Pelosi calls on House to draft articles of impeachment, Giuliani in Ukraine

Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., talks next steps in impeachment process; Giuliani travels to Ukraine; new video sheds light on how child detained by border patrol officials died.
29:06 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for Pelosi calls on House to draft articles of impeachment, Giuliani in Ukraine
Ever welcome to the return on Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Thursday while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it official. The House of Representatives is going to impeach president Donald Trump. Likely by the end of the year today she declared the president guilty of an abuse of power formally endorsing a move. To the next phase. The facts are uncontested. The president abused his power from his own personal political benefit at the expense at our national security. I was holding military aid and crucial Oval Office meeting in exchange. For an announcement of investigation. Into its political wrath. Sadly. Now with confidence and humility. Was allegiance to our founders their heart full of love for America. Today I'm asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment. The speaker invoked the constitutional. Experts who testified at the Judiciary Committee yesterday. That congress has a responsibility. To hold the president accountable insisting this is not about any hate a president trop. I don't hate anyone I was raised in a way faithful heart full of love and always prayed for the president. And I still pray for the president a credit to the president over time. So don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. Watching and it seems president trump was watching as speaker Pelosi delivered those words walked off that stage to be a huge tweeted. A short time after her press conference take a look the president say Nancy Pelosi just heady nervous fit. She hates that we will soon have 182 new great judges and so much more the stock market. And employment at record she says she prays for the president. I don't believe her not even close Republicans meanwhile remain united around president trump House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Pushed back on the process today as both a an unfair process but also in his words a betrayal of speaker Pelosi is own criteria. That impeachment should be bipartisan. If she laid out a criteria the speaker of the house. Telling the American public of march of this year. That impeachment was so divisive. That it would divide the nation that the only way we could move down that is had to be compelling. It had to be overwhelming and had to be bipartisan. Or we've had that vote on the floor for an impeachment inquiry. And the only bipartisan vote that turned out there. Was not to move forward. And both sides now braced for the next hearing in this process before the house judiciary committee on Monday and flair do you see she's mentally I'm not reporting that's and. The big question now as this moves forward is what will Democrats. Exactly impeach president trump. For what will that look like well that's the million dollar question them and we do have some hints that it they haven't exactly said as he sat with Nancy Pelosi she's doing a son herb timeline. She's not tipping her hand yet. So what we think that they're going to do is talk about abuse of power. Obstruction of congress and obstruction of justice and some of this could pull in some of the findings from the mall and that's the president. And said today and he wants to get this done fast he's actually in favor of the house moving along very quickly but he wants a seat get to the senate. Republican controlled senate what would we expect over on that side. When they're in control. Rate well after the house introduces their articles of impeachment they're gonna vote we expect that to go through. But what did most of the senate we do know that it's than the Republicans are in charge they're not it's not going to be the same thing that we've seen on the house side. We expect it's going to be more favorable to trump and that's why he wants to move it quickly and see this movie various Harris and Bernie thanks much we'll talk they want. About the senate process coming up but first and joined now by California democratic congresswoman Karen bass she's a member. Of the House Judiciary Committee also the foreign affairs committee congressman it's great to have you back here. On ABC news lives so how of the process of drafting. Articles of impeachment goal what we're are you in that process have you begun writing. Well no not at all and actually I'm waiting to see as well. You know we do have our next hearing on Monday and the purpose of that hearing is going to be to hear the facts that were reported out of the intelligence committee. And so I imagine the staff attorneys from there will come and present that that's the evidence. And I believe after that then we will talk about. Articles which articles what we're going to cover and one thing that minority leader says mr. McCarthy. That the speaker did not want to move forward unless it was compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan. Well we do have two out of three and I'm hoping that some Republicans will come along. Because it is overwhelming it is extremely compelling and then there is an incredible sense of urgency because what the president has done now. Very different than the Muller report is he is intervening in the next election the Muller report was about the last election the ten examples of obstruction of justice referred to 2016. We are concerned with what's going on in 2019. To impact the tweets when he elect. In how concerned are you congressman that as you see Republicans haven't yet come along on this to share your concern. About 22 point is it damaging that they haven't join this process. Well I do think it's Jim damaging that they haven't enjoying the process especially because I know that there are many of them that do understand that it's compelling and then it's overwhelming but they have to operate under a disciplined because the president as a police and he will attack them equal tweet against them. He will campaign against them and they are making a choice they are choosing their individual seats. Over our democracy and frankly that's the same choice the president made when he threatened and ride. End and believe the president's. Some other. Of Ukraine here you have president excellent ski. Who was under attack. Was part of his land occupied. By Russia and he basically is threatened with you know we can give you your military aid. But I need to do us that they and so unfortunately I think my Republican colleagues are under the same type of situation themselves. And they haven't had many. Answers for the substance. Of these claims and Alan I'm. Of course but and both sides also it's pretty united out right now in this camp we haven't seen any defections. I guess I wonder about the Democrats and here colleagues we've seen some of the headlines about moderate Democrats looking ahead to the election. Are you concerned about any of those moderates may be keenly to waive the impeachment vote is there any talk about defections and your side. No not yet however I'm concerned about our moderate Democrats I just. Finished talking to several of them on the floor we just finished voting and they're telling me that the Republicans are spending millions of dollars in their districts attacking them. Court supporting impeachment calling them socialists and all sorts of things but you know what. And of course they want to get reelected but I believe they're going to do the right thing because I think they're gonna choose our democracy. Over their individual seats but I actually believe that they will be able to retain their seats because you do have 50%. Of the American public that not just believes that there should be an impeachment inquiry but believe that he should be impeached and removed. And I know that that hasn't increase. But it is a huge statement to say that 50% of the American public wants to see the president removed. At my height of Clinton's impeachment it never got above 29%. Yet it is an interest in fact at this point I was on the 30% mark for Clinton for sure. I finally congressman I just want to ask you were in that hearing room yesterday a marathon hearing 67 hours. Republicans have seized done on a moment from dot com constitutional lawyer Pamela carlin's questioning when she mentioned. Thirteen year old Aaron trump during the hearing the First Lady let's show our viewers a First Lady in the lining a trump. Tweeting about this scene a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. Pamela calling you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased pandering she of course apologize. Did you. Did you find that inappropriate congresswoman. Doesn't think I did and I think that she apologized board and I was happy that she's dead end and that was in but as far as I was concerned. And now we haven't another big hearing had. On Monday we appreciate your time Karen bass very much. Chairman today Congressional Black Caucus also the care our congressman from California. I appreciate you coming on for more now on the constitutional debate that we saw play out yesterday and the looming trial ahead. In the United States senate I'm joined by constitutional scholar Neal Richards from the Washington. University School of Law. Neil was also a clerk to former Chief Justice William Rehnquist who of course oversaw a presided over the last senate trial. Of our President Clinton it is great to see here Neal think so much for joining us. Let's talk a little bit about this constitutional. Duty we hear our politicians talking about we saw yesterday there's a bit of a divide there. Not on the evidence two X acute the constitutional duty Evan impeach or where do you fall do you think the threshold has been net. Portland he's eating a murder could be. Investigation earned between. In in impeachment talk of abuse of power is it. Is it ironclad is Nancy Pelosi would say. I think. It's important to separate out the hunky vision for the all but the culture you can pretty clear. The house has the sole power to try all in these. And out of the happier than a pencil coward he or won't execute well but that means and a practical math. That whenever the House of Representatives. Exit beatable even PG. And and it similar to the senate Howard Portland speech and as a practical matter whatever they say it is it is the law and is an arguable. On the eighth it's important to look indicted in the context of the constitutional. And he student guided the interpretation completion and net income. And it does seem very much it to be a political question as you say we keep hearing that over and over it's it's a different standard than a legal standard in a court of law. I for impeachment for sure you know it does seem that this is headed towards a senate trial you have some experience sitting in the well of history. Down there on the front lines at the last impeachment trial to what extent do you expect this process to be similar. To what you witnessed in 99 and and how might you think this would be a little bit different. The question I mean certainly the and the constitution machinery at the number of senators. The volunteering Chief Justice the room. All of that is saying. We're different media environment than we were in in through the near the Winfrey back 99. We're certainly in in a different social media environment and that the politics is certainly much more divided but I think. Could be quite similar where they were beat out Matt Hughes that would be. Defense counsel presents. There would be the Chief Justice presiding senators seek new office in an. Bruton deliberating again heat as happens an important news in 1990. So who need it political. Need to hire the right thing and do their team and a judge even put impeachment comfort corporal who. In many cases pardon for politics to me it's that combined political. Process that we see in Cindy if we get there which does seem like. It does seem likely in for potentially more explosive than the last go round although as you and I've talked about before nail. We do expect the Chief Justice to Maine be even perhaps even more neutral than William Rehnquist was. I 99 great to see you great to talk with you think you so much sir hope to have you back. You Richards at the Washington university School of Law and a constitutional scholar as all of this is weighing heavily on president trump looking ahead to that possible senate trial. A today are Cecilia Vega at the White House asked the president how he's feeling about impeachment. And what Rudy Giuliani is doing overseas take a look. Are you worried there are about this Danish impeachment might have on your legacy no matter. The rest of us is heard Giuliani and Ukraine if they're glad things are in. And no answer from the president there about Rudy Giuliani's activities. Overseas right now but our Patrick rebel. Investigative reporter in Moscow and Ukraine joins me live because. It in the midst of all of this sort of unbelievably Patrick Rudy Giuliani you've confirmed is in fact overseas is looking into Ukraine. Hot and it seems to be doing the very things that the president wanted presidents Lewinsky to be doing. Yes and it is pretty extraordinary exit easing back in a way. This whole impeachment process was triggered ultimately because Rudy Giuliani in box on this mission. To try and gather compromising information of fact. That it presents us missile rattles in Ukraine and ultimately present some ended up. Pressuring end the the president Ukraine to China kinsey these conspiracies essentially and I'm what does happen is that. He's now back again as the rest the drawing up impeachment articles he's backing Ukraine essentially doing. Is that he's same thing he's meeting with the same people that he was meeting with at the beginning of all this. And what are you learning. Patrick about his his his purpose in his mission what to Celia asked the president whether she sent. Giuliani to do this he dodged. Is it your sense that he's actually on a mission from the White House whose pain Rudy Giuliani. Mean I think that's what we knew we know what his mission is on this occasion zesty working with them at will without a far right. That's how it is making a documentary which is they say is meant see deep uncle they cruelty impeachment hooks and so basically he's he's with the documentary crew as we understand it. And he is meeting the people. Who'd be in the key sources. For the theories that he's been putting out. Over the past several months in which most of which of previous set either be entirely defunct school to being. Spun quite considerably. Amazon is. You know I think the breakthrough pain gripped his views documentary crew from the the one America network. Men who are making this documentary. It's a complicated well but and certainly a lot to chase your on the story Patrick Lavelle much more from Patrick contained thanks Patrick. On Right now the Rudy Giuliani's activities in the Ukraine we continue to stay on that story overseas back here at home though. The Ukraine controversy catching up with former vice president Joseph Biden. Opt out on the campaign trail in Iowa today a voter who call themselves no fan of president trump or his dealings in Ukraine. Actually questioned Biden about what his son was doing in Ukraine while he was BP in a drew one heck of a sharp response take a look. I got I got a question I want you to answer. We all little truck. Has been messing around in Ukraine over there holding their. Foreign aid floor. With him to come up saying they investigate you we know that. He. No backbone. But you when the other hand. Set your son over there. Get a job and work for a gas company. He had no experience with absent Nelson. In order to. Get access. To for the president so your yours selling access to the president just like. Let them lie and then that's not true and no one has ever said that known after that date. I don't know about that you see it on the TV it's like now I know you do and by the way that's why I'm not sedentary I don't I get up the good news in moto low low low low and then go. Monroe. The reason I'm runs because I've been around long time and no more than most people now and I get things done that's why I'm gonna. And he wanted to check my shape unless do pushups together man who estimates from amnesty would monitor has taken my. And mold has send my sound because I'm an. I did not in any occasion. Who knows every senator norm I know and saying we're going into a thing wrong I didn't set I set up my Sunday American and oil company. Now what you said I don't George Strait Jack that's. What I really three run that on MSNBC all you know knew that it MSNBC why didn't you did not hear that. It looked OK I'm I can get an organ review meant I don't want we have learned that you're doing but. But look fat look here's the deal. There's a deal if it lets you know looks like. You don't have any more backbone and prompt us what you're. Air crashes. And we're joined up ABC's Biden campaign reporter Molly Nagel who joins us live from Iowa she was there for that exchange Molly. That struck me as one of Joseph Biden's more a fiery moments from the campaign trail also. Remarkable to see a voter a democratic voter raised the Ukraine issue we don't see that all the time either. Yes Joseph Biden was certainly worked out and this moment it keen towards the end of his town hall and when he spoke with reporters afterwards about the moment. He talked about the fact that he has great love and respect for her son and so often gets frustrated when people question his son but. Finds aide insisted he did not lose his temper in the moments this man that the question Biden at the event. I've said that he of the democratic retired farmer and says that he supports. It pretty much any democratic supper Joseph Biden but did it knowledge the fact that if Joseph Biden were the democratic nominee he would still vote for Joseph Biden over our republic and so yeah clearly not a fan of Joseph Biden but not a fan of Donald Trump even more. NN. Give us a sense Molly of how prevalent these questions about the former vice president's role in Ukraine. Are as you go to these meet and greets throughout Iowa and the other early states. Or do you find voters showing not to to check Biden now are curious about batter was this sort of an anomaly. This is definitely an anomaly this is not a topic that we often hear brought up and town halls that he hosts across Iowa. We just in this town hall a hall alone we heard two questions on health care that is more often the questions that you here asked about health care. About do the economy and the recession those are all topics that we your product. More and more at these town halls. Biden even acknowledges the fact that people really are asking him about crane and when people do asking questions about president prompt its healthy and it's he can on. On the debate stage in nature that heat is the parent is able to stand up to Tom. And meets at that he can't effectively taken on it should he become the democratic nominee is so those are all topics that we hear. Very often with I didn't but it having specific Ukraine question is is certainly out of the ordinary. The extraordinary moment that caught all of our attention today Molly Natal on the road and Iowa thank you so much meantime the field. A democratic candidates is adjusting to this new dynamic down a major player Connell a Harris. California vowing out of the campaign this week it leaves the field last one woman candidate. Less an African American candidate. And that's something that New Jersey senator Cory Booker to date lamented on the road in Iowa were ABC's Adam Kelsey. But was tracking his campaign Adam Booker raised some eyebrows. Today with his play for Harris is constituency he wants for voters. Yes certainly not so much a reboot of the Cory Booker campaign but he reintroduction of what his campaign is all about to these voters here today in Iowa basically making the claim that Connolly Harris was somebody who appealed to a wide base of voter somebody who kind of sadly Centre left. Position in this democratic field and Cory Booker saying. That he is a lot in common with Koppel Harris he is reaching out to DC coalition and Obama coalition. Diverse group of people both young and older voters black white. Hi AJ diverse group as I said. I'll put Booker also what you said Devin decrying the circumstances that led to Connell harris' exit from the race in neem leaf fund raising Harris said that she wasn't gonna have. The amount of money that she needed to run the campaign that she wanted to run Booker also making kind of similar criticisms but any different regard saying that you know there are a lot of good candidates that art can be able to make up onto the debate stage in a couple weeks because they haven't been able to do with the fund raising that they've wanted to do and pointing some fingers at the billionaires in the race as well. Tackles but it is it problem. When an immensely qualified quietly supported truly accomplished. Black woman running to lead the party. A party that is significantly. In powered by black women voters. Didn't have the resources. That she needed to continue here to I. Iowa and so I'm discussing a plane it is a problem that we now happy overall campaign for the point point presidency. That has more billionaires in it than black people. So some points it comments there as I said from Cory Booker still probably not going to be able to qualify for that to date in a couple of weeks but maintaining telling us reporters here and Iowa that he's gonna stick it out. Through the Iowa Caucuses DeVon. And you'll be there all the way Adam Kelsey force out there in Iowa he not now under two months to those caucuses thank you Adam. Next to a shocking new glimpse at the humanitarian crisis. At the southern border pro pool book had a nonprofit investigative news site is obtained surveillance video. From inside a Border Patrol detention center back in May. Winnie sixteen year old Guatemalan migrant and became seriously ill. Died in a south Texas holding cell you're seeing the video now it can be very disturbing to watch. So please be sensitive to that this death of course was previously reported by ABC news and others but the video now. Calling into question the government's account of what happened. And its failure to prevent the death of this young teen. Aaron there immigration reporters here or queen you you reported on this at the time this is simply are horrific who watched. He'd been diagnosed at the flu but he hadn't got the medical care in the end at that time the government said. That did this simply. What shocked and surprised them that this raises questions. So do it does raise questions we and we first reported on this incident we went to Border Patrol and asked for breakdown of exactly what happened in the late night early morning hours that he spent in this did sell. They told us he heard been receiving regular welfare checks that's consistent with what Republicans purported. But the central issue this video raises is how extensive those welfare checks really work CBP told us at the time that he was found by one of the medical professionals who was conducting one of these checks. But it apparently could from the video you can see his cellmate actually. Finding the the body of the sixteen year old and then raising the issue with the nearby CB. Yankee discrepancy here in the video you see the young man the teenager just horribly horribly sad scene one of six. Children to die in Border Patrol custody or earlier this year. You see in their ska a pair apparently struggling we don't know. From the probe who book a story whether the video footage they obtained was being fed back live that someone was monitoring it. Our they had access to a but we do know was captured. We didn't know was captured and we also know him and more importantly around this time to their it just to give you some broader context I mean he is one of thousands of unaccompanied kids who is sitting in border patrols and stations at the height of the really the humanitarian crisis that we saw unfold over the past year. More at that at the peak. There were 20000 on the can be kids sitting in those Border Patrol stations. And Carlos lake like many of them was waiting to be transferred to HHS care health and human services where he become a part. Of the Office of Refugee Resettlement program that's more well suited for dealing with the needs and even health care needs of of these kids. Democrats have been demanding answers about this particular case since that time back in May we heard about it then we're hearing new calls today in fact. Karen bass we just spoke with Democrat from California chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus spoke with us before the show. About what she thinks should happen after this episode take a look. I was absolutely horrified and sickened by the video. I believe that it was child abuse it was child abuse on video and frankly you know somebody needs to I think was negligent homicide. I mean someone needs to be held to account it is completely. Unacceptable for a sixteen year old. I failed to die of the flu. I first of all question the autopsy I wonder if that's the case I think there needs to be an independent autopsy but that was state sponsored. Child abuse someone needs to be held account for it but it is evidence of the type of policy we have that is orchestrated by. In my opinion a white supremacist. Who was the special advisor to the president and his name is Stephen Miller. That is the reality. Of his race since immigration policies. That's Karen bass of California calling and negligent homicide state sponsored child of them abuse ABC news. Contributor and former Homeland Security official Jon Cohen joins me on the phone John. This is just absolutely horrific and shocking to see it before our very eyes at this happened. In American facility. What sort of two sorts of things would you expect the agency to be doing right now to tell it to get the bottom of us. Yeah I think that and I mean it is disturbing. Came at quicken credit on their way to. Serious questions about the care been provided to people in concert. I think the police Roberts are looking official a DH a rest a lot of people that he worked in jail on occasion. And it's the ultimate responsibility. Law enforcement officials to ensure the safety and well being of people and their state while. The question I have is why what this individual facility where. Appropriate yet to be provided did that he be key personnel follow appropriate procedures. When they happen individual that was in this second war custody. And today. Document their activities accurately we get stopped several correction officers and two correctional officers and New York indicted. Because they misrepresent their activity. As early to welfare checks and Jeffrey Epstein. So. Doctors that the Department of Homeland Security need to be taking a hard look at this specific incident and others alike get. To see it if you keep protocols have been volatile people in their custody are being adequately care or. We know our congress is gonna conducted that oversight now with perhaps even more passion in mind this video Jon Cohen think he's so much and Quinn. To button this up we do no from your reporting previously that this child had a 103 degree fever. Was seen by nurse practitioner and they were told to simply monitor him and what appears to have happened here is that he was not monitor. Write a he'd be he was not monitored as closely as as may have as they made it sound like initially when we reported this and it comes down to the judgment call of when to take that kid. To a hospital he remains in CVB custody while leased the he's doing that. As John mentioned a DHS homeland securities and have to take a hard look at this because at the time Carlos was the third miner to die in CB. And treating organized the sixth U since that time now we're up to six children died this year just a terrific story thanks for stand on equity owner immigration reporter. I thanks you for watching us here in the briefing room on this Thursday a lot of news to cover today you can follow the latest. ID BC and of course on the ABC news app downloading you can extremists live on your phone 24/7 commercial free. On ABC news live of course on Hulu and roku. As well I'm Devin Dwyer Eddie BC news in Washington hoped to see you right back here tomorrow.

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