Pete Buttigieg leads in Iowa poll, Deval Patrick hits the campaign trail

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor and presidential candidate is at 25% in a new Iowa poll and the former Massachusetts governor begins campaigning for the 2020 race.
4:51 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Pete Buttigieg leads in Iowa poll, Deval Patrick hits the campaign trail
And political directorate Klein is back to catch up on a lot of news in the twenties when he race Rick over the weekend a lot to digest the store with. A surprising and speaking of progressives. They're sort of taken a backseat now do one big moderate star taken off an early states to the front page. The de Moines register this weekend. The area as the break out. People who judge a top in their new poll are you highly respected poll their members report a 25%. Leave their take a look at that. What's going on here how significant is this Rick in Iowa. This crystallizes I think that the growing sense of momentum I was out there a couple of weeks ago when the mayor Pete giving the speech on the night the Bethel dropped out. And he is crystallize a lot of that the concern that people have over the left to the party he's running to the middle obviously mentions his Indiana rose the pact as a mayor there all the time. He's casting herself as a moderate in this race and people that are looking for alternative maybe to Joseph Biden to or eighty Klobuchar. RC mayor Pete I struck by the death of the sport across age groups. And did the prevailing sense that he's kind of just right on the issues not who left not too far right. Off fit at least with that state meeting New Hampshire as well as solving problems minority voters huge problem is another poll out today in South Carolina that has him way back of the pack Joseph Biden's romping there. He needs to win African American voters in the south anyone does become the nominee that's the history in democratic politics he has a facility can cracked that yet. I'll what is he will tell you is look you gotta break out somewhere he's putting his time in in Iowa and New Hampshire and he is doing it doing it out what I think a lot apples on the ground because the right way. He's working at ease ease generating a lot of interest in his candidacy the amount of real organizing they do around as events is impressive. I was out there at a concert in the rain where people where they are the signing people up on ipad's it's a professional operation. And that I think is what gets you this gets you in the ability to two at least can be. A lot of work to do in Georgia over the weekend a lot of people still don't have a good read on people to judgeship for us as Americans and community no we can't. Bad guy from Indiana jealousy want to gets out of the early states. That there are it wasn't a new candidate over the weekend Deval Patrick former governor of Massachusetts on the trail he nearly seats New Hampshire Nevada Iowa today. What's your read on how he's been received so far work well I think up. Underwhelming perhaps and in some of the places he's going you're not seeing a huge enthusiasm people don't know him I he doesn't have a kind of resources to me can sell immediately known. People might know him a bit as if I was a friend of Obama's someone that there is gone back a long ways. He his victory in is back in 2006 was seen as a precursor to rock Obama's win. In 2008. Two term governor Massachusetts arm he's got to work on his name identification with the rationale for candidacy is he's another got its thinking about the middle you know he's pretty progressive by recent recent standards he is trying to pitch himself with someone that can get things done. As opposed to maybe Elizabeth Warren who was the senator from a state. A lot of catching up to do he won't be able use the debate stage to do it there's a big debate on Wednesday night two days away it's in Atlanta the a democratic primary debate there Tyler Perry studios. These are the ten candidates that have qualified. Joseph Biden Elizabeth Warren fronts and are so what do you be watching Wednesday night Rick this is both I would say people who just as big moment in the spotlight also Elizabeth marched to the first debate since she released her pay for. Which has been so controversial for her Medicare for all plan. Yet no question I think this tough questions for people and Asia as as part of this now the people look at content consider him a real top tier contender. I think it's gonna be overshadowed by two things one is the impeachment hearings that we toss and about a moment ago that's gonna be. Very much hot a hot topic at that moment these senators drawn away from other parts of their job. And the other is the people not on the stage Deval Patrick also Michael Bloomberg growing indications including a big. A digital ad buy that he is launched its paid for Mike and by Mike Bloomberg twenty twice. In case are you looking for any subtlety he won't be of the debate either even though he's going to be poised to to enter this race any data. He'll be playing in the digital space and I'm sure impassioned democratic voters will see and hear from them in other ways. But finally speaking of Democrats and Democrats who can win there was a big win for Democrats over the weekend Louisiana. Most closely watched and particularly significant because of what it signals as part of a pattern in the south. And places that president trump has gotten involved what tea leaves do you see their perhaps for tweet morning. It's a second six swing and a miss in the deep south and Gary trumping states now present comes not gonna have a problem when he these states I don't think he's gonna win them very widely Louisiana and Kentucky but when he put himself on the line directly put itself on the balance and a big win orders yes. Louisiana to help guide him where he helped the Republican get elected to defeat John Bell Edwards they wouldn't do it they didn't do it in any both cases you saw relatively moderate Democrat and the point in the case of governor Edward someone had a record to run on. And again in the case of this year summoned his father was governor was well pretty hire highly respected Kentucky Kentucky. And in both of the races you had a moderate Democrat able to overcome the what you might otherwise think would be the headwinds of a Donald Trump her. And right we have a lot of news to follow big week in politics recline things from my turn up for joining us today.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The South Bend, Indiana, mayor and presidential candidate is at 25% in a new Iowa poll and the former Massachusetts governor begins campaigning for the 2020 race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67116826","title":"Pete Buttigieg leads in Iowa poll, Deval Patrick hits the campaign trail","url":"/Politics/video/pete-buttigieg-leads-iowa-poll-deval-patrick-hits-67116826"}