Paul Ryan: 'We Must Lead in Space'

GOP candidate accuses President Obama of ruining the space program.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan: 'We Must Lead in Space'
Because we -- the space coast. -- important. That we have -- space program. And has a clear mission. A space program that we know were heading in the future. Any space program that is the -- equivocal leader on the globe in space travel in space research. We don't have that right now. Look at what we have gotten out of the yes. The space program strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit and commercial competitiveness. -- launches new industries and new technologies. President Obama campaign quite get around Florida. On the space coast in 2008 made lots of promises. This is of one of those other broken promises we have presided over a dismantling. Of the space program over the last four years. He is put. The space program on a path where we are conceding. Our global position. As the on equivocal leader in space. Today. If we want to send an astronaut. To the space station. We have to pay the Russians to take them there. China may someday be looking down on us from the moon. That's unacceptable. Mitt Romney and I believe that America must lead in space. -- Ron and I believe. We need a mission for Nassau and mission for space program. And we also believe that this is an integral part of our national security it.

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{"id":17304783,"title":"Paul Ryan: 'We Must Lead in Space'","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP candidate accuses President Obama of ruining the space program.","url":"/Politics/video/paul-ryan-says-america-must-lead-in-space-17304783","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}