Peggy Noonan Talks Presidential Election, New Book

The political author sat down with the ladies to talk about her new book as well as her thoughts on the upcoming election.
7:10 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for Peggy Noonan Talks Presidential Election, New Book
Fat and noon and lovely and talented beautiful lovely Paris and she's the conservative columnist who worked for presidents George. HW Bush's campaign and the patron saint of the Republican Party let's bow our heads president Ronald Reagan's. Is she looking at the current bunch of Republican candidates in thinking what the hell happened. Let's find out please welcome Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan. How up eight. Well it's interesting to save at least it is a hellacious brawl that nobody anticipated and it's a big fight it's sort of coming down to mr. trump. Vs all of those who are not mr. trump. Will see where it goes there's about six or seven months for the Republicans to decide who their nominee is if they don't decide and 67 months. It'll be decided on the floor of the convention. For the first time in our lifetime out that is something Alan. Yes it is already quite a fight. Really. Historical and may be exciting I mean some of these people would be hitting each other on the head with placards it would get really it's interesting which is really saying crazy stuff I mean stuff doesn't make it lady says leak of Muslims can't come into the country. I'd toss crap happened this morning and I daily news says what are they gonna ask everybody aboard it do you eat ham. That would eliminate orthodox Jews a vegetarian stamp it does it make any cents. Well here's the thing that that I think has to do with some of mr. Trump's popularity. He is talking. About things that are really on the public mind such as we all know from the polls. Eight profound sense that in the age devices on the age of terror we are not sure who were letting into America. I Asus is already brand you know your Syrian refugee program were coming in through that program. So it is totally reasonable for him to be saying wall what are we doing while this isn't working let's take a pause. Unfortunately he says that like Donald Trump. He pulls it out of his year. He's he's really is kind of a good politician he's very popular but he's not careful. And serious the way you want a presidential candidates and make it makes Americans if people brought you know uses same brush stroke all of us who makes us look like racism in the French who just were attacked a writings of Syrian refuges and by the number. And that's the thing that I think it's interesting because you know my good friend Charles blow basically says. He's not a Svengali he's a better crowd reader so he is saying what conservative so he's giving. Voice to what conservatives have felt for quite some time do you think that's true I think that's up with a partly really on the money. Here's something work. Public comes on the ground and American conservatives on the ground have been holding various views that the elites of the party have not held such as on illegal immigration. Donald Trump came along. And he filled the vacuum between the leaders and the people and he said to the people. I am seeing it your way and naturally he's got a big response also the closings Donald Trump. He doesn't sort of slammed thing so when he shows up and speaks he doesn't have a written text you never know what they'll say. And it kind of is exciting for people in a honey wake you never know where this guy bailed out it's like. Yeah as Alice he's right in an air I was watching some news program and they said that the Republicans had a closed meeting about. If he did become the Republican nominee this bit back a plan can you. When it was a big Republican meeting reported in the Washington Post by very good reporter named Robert Costa. That said essentially for the first time the big establishment. Republicans in Washington actually got together the other night. Just figure out what do we do if this goes to the floor of the convention. What wall that look like. Had a weak play that. I mean it's really interesting everybody thinks if mr. trump doesn't get the nomination he might go third party and author an idea what of mr. trump gets the nomination and I think some Republicans might decide do we need a third party. So this but I'm telling it's almost impressed eating way campaign doesn't it handed the election to Hillary Clinton. Amin thank you know what we were talking about. Talking before we went on some very Smart person here said look isn't. It but we're Hillary vs trump. Mrs. Clinton vs mister trump. Wouldn't that be in a moment of crisis to a highly dramatic and polarizing. Figure is going up against each other at the same time. I think it would be she is every bit as polarizing as he is. No I don't I ripped the front had an avenue of the season as polarizing but. I think in it when you were talking 2008 about Sarah Palin's campaign you call that the full polarization in American politics he is I did you do I didn't know what can get more vulgar and and had an. I don't are. I wouldn't call her vulgar and it that's not it. But she is a polarizing figure look at these numbers. When you look at the polls people say may boom Mike in his support mrs. Clinton I say yes do you think she's good at this they say yes and a nice and by the way do you trust her. They say no that is a polarizing factor in a lot of people think she won't be able to get over that trust factor but I want to talk to you about your book it's called the time of our lives you telling him a little bit about it oh thank you thank you. I'm gonna say something good is vulgar I love this book it was a labor of love it is made pulling together the past 4530. Years of my work. That his essays and columns and things that I wrote. That I think are the best I've ever done. And I put them in up book. And I wrote a new introduction telling people what I think a writer is a columnist is what writers are trying to do when held they try to do it. And I told them some stories about my life and my childhood. And that and I don't know I just had so much fun when you're I love you why you're treasure really high I really didn't like fueled by. I speechwriter for the I was hit was so little had a right because he knew how to talk to her speeches I think people should know have been voted to that the most important speeches of the century tabs so we're talking about a prolific writer but also I I'm such fan Angela thanks tonight where ruler Manuel paying I really wish that we have more time I know we're gonna go because I had many questions I want to happy that I really wanted to hear about ask your hat and I bar I. Would love to hear him with a question I have it's unfortunate that we only have an hour for this show sought thanks for coming Peggy Noonan her book is called. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Oh.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"The political author sat down with the ladies to talk about her new book as well as her thoughts on the upcoming election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35718781","title":"Peggy Noonan Talks Presidential Election, New Book","url":"/Politics/video/peggy-noonan-talks-presidential-election-book-35718781"}