Pelosi asks President Trump to delay State of the Union address as shutdown continues

President Donald Trump briefed on Syrian attack; House Speaker suggests rescheduling annual address until government has reopened.
3:30 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for Pelosi asks President Trump to delay State of the Union address as shutdown continues
Right to our Karen Travers at the White House because no doubt the president is watching this in the administration. Hi Karen if you could just tell us so what if anything the president knows or has said about this attack in Syria. We win the White House says the president has been fully briefed on the attacking Syria and they are monitoring the situation closely but no other reaction yet since we learned that US service members were killed. And a follow up on it will Louis Martinez said this of course comes a month after the president called through that withdrawal of 2000 US troops from Syria. But when he made that call he also declared victory over ices the president said that ice is in Syria had been defeated. And that was the only reason that he was continuing to have a US presence there and that's why he wanted troops out new word yet on how this. Factors into the president's calculation on this whether this means. He'll continue to push for troops to get out or is this now means they would need to remain there in that security capacity. And that declaration of victory certain certainly an area controversial even within members of his own party the Republicans on Capitol Hill. I do know Karen want to transition to the government shut down now by far the longest in US history there's been this stalemate in the negotiations. And today we're just getting word that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sending a letter to the president asking him to delay his State of the Union Address all the shutdown continues. What do you tell us about that. Yes certainly a bad sign have that in the NC Pelosi as speaker of the house thinks that this will still be going in thirteen days. The state of the union was scheduled for Tuesday January 29 traditionally. The house speaker invites the president to come up to Capitol Hill in deliver that address to the nation in front of congress the Pelosi says it. They she's suggesting that the White House and her team work together to come up with a suitable date after government has been reopened. She also cited security issues because of course. It's a fortress I have on Capitol Hill on state of the union night swing at you have the cabinet there you have members of the Supreme Court and the entire congress. It's quite a security operation she says that right now it's just too difficult start and see that you could logistically pulled out off. With so many agencies shuttered and workers furloughed. It. And what's interesting about this shut down recovered from shutdowns in the past. This one the longest but also on top of that. Unlike the others we've seen. Nobody seems to be talking anymore there's a complete stalemate is there an update at all. In the negotiations between the president and Democrats not the Democrats that counts in this wit remember last week the president sat down with Republican leaders and democratic leaders in that meeting ended after just fourteen minutes the president left and on Twitter called it a total waste of time. Yesterday the White House invited a group of Republicans and Democrats to come to the White House and talk about border security. With no Democrats took him up on the offer it was just Republicans. And the house is plain that to that to say that Democrats don't wanna negotiate that they need to come to the table they need to start these conversations. But with the meeting yesterday another one that scheduled for today with a group of house Democrats and Republicans. These not the people that are gonna cut a deal with the president that would result in the shut down ending ultimately this is going to come down to president from. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and for now there are no meetings scheduled between those three and no ends and in sight for now anyway Karen Travers at the White House forsake you so much we do appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"President Donald Trump briefed on Syrian attack; House Speaker suggests rescheduling annual address until government has reopened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60421957","title":"Pelosi asks President Trump to delay State of the Union address as shutdown continues","url":"/Politics/video/pelosi-asks-pres-trump-delay-state-union-address-60421957"}