Perry Blasts Romney for 'Height of Hypocrisy'

Rick Perry accuses Mitt Romney of knowingly hiring illegal aliens.
4:24 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Perry Blasts Romney for 'Height of Hypocrisy'
Texas has one of the highest rates above the uninsured children in the country over one million kids you were no you did not get an opportunity to respond to that. What would you say exist how do you explain that well we've got to one of the finest health care systems -- -- the world and then in Texas a matter of fact the Houston. Texas medical -- more doctors nurses go to work there every morning anyplace else in America but the idea. That. You -- have access to health -- some of the finest health care in the world but we -- a 12100 mile border with Mexico. And the fact is we have a huge number of illegals that are coming in to this country. And they're coming into this country because -- federal government has failed to secure that border but they're coming here because there is a magnet. And the magna is called jobs. And those people that hire illegals. Ought to be penalized. Admit you lose all of your -- standing -- my perspective because you hired illegals. In your home and you -- -- about it for a year and the idea that she stand here before us and talk about that your strong on immigration. Is on his face the -- Of hypocrisy. -- -- -- -- I don't think I've ever hired an illegal in my life. And so I'm afraid I'm I'm I'm look at fortifying your facts on that because that is how they want to do this are -- again you have the more you I'm just really -- I'm -- the -- -- -- I was behind me to -- elderly -- thirty seconds time for you -- either -- the -- work here is that I -- sixty say we know what the man NBA and then you get the -- respond -- they want and here UCL -- -- millionaires -- plays well again I just did -- talking. Let me finish tonight -- -- day. Those I just followed -- rural residents have a couple of debates correct. And I understand that is so you get -- get. -- -- -- Let me take my it's my time and then you can take your time -- -- added all right my time as this which is. I have in my state when I was governor I took the action empowering our state police to enforce immigration laws. When you're governor you said I don't wanna build a fence you put in place a magnet you talk about -- as you put in place a magnet. To draw illegals in this state which is giving a 100000 dollars. Of tuition credit to speak to illegals that have in this country. -- states give states that the big states of illegal immigrants are California and Florida over the last ten years they've had no increase in illegal immigration. Texas has had. 60%. Increase in illegal immigrants in Texas if there's somebody was a record as governor with regards to illegal immigration the doesn't stand up to -- its -- Not mate governor. -- a 32. Here in front of the American people. And did not tell the truth the -- head illegals working on your property. And the newspaper came -- -- and then brought it to your attention and you still a year later had those individuals working for you. The idea the you can sit here and talk about any of us. Having. Immigration. Issue. Is beyond me I've got a strong policy have always been against amnesty you on the other hand -- -- or amnesty. -- -- We move onto another -- here's -- if you don't have bed -- in the newspaper saying you're open to amnesty that's number one number two we heard they lined up along company to do more along. And they had illegal immigrants who are working there. And when that was put that to us we let them go and we went to -- -- just I just -- you have a problem with allowing some of the tennis being mistaken and I suggest. But if you -- to become president its basic eligible people speak suffers let me make. So we went in the company and we said look you can't have any illegals working on our property that's I'm running for office for Pete's -- I can't have illegals it turns out that once again they had -- Who would falsify their documents had it and documents and therefore we fire them. -- -- -- -- It is hard in this country as an individual homeowner to -- people who are contractors working at your home if they -- people that are illegal if I'm president. We'll put in place and.

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{"id":14765881,"title":"Perry Blasts Romney for 'Height of Hypocrisy'","duration":"4:24","description":"Rick Perry accuses Mitt Romney of knowingly hiring illegal aliens. ","url":"/Politics/video/perry-blasts-romney-height-hypocrisy-14765881","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}