Which Party Will Win the Hispanic Vote?

RNC 2012: Univision's Leon Krauze discusses Hispanic presence at RNC and catering to Hispanic voters.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Which Party Will Win the Hispanic Vote?
All part of partnerships. A -- Yahoo! have a partnership and -- partnership at ABC with Univision -- -- and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of Univision. Is here with us now thank you so much for joining us nice to meet you both -- to be -- -- so. Obviously you guys are paying particular attention. Two Hispanic -- -- which at the convention. Which. The -- hip it has worked really hard to highlight that put fronts that are so very high profile. Hispanic Republicans because it is as we all know. One of the most crucial. -- groups out -- this election. Absolutely usually be on the lookout for on the convention program well that to -- is particularly important and interesting -- three very high profile figures the governor of -- -- -- the governor of New Mexico as well the candidates for a senate from Texas. Three -- profile figures. Medical -- introducing me -- need you so very interesting as well. And there are at least -- -- more high profile. Hispanics. -- stage in the coming days that's clearly part of an airport from the Republican Party to fight to a close that gap between Obama and Rodney we cheese. Right now that the historic -- a juncture -- it's really large really large. So. We -- know that that's why they would like to highlight those folks know what it comes to talking actual voters. Hispanic voters about why they should pick Mitt Romney the man that gap is this date seems. Sort of unbridgeable might now it -- what I think is that what you think now it -- so so. Q do you have a sense though that that Romney campaign. He's doing anything other. The State Department is doing anything with it Valentin company it tried to chip away at that historic -- -- Whether they're recruiting. For young Latinos to be candidates in many states key interest things officially thinking of the future of thinking of the of this election what I notice is that the during the convention what happens outside the states -- -- as you mentioned. Has to do with. Highlighting the economy at every chance and making. The electorate especially the Latino electorate -- -- everything that have been due to -- -- Just throw it under the -- The ultimate pitches sketch and a outright to -- a focus everything on the economy expecting that the that he's -- he's going to -- more. Latinos then immigration something that I think remains to be seen. It is for November. And it's funny as Cuba presidents executive order. Yeah halting deportations for young people him. We have not yet heard. From Mitt Romney -- at certain times I know that he would rescind that order but in talking to voters. The response on that issue alone do you think that he that has helped them -- -- in the death -- president. That absolutely and I think that the -- -- -- the -- not helping matters to be honest -- -- I interviewed. Governor -- yesterday and he said. What one prescient can make one -- of the -- -- -- on me. So that leaves the question mark in the mind of many voters whether or not Rodney would on make. What the -- what the president made with -- action decision which -- He critically important. For the Latino community. One thing though that I I hear from a lot of Democrats and even many Republicans is. Regardless of the gap the fact that more people would vote for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The enthusiasm. Does not seem to be there among Latino voters -- war. Barack Obama like it was in 2008 so the concern is among Democrats. Yet we may -- they -- like to vote for us but they're they may not turn out we may not get those numbers again what's your sense when you're talking to voters about. Whether or not they're gonna come out in those numbers what are they need to hear from Barack Obama. Well that's that's the big question especially when it comes to -- -- station -- one -- in -- Hispanics in this country has had a our relatives someone close. The pain so it's a personal issue for them that the fourth Jason decision from other -- -- less controversial and going to be difficult to on make. The voters' minds. But of course a torn out -- turnout is key in my opinion. The -- the system is not there but steal the numbers are impressive the polling doesn't like. And we'll see what they do next week to who do support again in two bring a Latino voters site it's going to be a quick question that -- -- of Univision thank you so much for being WS was merely measures she didn't think you so much thank.

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{"id":17099976,"title":"Which Party Will Win the Hispanic Vote?","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Univision's Leon Krauze discusses Hispanic presence at RNC and catering to Hispanic voters.","url":"/Politics/video/party-win-hispanic-vote-17099976","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}