Paul Ryan Best RNC Moments: Obama 'Experienced' at Wasting Money

GOP vice presidential nominee riles up Republican delegates with swipes at President Obama.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Best RNC Moments: Obama 'Experienced' at Wasting Money
Thank you. Mr. chairman. Mr. chairman. Delegates. And fellow citizens. I am honored by the support of this convention. Floor vice president of the United States. On the newcomer to this campaign. So let me share first impression. I have never seen opponents. -- silent about their record. And so desperate. To keep their power. -- run out of ideas. Their moment. Came and went. Fear and division. Is all they've got left. With older attack ads the president is just throwing away money. And he's pretty experienced at that. And president Barack Obama. Came to office during an economic crisis. As he has reminded us a timer to. Those. Are very tough days. In any fair measure of his record has to take that into account. My own state voted for President Obama. When he talked about change. Many people like the sound of it. Especially in Janesville. Where -- -- about to lose a major factory. A lot of guys that went to high school with worked at -- GM plant. Right there at that -- Candidate Obama said. I believe that if our government is there to support you this plan will be -- for another hundred years. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. As it turned out. That plan didn't last another year. Is locked up an -- to this day. And that's how it isn't so many talents. We're the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight. What do taxpayers get out of the Obama stimulus. More debt. That money. Wasn't just spent and wasted. It was borrowed spent and wasted and and the biggest. Coldest power play a ball and Obama care. Came at the expense of the elderly. -- -- Even with all the hidden taxes to pay for the health care takeover. Even with the new law and new taxes. A nearly a million small businesses. The players in Washington still didn't have enough money. They needed more. They needed. Hundreds of billions more. So they just took it all away from Medicare. 716. Billion dollars funneled out of Medicare by President Obama. An obligation we have -- our parents and grandparents is being sacrificed. -- to pay for a new entitlement we didn't even ask for. In congress. When they take up -- heavy books in the wall charts about Medicare. My thoughts go back to a house in Garfield street in Janesville. My wonderful Graham and Janet. Had alzheimer's. And she moved in with mom and me. Though she felt lost at times. We did all the little things that meter fuel loved. We had help from Medicare. It was there just like is there for my mom today. Medicare is a promise. In we will on its. A Romney Ryan administration will protect and strengthen Medicare for my mom's generation. For my generation and for my kids and yours. So our opponents can consider themselves on notice. In this election. On this issue. The usual posturing on the left isn't going to work Mitt Romney and I know the difference between protecting a program and -- its. Ladies and gentlemen. Our nation needs this debate we want this debate we will win this debate. President Obama. Was asked not long ago. To reflect in any mistakes he might have made. He said well. I haven't communicated enough. He said -- jobs and close. Tell a story to the American people. As if that's the whole problem here. He needs to talk more -- and we need to be better listeners. Asian gentleman these past four years. We have suffered no shortage of words in the White House. What is. You know. Back in 2008. Candidate Obama called. Serious talk from what looks like a serious reformer. Yet by his own decisions. President Obama has added more debt than any other president before him and more than all the -- governments of Europe combines. One presidents. One terror. Five trillion in new -- He created a new bipartisan. Debt commission. They came back with an urgent report. He thinks of them. Sent them on their way. And then did exactly. Nothing. So here we are. Sixteen trillion dollars in debt and still he does nothing. In -- massive debts have put entire government at risk of collapse. In -- he does nothing. In all we have heard from this president. And his team are -- and anyone who appears to point out the obvious. They have no answer. To this simple reality. We need to stop spending money we don't have. My mom. Started a small business. In -- -- what it takes. Mom was fifty when my dad died. She got on the bus. Every weekday for years. And -- 40 miles each morning to Madison. She and her new degree and learn new skills to -- her small business. It wasn't just a new livelihood. He was a new life. In -- transform my mom. From a -- in grief. To a small businesswoman whose happiness wasn't just in the past. Her work gave her hope. It made our family proud. And to this day. My mom is my role model. Behind every small business. There's a story worth knowing. All of a corner shops are towns and cities. The restaurants cleaners Jews hair salons hardware stores. These didn't come out of nowhere. A lot of heart goes into each one. In a small business people say they made it on their own all they are saying. Is that nobody else worked seven days a week in their place. Nobody showed up in their Plaistow when the door at 5 in the morning. Nobody did their thinking and worrying and sweating for them. After all that work in and a bad economy. It sure doesn't help to hear from their president that government gets the credit. Would be deserving here's the truth yes you did -- College graduates should not have to live out their twenties in their childhood bedrooms. Staring up -- fading Obama posters and wondering. Are going well. When I was waiting tables. Washing dishes or mowing lawns for money. I never thought of myself is stuck in some station in life. I was on my own past my own journey here in American journey. -- I could think for myself decide for myself. Define happiness for myself. That's what we doing this country. The American dream. They -- other central planners. The failures of one administration are not a mandate for a new administration. A challenger. Must stand on his own merits. You must be ready and worthy to serve in the office of president. We're a full generation apart governor Romney -- -- In some ways we're different. There are -- songs and his iPod which I've heard on the campaign bus. And I've heard -- on many hotel elevators. He actually. He actually urged me to place -- these -- a campaign rallies I said look. I -- how to deal breaker -- Well my playlist -- started AC DC that ends with zeppelin. We've had very different careers mine mainly in public service is mostly in the private sector. He helped start businesses and turn around failing ones and by the way. Being successful in business. That's -- good thing. -- -- is not only succeeded in. But he succeeded where others could not he turned around the Olympics at a time and a great institution was collapsing. Under the weight of bad management. Over spending and corruption. Sounds kind of familiar president of the he was the Republican governor of a state -- almost nine in ten legislators are Democrats. And yet. He balanced the budget without raising taxes. Unemployment went down. Household incomes went up and Massachusetts under governor Mitt Romney sought credit rating upgraded -- The rights. That makes all the difference now. Is the right to choose our own leaders. And you. Are entitled. To the clearest. Possible choice. Because the time for choosing is drawing near. So here is our pledge. We will not duck the tough species we believe. We will not spend the next four years blaming others we will take responsibility. We will not try to replace our founding principles. We will re apply our founding principles. -- together. We can. Country working again. This economy growing again. We can make a safety net safe again. This. -- -- your political party flags come together for the sake of our country. Join Mitt Romney and -- -- -- Yeah. Am.

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{"id":17112048,"title":"Paul Ryan Best RNC Moments: Obama 'Experienced' at Wasting Money","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP vice presidential nominee riles up Republican delegates with swipes at President Obama.","url":"/Politics/video/paul-ryan-rnc-speech-best-moments-obama-experienced-17112048","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}