong track on the right track many indicators -- is such stocks up corporate profits up home values up. Experts up construction up so we're gonna be paying attention to what's trending online and by the way if you wanna know. What's trending this photo is trending block big bird waiting in line to -- Just like the rest of us could have imagined that big bird binders and courses and they and -- would be the memorable turn it's incredible election. As such as you're seeing -- the -- is that as the night progresses.

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{"id":17658423,"title":"Statistics of Social Political Scene","duration":"3:00","description":"Katie Couric breaks down the demographics of who's talking politics online, and what they're saying.","url":"/Politics/video/online-election-trends-statistics-social-political-scene-17658423","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}