Paul Ryan On How Public Speaking Is Like Bow Hunting

Paul Ryan answers questions on "Softball with Tony Huml."
3:00 | 08/13/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan On How Public Speaking Is Like Bow Hunting
Congressman. Cool collected. Let's play softball. You've been on Meet the Press. Morning chill. Hardball gland that congressman Ryan welcomed us -- all can we get -- some cotton. I'm doing fine things he did a great. English muffin -- cinnamon sugar I don't need -- You're familiar with the rules of basketball. I played with the -- I'm not sure that you are from here. Fourth grade Saint Mary's. Sideline out of bounds played here remember that's all I don't remember we went to a turbulent so we played indoor. Where they split the courts -- member that no -- I don't remember that let's not change the subject Paul. Two seconds left -- taking the ball sideline out of bounds he stepped in bounds and shoot the ball. Did escort. I don't recall. If that. I don't recall that it's it was a turnover and we lost the game you know I don't -- -- -- -- all over now right in the fourth grade. Road map to America's future. Do you have anything against bed and breakfast that anything is at breakfast know why there aren't any on the road map. There aren't exactly well you get to decide how you pursue the road. So if you want to -- open records and merger going. You have a beautiful family -- kids do you -- to deal. Thank you which -- your favorite. All of and that's -- -- news. Those who who is yours Tony next question funniest person in America Paul. -- -- right now that's the top of my head of the -- my list right now other than that. Funniest person in America. You know this might sound funny to come from me but I'd say Jon Stewart probably. Funny -- pretty good you talk about you. He does -- actually it's sort of funny I'd actually kick. That he does a very tastefully. Everything okay can we get through what Alan good -- junior crown 1987. -- high -- your McCain who was the queen and where to go to dinner. It was Heather. Crandall and we went two month. The butterfly -- if you hold the door for her court of course it. I think it was the mark by -- of -- fire the mayor remember the later Donnelly. It was it was one of those -- I think I'm pretty sure what the -- so what's your favorite treat at frosty -- Justice officer -- This world to you know and Vanilla and chocolate again that's pretty daring. Are you afraid of public speaking but not anymore. I want to first actually I never -- not necessarily doing this plant life. I remember the first time I -- speech before congress you know it's going to be -- value for speech. And as a big bow hunter. Whatever odd years walking in with emotionally -- -- -- whether to -- or block by left leg to start shaking it's just -- weird thing. And it's the only time that ever happens -- -- athletes -- shaking as honest and really my heart starts beating. -- owners understand is that the nervous as the excitement yet. At first speech before congress that's exactly what happened -- like my left leads -- the shaking uncontrollably. But after that first beach when it's not -- and down you know back and I got under -- -- -- -- -- -- Is your leg shaking now all know it's not telling it. What's your favorite movie. The good the bad and the ugly. -- on Eastwood picture I have that and money -- -- holy Grail on my iPad. Me. -- shrubbery it. The -- look at this picture who's in this photo. -- -- -- -- -- Steve had when there's myself -- my glasses. I see you. Chasing rice. Who's upside down there are likely that you got passion -- and -- that news. Is that it looks like a 1970s. Slash 1980s basement painted brick. And Andy got the -- -- set. We have on the plastic waste concrete filling them with definitely lifted weights -- kids -- -- concrete weights I remember so. You've probably never heard this one before Paul dead -- alive. Dinner -- yeah. Abraham Lincoln have always said that none bigger and that's great pop thanks for me and -- softball are telling --

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{"id":16997697,"title":"Paul Ryan On How Public Speaking Is Like Bow Hunting","duration":"3:00","description":"Paul Ryan answers questions on \"Softball with Tony Huml.\"","url":"/Politics/video/paul-ryan-public-speaking-bow-hunting-16997697","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}