Patriotic Duct Tape Statues Take Over Cleveland for RNC

ABC News' Charli James reports from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
8:43 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Patriotic Duct Tape Statues Take Over Cleveland for RNC
Good morning thanks for watching ABC news I'm fairly came here in Cleveland on day two he Republican national. Benson. Lots of action all around town and one of the brand easing the opportunity to be part of all that happened is duct tape this. Giant Eagles at the time entirely made of duct tape they've got that duck plus. Out here in Cleveland and to tell us a little bit more about what they're doing on the ground here is night handing she is. The director of marketing communication without pay and let's start with it. Back here and tell little bet about. How this got. Made of the turn the camera. Health care. It made more are exactly. And we headed on display in our vaccine. Was held over Mother's Day weekend last month CNN senior event and moment Amir Iman. More appropriate than that. In any airline that show that telling. Pizza at every single little. Of this design. Has been cut out and have done. And I you any idea how long something like this took. And it's one guy one night when Jane bidding men. I'm praying that come under the taking part in this for about a month and a half minutes as part of their curriculum at University of Cincinnati. And the professor anxiously at the entire plan. We've got three of the doctors here but there are also dumpsters all around the city that hasn't made big gains to end and they all have this Americana. And they all worked on them about a month in advance of there semester. Phillip coming at him in October mean you guys are no and I think most. As far as thinking hit and duct tape for the prom dress and yes I'm that every yes and we just announce their winners are in second contests. Where they're sixteen year at Beckman says this year in fees collected on our top ten and then we. With a man down by angry and being sued her second and third place everything. Winners in each of the public at 101000 dollar S dollars. Gary thanks and so how did this transition into the school here so sixteen years ago unspent. That's a decade but not really to the extent of what's they are now. We had some of the basic colors that we offered. And today we've grown added over 250. Dollars grant them licenses but really the Mets had sent lines in. He's done a great read. That's really got people thinking about what else they would do it taxi. Purses wallets even some of the smaller things that aren't so elaborate just like the but. And so lady lady liberty Indiana area again I'm in. Great American I. It's Rios. About a month and a half again you can't. And the last time I hear them celebrate. Music can help hearing Cleveland with the round. I'm Warren McIntyre is. The earth. American friends here and I mean. Cream in Yonkers. A lot of different colors. Good night. Strengthening how many different thing here this isn't tainted than the average pregnant and so I'm they give over 250. Colors grand opening up like that we have here telling them. Like stories. Froze then even have let them pass and at the end the end of now lightning. You've got again let me. Take a look inside this duck fan but does but okay me doc but I'm there's some other fun something nightmare. An inside. Plus. Lookalike contains a little thing. Not here look at this one who thinks it we can see all these different colors. And also sports team. Tons of. Tons of college. Well and I. Give the light come back here he planned to show. The U. Jersey as well as good fun think you're saying that people feel kind of started making all kinds of stuff in. So we won't let us live bullets we've got access their eighties. Brisbane and there. Sir Freddie. Altman who sent me it's funny how and what's dependency unit. The industrial. And training grabbing Rydex I don't debt. Safe to say you know what it actually devastated world war two and it was used thing military and then after the war without saying here the end and UNICEF dot. So it's kind of work at his name and then yes and then obviously we've really seen it very transition into all of this crafting and and fund that people are having and certainly a need for all of these colors and friends. Typically respond back here is you enter a local company that we are yes we are located just twenty miles lesson here in Avon Ohio. So that's really what we're here celebrating. With the RNC were really happy for what it brings the city of Cleveland and being a company that grew up here at sustaining crested here is playing. Certainly he's eloquently this. His name Carlos pastors not actually just for our festival. Last month so everybody was very excited at what we're we have to learn. Over how big weekend. It made their final game was on Father's Day and that is Bosnia and influence well hair. And a. I wearing hey that's an American flag duct tape backed out here at CNN television equipment back up side. Let me just. Show you that that's an ice doesn't that figure wearing it duct tape totally wearable. Looking quite patriotic. That night modeling job makes us look not just from doesn't. Those overly gala. The couple are contact if I don't play Atlanta here today isn't duct tape real votes for mentioned what we want to do it cant people help us. Decide its new prince of duct tape. Word went into them that. We have only had to print them out at 250 that it it is writing that it ever actually I don't have gotten them. And we like to go ahead and do it errors eat duck defense the name. In light lunches that are now that we've got to really great action though we're asking people the public that night I bode and it duct tape real not. Or also at any of our Portland isn't one of them profit. Things in the last half packer park in and the Cleveland and so we've got voting beyond that it on. I don't know if you think it's is. That I had this on my favorite iron it's. I'm letting them. And that against him he got and the news trustee and the man. The couple fun option for people and it is an inning and I finger as well dad. Here and he made no way. And and many the iron every American brands. A night. Well Melanie thanks so much definitely feeling you guys doing. Just one of V. Many activities going on hearing Cleveland it's really fun zone if you're out in about even if you're not. A part of that delegation there's a lot of excitement around here on the ground. In Cleveland an ABC news we'll be bringing that to you across all platforms as stick with us. Online. Plans on social and the network that works as well hearing Cleveland. I'm Charlie James that keep watching for more on the Republican National Convention hearing.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40700306","title":"Patriotic Duct Tape Statues Take Over Cleveland for RNC","url":"/Politics/video/patriotic-duct-tape-statues-cleveland-rnc-40700306"}