Paul Ryan calls for prayers in wake of Texas tragedy

"The View" co-hosts discuss Ryan's comment.
3:33 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for Paul Ryan calls for prayers in wake of Texas tragedy
Hey, so speaker Paul Ryan has been criticized after calling for prayer instead of legislative action in the wake of the Texas tragedy. But he's not backing down. Take a look. People who do not have faith don't understand faith I guess I'd have to say, and it is -- the right thing to do is to pray in moments like this because prayer works. I know you believe that and I believe that and when you hear the secular left doing this thing, no wonder you have so much polarization and disunity in this country when you do that kind of thing. You can't do that, Paul, because not everybody subscribes to what your version of religion is. People do this in a different way. The question is, is he isolating people -- He's dividing people. -- By saying that you don't get it because you don't do it the way he does. He's dividing people when he says secular left. Immediately it's us against them again. I understand what he meant -- part of what he said when he said that people don't always -- like there were a lot of people that called for prayer and everyone, like, lashd out. The thing about people that are really spiritual, not just spiritual but religious, those people are still praying even though they were in church when they were shot because nothing about god says you won't be shot in a church, run over by a bus and get cancer. It says I'll be there to give you strength. Prayer works. It's congress that doesn't work. But let me say one thing -- There's a lot of -- Let her finish her point. Although I'm someone that turns to let's get practical solutions, let's talk about it, I am someone that goes to more legislation, I understand that when people were mocking a lot of the people that called for prayer, I understood what they meant just because I have so many dear friends that do turn to prayer for everything. Except that at one point, the most congress people who were calling for prayer and tweeting about prayer are the biggest recipients of NRA money. What? Bigots? Biggest. What did you think I said? I thought you said bigots. There lies the hypocrisy. Everyone that watches knows I'm a very prayerful person, have gone to catholic schools my whole life. It is my go to thing, but the problem is when other tragedies happen in the United States, instead of saying we need to pray for them, it's let's build a wall, let's throw the immigrants out. That's usually the response from so many of these people that are now saying, you know what, let's not talk about the gun issue, instead let's pray. Well praying didn't stop all those bullets from being shot into that church. I mean they had the prayers covered, right? They were in church praying. That's right. Yelling at each other about who prays and who doesn't -- will wheaten treated, the murdered victims were in a church. That doesn't help either. I very rare quote Stephen Colbert. We have a voting problem in this country. The turnout is not at the levels it should be. If you want to take action, it is election day today, get out there and vot for who you want. Yeah. And in a certain way today's election will determine the next election for president in many ways. We will have some tea leaves to read tomorrow about the election. We will. Everybody good? Okay. We'll be right back. Announcer: Did Hillary's

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Ryan's comment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50991406","title":"Paul Ryan calls for prayers in wake of Texas tragedy","url":"/Politics/video/paul-ryan-calls-prayers-wake-texas-tragedy-50991406"}