Paul Ryan Preps for Joe Biden's 'Irish Uncle' Moment in VP Debate

Yahoo! News' Holly Bailey responds to Ryan campaign's remarks.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Preps for Joe Biden's 'Irish Uncle' Moment in VP Debate
Let's get it out Holly Bailey -- the -- senior political reporter holly there you are so. What do we know about where Romney is watching the debate tonight -- -- the moon and -- campus. While he is an Asheville, North Carolina tonight he had a rally there a couple of hours ago. He sold -- at a resort sort of outside of town and he in a senior fighters are basically -- watching the debate. Actually there was a funny thing they had a contest to allow. One of the supporters to watch the debate with the campaign but they -- every word that later to say. Have dinner with the candidate before the campaign because obviously that kind of one -- Lexus and trying to I think. This isn't something that you could enter as a contest Alan. I mean eating -- enter the contests to have now sadly I didn't I didn't that the -- could learn a lot from that so. You -- around the Romney campaign for a good long time now. Talk to us a look at about the movie there and especially the difference in mood from the week a week and a half ago to today. Well yeah. You know I would compare it to August when. -- was after this foreign trip that was widely regarded as sort of a debacle. We would you know the press corps went several weeks several days. Where we wouldn't you know basically -- to see the candidate and in the last week two weeks we can't get it seemed to get enough for Romney he keeps coming back on the plane. -- a couple of days ago where he came back and tragic get a saw the McDonald's and people are like no -- -- McDonald's. He has -- -- really get made any keeps coming back and sort of -- -- players that he's in this admitted. And I think one of the things that they're going to be watching tonight is the -- of what kind of attacks that Joseph Biden is -- -- gets hot -- because in some ways they view that as a preview. For what the kind of attacks are going to be -- President Obama next week for the debate on Tuesday. Follow Alley because the diminish the last that it was over in the bond -- started looking forward not just as his vice presidential debate -- the next presidential debate. Talking at what they thought they need to do what they needed to change that famously promised adjustments. Which seems like -- you know exactly -- junior high not you know. Looking more like like onstage so what what is your sense of the the Romney camp and they and they already also -- look forward to that that second -- -- Absolutely and they are really prepared for. You know President Obama to come out rob me. Really really aggressively and in fact. You know -- are preparing for that coming into the first debate. And they were sort of surprised that it it didn't -- and -- really been doubling down on debate prep rob where it was and Ohio last night with -- needed at some debate prep there. -- debate prep today. They you know they're going to be doing debate -- this weekend -- and -- into the early next week I mean they're really prepared for a far more aggressive -- a President Obama than what -- -- on the first base. And and holly just I had been having is some Republicans who say you know the thing about the town hall format that. People assume that this is something that President Obama will be much more comfortable in but that. -- actually pretty good in a town hall you've obviously seen him -- a lot of the use do you agree with that. Yeah that's silly and you know I was really what was interesting about the primaries. You know -- from the Connecticut's couldn't. A lot of criticism for not being very good at -- at the early primary debates. But then the campaign started having him do these town halls especially at all across Ohio. Where is getting some pretty aggressive questioners and he kind of feasted at that time and and so that was you know viewed as some sort of practice for them and you know and I think. And some ways this is something he's been preparing for -- -- they're practicing in the same way that aren't from practicing summing -- the table and so I'm. They're also working on some like you know more body language staff again you know coming -- last week's debate they were concerned about Romney's sort of you know getting irritated with President Obama they're still working on that they don't want that to happen. Because there really happy with sort of the image that Romney had coming out of -- -- being morally some likable they wanna have that continue on. An eyewitness to governments now from the vice president's debates and ask you one quick question about that. There's an interesting quote from a Ryan advisor to one of our reporters here he said. -- the biggest thing I'm worried about as a kind of Irish uncle moment where the vice president's charm overwhelms his lack of facts. Or logic can you expand I don't know if you hearings where. And there. While you know I think -- to insurance on -- earlier so it have a lot more information from the all right campaign on that but. You know again you know this is all in and both -- and -- have been preparing in similar ways for. Candidates that have been you know for a pretty well liked you know even Joseph Biden and you know -- -- sort of last -- makes fun of his fast and so forth but you know he's actually. Really likable on his sort of viewed as a strength and that -- by the Obama campaign because it just comes across as some average guy and so. That when a mixture I think both Ryan and Romney and Ryan want to make sure that they don't have sort of get irritated at some of these things that happened tonight. Holly thank you very much.

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{"id":17457684,"title":"Paul Ryan Preps for Joe Biden's 'Irish Uncle' Moment in VP Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo! News' Holly Bailey responds to Ryan campaign's remarks.","url":"/Politics/video/paul-ryan-preps-joe-bidens-irish-uncle-moment-17457684","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}