Orrin Hatch on Tea Party Divide and Re-Unifying the GOP

RNC 2012: Sen. Orrin Hatch discusses the state of the Republican Party and the likelihood of winning Senate majority.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Orrin Hatch on Tea Party Divide and Re-Unifying the GOP
Senator Orrin hatch operas -- congratulations. On your nomination you -- that are very competitive primary. There -- this -- and you did it and that and here you are now about to. Watch as. One of your home state candidates do you know love is about to take the stage in a few minutes. Not your traditional. Republican candidate. -- she's terrific well from a she is she as traditional she's very conservative. Very Smart. Very articulate tough as -- good mayor. Jesus is a very very fine person that I think it's about left of the Republican Party have surveillance may have running for the House of Representatives of bishop -- well. For publicity that you don't know -- is African American Mormon. -- the mayor right. Yes -- -- -- she's Haitian Americans. Very proud that I am very to a wonderful husband and history I think it's very beautiful children. Senator hatch -- -- the speaker Boehner here it reminds me that. He's had quite across the capital from what you -- cameras have quite. The wild ride the last couple years -- become speaker trying to bring all those freshman members together the Tea Party element that. You would try to fend off and you successfully did so in your primary this year. If Romney is elected president it's going to have as difficult a time even more so as president to sort of the party all on one page to move his agenda for. Have a lot of good people in the Tea Party movement at their various factions of the Tea Party movement some of the party but Republicans with the words -- Republicans are really good people they're just tired of sick and tired of the spending the borrowing they accidentally run over regulatory nature of this administration. Frankly this let's of the federal government of the cost of everything else saw with them on those issues but. I think -- sticker banner for the best people I know it's tough he's Smart. He comes from -- grassroots America. Yeah he's had some troubles but he's also been able to do it I have a real high regard for him to that man. Let's talk a little bit about the senate is indeed. You know we're talking about compromise for second there's a lot of talk though that may be Republicans can win. -- -- the majority in the senate. You want to talk -- to us a little bit about that there's a big bump in the road obviously earlier this week. Todd Aiken. Situation there in Missouri has a lot of Republicans wringing their hands saying that the seat that we just basically gave back to the Democrats I'd like to get your take on. That race and that talk about what it means overall for -- for taking controlled -- Wake of staff and initiatives -- -- he's he's apologized profusely but. On the other hand it was terrible what it's. Not -- off that race vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and I can -- and about twelve Democrat -- that we have a chance on. There's probably six eight that we have a real good chance. I say they have. That they claim that they have taken the victory of -- -- to have them without question. And I think you know I think -- but hopefully we can take over the majority or at least -- so close that we can really work we have to work together for change. We have no evidence. Just let anybody in Washington to work together on initiative. Now there are a lot of people I have Democrats about me and say senator -- to back you're one of the paperwork and operatives together. And that those that may bring it together. Better ways to bring us together in a way that is serious that are right and where people can. Both pulled their heads up -- you know Republicans can't pass any bills about it some Democrats and they can't -- as anyone about us they did -- they have sixty votes in the senate. But. It's it's not as a huge effect. Reflect eleven -- on what just happened today Mitt Romney being able to get over it get than 1144 vote. He obviously had quite competitive primary there -- lots of times it looked like he was gonna make it just like you reflect on. That's primary meant for you -- what you think it says about the Republican Party they're still a lot of people saying that there's not the passion yet. For Mitt Romney -- a lot of passion against Barack Obama but not yet from. Well they're supposed actually is the passion for Mitt Romney is rising steadily is that -- page one of the best people I know. You know we don't -- anybody because what -- combat to -- the Winter Olympics were 400 million dollars of debt waiver of that look like it was going to be the biggest eyesore in Olympic history turned out all around we -- Have the best Winter Olympics in history and we wound up with a -- hundred million dollar surplus to take care the bad news that it became governor of Massachusetts. They were three billion dollars of death -- -- -- the real problem to turn that around. Balance -- budget for years a row -- -- had a state legislature 85% opposed almost everything he did by any measure this -- very real real later. And he does understand where jobs come from he does understand how port of small business community as he does understand. How great America really can't be I think the more people get to know him plessy he's lived a very good life he -- His wife virtual -- human beings of five boys are. Really something special they're all very good people. I think the American people are gonna learn to love him just like they learned to -- Ronald Reagan. Senator Orrin hatch Republican of Utah thank you very much for being with us -- say thank you for coming but -- -- appreciate take care right here. And does senator hatch actually signed in it are I've. -- I mean look we're gonna take photos of all our guests signing in. And over to post on the the -- -- and abcnews.com and elsewhere so you'll catch but Yahoo! to. Think that's great that this.

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{"id":17099587,"title":"Orrin Hatch on Tea Party Divide and Re-Unifying the GOP ","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Sen. Orrin Hatch discusses the state of the Republican Party and the likelihood of winning Senate majority.","url":"/Politics/video/orrin-hatch-tea-party-divide-unifying-gop-17099587","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}